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Front Office Assistant Resume Sample, Experience : 10 years

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Name of the Candidate:[Private]
Name of the Post Applied:Front Office Assistant
Job related skills / software:Handling phone calls
Category:Front office Receptionist / Secretary
Sub Category:Office Admin/ Clerk/ Facility Manager
Years of Experience:10 years
Salary Expected per Month(Rs):Negotiable
Highest Qualification attained:10th. : SSLC
Major / Specialization:Maths
Email Id:[Private]
Are you looking for job now?:No
Can the recruiter contact you?:No
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Resume Format / CV Sample Template / Example / Model :


**    communication skills verbal
**    planning and organizing
**    prioritizing
**    problem assessment and problem solving
**    information gathering and information monitoring
**    attention to detail and accuracy
**    flexibility
**    adaptability
**    customer service orientation
**    teamwork
L.T.KARLE GROUP OF COMPANIES Pvt.Ltd, Bangalore                       
Worked for L.T.Karle Group of Companies Pvt. Ltd., as a Front office Assist and Basic Admin.
Tenure: From July 2003 to Mar 2011
Current roles and responsibilities:
**    answer, screen and transfer inbound phone calls
**    receive and direct visitors and clients
**    retrieve documents from filing system manually
**    handle requests for information
**    resolve basic administrative problems and inquiries
**    prepare responses to routine enquiries
**    schedule and coordinate meetings, appointments and travel arrangements       
**    Responsible for staff scheduling to include: work assignments/rotations,
**    Employee training, employee vacations, employee breaks, overtime assignment,
back-up for absent employees and shift rotations.
**    provide training for fire fighting.
**    Coach and provide career development advice to staff
**    Assist staff to resolve complex or out of policy operation problems
Vigil Security Systems, Bangalore :                                                                                        
Worked for Vigil Security Systems as an Operation Manager.
Tenure : From Jan 1998 to Dec 2002
Roles and responsibilities:
**    Supervise the day to day security operations
**    Prepared the overall security plan and managed the security operations of the organization, including assignments and staffing.
**    Provide timely reports and to the firm Management
**    Monitored the performance of the security units installed in the firm and reported the shortcomings to the clients
**    Conducted annual research on crime risk analysis for the firm on the basis of current crime rate prevailing in the location
**    Manage the design and development of specialized training to guide security officers and others through security decisions and actions.
**    Analyzed statistical data and reports to identify and determine how to make premises and grounds safe and secure.
**    Managed the security team to include coordination of schedulin

g, training and
ensuring overall performance standards are met
**    Trained & educated staff to increase knowledge and create an environment focused on safety and security
**    Analyzed security standards and ensure security operations reach overall service
potential by maintaining a continuing awareness of the industry (local and regional)
**    Recovery of Salary Cheques from the clients.
**    Provided training for Fire fighting and first aid
**    Handled both security and housekeeping in various units by recruiting
**    Checking Units Day and night
Max Page :
Worked for Max Page as a Security Supervisor
Tenure : From Oct 1996 to Dec 1997
Roles and responsibilities:
**    Planned, scheduled, organized and directed work; trained personnel and recommended applicants for employment or for discipline, termination or retention.
**    Taught and enforced safety regulations at the work site.
**    Established security patrol priorities.
**    Assisted the Assistant Security Manager in identifying high risk areas and initiated actions to reduce risk exposure.
**    Performed all duties of a Security Guard.
**    Supervised other regular employees.
St.Marks Hotel, Bangalore :
Worked in St.Marks Hotel as Security Supervisor
Tenure : From Nov 1994 to Aug 1996
**    Reviewed utilization and maintenance of security equipment.
**    Prepared daily and periodic reports to Hotel officials regarding activities.
**    Took predetermined action and rendered first aid in emergencies such as accident, fire and illness.
**    Assisted in development of security policy and procedures.
**    Communicated with service users about security needs and problems.
**    Maintained and recommended changes and improvements security guard activities.
**    Ordered, maintained and issued clothing and equipment.
**    Preparing incident reports and taking appropriate actions.
**    Supervise team of security personnel in discipline and daily operation.
**    Ensure operation of the access control and security control room.
**    Help security officer in management of team of security guards.
**    Report preparation both oral and written.
Gateway Hotel, Bangalore :
Worked in Gateway Hotel as Head Guard
Tenure : From Aug 1992 to June 1994
**    Handled the main porch duties
**    Accompanying the guests
**    Contacting the valet parking
**    Handling phone calls
**    Communicated with service users about security needs and problems
**    Handled staff movement books, visitor’s books and vehicle movement registers.
Ramanashree Comforts :
Worked in Ramashree comforts as Security Guard
Tenure : From July 1990 to Aug 1992
**    Examine gates, doors and windows to determine the security.
**    Prepare reports and routine.
**    Daily patrolling on foot or on vehicle to assure the security of assigned area.
**    Provided escort services to visitors and customers.
**    Keep an eye and report irregularities like leaking water pipes, security doors left unlocked, presence of unauthorized persons etc.


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