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Fresher Embedded Software Engineer Resume Sample

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Name of the Candidate:[Private]
Name of the Post Applied:Embedded Software Engineer
Job related skills / software:Embedded C, Micro Processor, Micro Controller, Electronic & Devices, Embedded Systems, Analog Communications
Category:IT / Computer2
Sub Category:Software Developer / Engineer
Years of Experience:0 years
State:Andhra Pradesh
Salary Expected per Month(Rs):Negotiable
Highest Qualification attained:M.Tech. : Master of Technology
Major / Specialization:Electronics and Communications
Email Id:[Private]
Are you looking for job now?:Yes
Can the recruiter contact you?:Yes
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Resume Format / CV Sample Template / Example / Model :


Professional Engineer

Career Objective :
To frame a carrier that allows me to be compatible in any competitive environment and also boosts up my capacities, knowledge and energy to their positive full and a drive for self improvement with sincerity , dedication and smart work.

Profile Summary  :
2 .9 years of experience in teaching field at A.A.N.M&V.V.R.S.R polytechnic, Gudlavalleru approved by AICTE
Technically strong & well versed with the electronic devices and circuits , embedded systems landscape.

Skill Set : C language ,core java Microprocessor 8086, Microcontroller 8051, Embedded C
Tools : Keil, Xilinx, multisim

Work Profile :
2009-2010 : Lecturer, dealing the subjects like Electronic Circuits-1,Electronic Circuits-2 and its corresponding labs in ECE department at A.N.M&V.V.R.S.R polytechnic
2010-2011 : Lecturer, dealing the subjects like digital electronics and its corresponding lab in EEE & ECE department, Communication Engineering and Communication systems and its corresponding lab in ECE department at A.A.N.M&V.V.R.S.R polytechnic.
2011-2012 : Lecturer, dealing the subjects like Microprocessor and its corresponding lab in CSE department, Electronic circuits-1 and its corresponding lab in ECE department at A.A.N.M&V.V.R.S.R polytechnic.

Projects :
M.Tech Project : Project Title Design of FIR filter using ROBA multiplier Environment Embedded Systems

Project Description :
** The traditional DSP arithmetic has limits in terms of speed of calculations. More over in some applications speed is more important than accuracy.
** In order to further enhance performance, approximate arithmetic circuits are designed with some loss of accuracy to reduce energy consumption and increase the speed. In this project, we propose an FIR filter based on Rounding Based Approximate (ROBA) Multiplier.
** In this multiplier the operands are rounded to the nearest exponent of two.
** This approximation will lead to simplification of multiplication operation thus reducing area and increasing speed.
** As the multiplier is the slowest element in the system, it will affect the performance of the overall FIR filter.

B.Tech Project :
Main Project : Project Title Heart rate monitor Team Size 4 My Role Team leader Environment Embedded Systems

Project Description  :
** The objective of our project is to implement a Digital Heart Rate counter with low power, portable and high performance.
** The main challenges include amplifying the desired weak signal in the presence of noise from other muscles and electrical sources.
** A display of the heart rate will be obtained by measuring the time between signal peaks and then calculating the frequency of the peaks in units of beats per minute

Mini Project :
Project Title  :
Cell Jammer Team Size 2 My Role Team leader Environment Embedded Systems

Project Description  :
A GSM (Global system for mobile communication) Jammer is a device that transmit a signal on same frequency at which GSM system operates , the jamming success when the mobile phones in the area where the jammer is located are disabled.

Academic Profile :
** M.Tech in Embedded Systems stream with 8.8 CGPA at Gudlavalleru engineering college, An autonomous university, Gudlavalleru from 2015-2017.
** B.Tech in E.C.E stream with an aggregate of 70.74 at Gudlavalleru Engineering college, Gudlavalleru affiliated by JNTU from 2005-2009.
** Intermediate in M.P.C branch with 87% at Vidyalaya Junior College, Gudiwada from Board of Intermediate from 2003-2005.
** Completed S.S.C.

with 83.33% at Prathiba high school, Gudlavalleru from Board of Secondary Education from 2002-2003.

Professional Skills :
** Ability to handle a team of developers and co-ordinate smooth delivery of the project.
** Training the new members in the team and getting them productive quickly. Strong client facing skills.
** Problem solving capability peered with strong communication skills.
** Carried out practical sessions with explanation about the purpose of the experiment and the procedures that follow to seek results.
** Carried out debate sessions in regular classes to help students to understand the subject better.
** Excellent communication and written skills.
** Profound knowledge of the subject areas and ability to teach students by using various methods

Curricular Activities :
** Got first prize for the paper presented on Unique P-mail Addressing that was conducted at Narayana Engineering College, Gudur in 2008.
** Participated in the work shop PIC Microcontrollers for Embedded Systems held at Gudlavalleru Engineering College, Gudlavalleru.

Personal Skills :
** Believe in three Ds of success : Determinant, Dedication and Discipline.
** Having a habit of involving and enjoying 100% whatever work is assigned.
** Believe in Team Work. Diligent and Quick Learner.
** Ready to accept challenges.

Technical Skills :
Programming Languages : Fundamentals of C, core java, Multisim, Verilog
Core Subjects : Electronic Devices and circuits, digital electronics, Analog and digital communications, embedded systems
Package : M.S office, M.S DOS Operating Systems: Windows XP/2000/2003

Personal Details :
Name  : Shabhana Begum
Fathers Name  : Md.Ibrahim
Date of Birth  : 10/8/1988
Marital status  : Married
Nationality  : Indian
Language known  : English, Hindi and Telugu (Reading and writing)

Declaration :
I hereby declare that the above-mentioned information is correct up to my knowledge and I bear the responsibility for the correctness of the above-mentioned particulars.

Place : Hyderabad
Date  :


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