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Boiler Operator/ Attendant Apprentice Resume Sample, Experience : 20 years

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Name of the Candidate:[Private]
Name of the Post Applied:Boiler Operator/ Attendant Apprentice
Job related skills / software:Engaged in verhaul and inspection maintenance of raw mill equipments, Rectify problems of running plant and solve them with in time there by preventing stoppage
Category:Site / Construction
Sub Category:Machine Operator / Machine Shop Supervisor
Years of Experience:20 years
Salary Expected per Month(Rs):Negotiable
Highest Qualification attained:Diploma
Major / Specialization:Mechanical
Email Id:[Private]
Are you looking for job now?:No
Can the recruiter contact you?:No
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Exam Passed Passing year % Of Marks Board / University
S.S.C (science) 1985 50% GSEB, Gandhinagar
I.T.I (Fitter) 1987 71.23% N.C.V.T. Ankleshwer
2ndclass Boiler 1990 63.86% (I.B.R.) N.C.V.T, Surat
Diploma in Mechanical Engineering 2008 April With A grade A.I.M.E.S.Baroda GUJARAT

Windows 98, 2000, xp Basics of AUTO CAD, SAP MM Module & emailing

Above 20 years experience in utility & plant operation & maintenance of field equipment Steam generation a captive power plant. Operation of boiler, utility operate & maintain air compressors, water supply pump station, cooling, tower, water treatment plant , softening plant & oil / gas Stations, glass plant equipment,cemet plant equipment

( A ) M/S. ATHI RIVER MINING LTD : Kenya (Since April 2008 continue)
As a Mechanical Engineer
Mechanical maintenance of cement plant utility & boiler, belt conveyors, screw conveyors, belt weigh feeder, ball mill, belt bucket elevators, process fans, air slides, bag filters, pre–heater, deep bucket conveyors, vertical coal mill, box feeder, vibro feeder, lubrication system, utility equipment and related cement plant equipments.
Also 1500 tpd clinker project expansion utility & process equipment commissioning
All mechanical maintenance activities which will require Working by hand

Engaged in verhaul and inspection maintenance of raw mill equipments
Managing the functions of trouble shooting and preventive / breakdown maintenance of machines so as to reduce downtime to minimum
Effective preventive maintenance schedules of various machinery and instruments to increase machine up time / equipment reliability.
Rectify problems of running plant and solve them with in time there by preventing stoppage

Seen the erection and commissioning of 1500 tpd clinker expansion

Seen the erection & commissioning 75 top raw mill Perfect alignment of equipments.
Changing of bearings & couplings lubricationsystem Belt weigh feeder & belt conveyor erection & commissioning

(B) M/S GUJARAT BOROSIL LTD : Govali (From Feb.

94 to April 2008)
Sr.utility Tech/operator
I have erected P.P.G machines with Industrial gear drive. These are six machines each contain 35 pairs of roller gear drive coupled by universal joint with a pair of D.C motor on hanging arrangement
I have done hot work in Natural Gas and Oil fired furnace also experienced with maintenance of rotary equipment like pump air compressors blowers, rotary dryer, batch mixers, needle crushers ring crushers, rotary feeders etc. Also I experienced with shop fabrications work & repaired valves pneumatic cylinders material handling equipment like goods, lift, E.O.T Crane & hoists belt conveyors. Vibrating feeders etc. Also I engaged with utility dept.to operate & maintain 1000cfm air compressors, water supply pump station 250 m3/hr, cooling, tower, softening plant & 50000m3/day gas Stations, oil station,L.P.G & SO2.gas

(C)K.PATEL DYCHEM PVT.LTD : Ank.G.I.D.C.(From march 91 to janu 94)
Boiler operator/fitter
During the working period. I have to operate & maintain 2.5 ton IBR and Natural Gas Fired Fire tube.Pres 16 kg/cm² temp 200° c. I have to operate And maintain softening plant and Effluence, treatment, plant water, supply pump station

(D) RALLIS INDIA LTD : Ank. G.I.D.C (sept 90 to Feb. 91 on contract)
Contract based boiler attendant

(E) G.N.F.C LTD : Bharuch (sept 87 t0 march 90)
Boiler attendant Apprentice.
During the above period I have taken training in steam generation plant and also captive power plant, coal handling plant the training includes. Operation of boiler, VU40, 180 MT/hr, pressure 96 kg/cm² temp 510 °. Also Steam turbine generators (25+25 MW) set and its auxyllarier such as Mill feeders, ID /FD fans, electrostatic precipitators, pump, heat exchangers, cooling towers etc.

I have by declare that the information above is true to best of my knowledge believed



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