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Piping Foreman / Supervisor Resume Sample, Experience : 10 years

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Name of the Candidate:[Private]
Name of the Post Applied:Piping Foreman / Supervisor
Job related skills / software:Isometric, General Arrangement, P&ID, Material traceability, Mill test certificate verification for client approval, Fabrication and installation of A/G and U/G piping works at different areas.
Category:Piping / PDS / PDMS
Sub Category:Piping Fabrication/Construction/ Foreman
Years of Experience:10 years
Salary Expected per Month(Rs):Negotiable
Highest Qualification attained:Diploma
Major / Specialization:Mechanical
Email Id:[Private]
Are you looking for job now?:No
Can the recruiter contact you?:No
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Over Views  :
My carrier has spanned more than 10 years in the construction industry on a number of projects in India and overseas on oil & gas and petro-chemical plants. Holding several of responsibilities, workforce for various type of piping jobs. I am fully conversant with Piping Fabrication, Erection, Pre-Commissioning and Hydrotesting activities compiling for client approval.

Educational and Technical Qualification :
Matriculation Passed From Bihar school Examination Bord in Patna.
S.S.C Passed From Bihar Board of Secondary Education.Patna Bihar.
Diploma in Mechanical Engineering In the year of 1990 to 1993 in INDIA .
Good knowledge of every type of piping drawing such as Isometric, general arrangement, and P&ID.

Work experience in overseas  :-
Name Of Company  : LARSON & TUBRO ( L&T ) PVT Limited In India.
Duration  : 30TH june-2009 TO Continue At Persent
Position Held  : “Piping Supervisor”

Name Of Company  : S.P.A Limited.
KHURAIS, KUC Project In Saudi Arabia.
Main Contaector  : Snamprogetti Saudi Arabia Limited.
Duration  : 04th March 2008 To 11th April 2009.
Position Held  : “Piping Foreman”

Name Of Company  : CCIC,OGD II Project In Abu-Dhabi,UAE.
Main Contractor  : Snamprogetti ENI Group
Duration  : 28th February 2006 To 06th December 2007
Position Held  : “Piping Foreman”

Name Of Company  : Amitro Engineering Pvt,Limited In India.
Duration  : 20th December 2002 To 18th March 2004
Position Held  : “Piping Foreman”

Name Of Company  : Asea Brown Boveri Limited In India.
Duration  : 10th June 1999 To 05th March 2002
Position Held  : “Piping Foreman”

Name Of Company  : Technofab Engineering PVT Limited In India.
Duration  : 07th January 1994 To 03rd March 1996
Position Held  : “Piping Foreman”

Duties and responsibilities  :
Piping Line checking as per Isometric.

Preparing as built Isometric as per site condition.
Preparing Isometric by referring General Arrangement drawing.
Piping fabrication of various sizes of pipes and material class.
Routine inspection of progress of work.
Fabrication and installation of A/G and U/G piping works at different areas.
Coordinating work assignments with subordinates and superiors.
Attending construction coordination meetings.
Other job related responsibilities by implementing safety regulations and procedures in order to protect life and property.
Material traceability, Mill test certificate verification for client approval.
Heat No control as per MTC and NACE satisfaction as per Mill test certificate.
Verification of material satisfaction / identification and properly punch marked or not in all fittings and pipes.
Verification of wall thickness / schedule of pipe and color coding as specified in MTC by physical inspection.
Controlling traceability number during fabrication & erection.
Monitoring air blowing, water flushing, tightness test, inerting, in hence cleaning, degreasing, and chemical cleaning activities.
Lining and warming up of LP & MP steam system for steam blowing and acceptance.
Reinstatement activities and making punch list as per P&ID of those system accepted by the owner.

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