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Electrical Commissioning Technician Resume Sample, Experience : 15 years

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Name of the Candidate:[Private]
Name of the Post Applied:Electrical Commissioning Technician
Job related skills / software:Instrumental in commissioning Transformer upto 140 MVA, 33KV/6.6 KV, 6.6KV/415V Substation with their Switch Gears, motors, LV/MV panels. Solo run practices and preparation of punch list, wiring modification, etc.
Category:Site / Construction
Sub Category:Installation Engineer / Commissioning Engineer
Years of Experience:15 years
State:Tamil Nadu
Salary Expected per Month(Rs):Negotiable
Highest Qualification attained:Diploma
Major / Specialization:Electrical & Electronics
Email Id:[Private]
Are you looking for job now?:No
Can the recruiter contact you?:No
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Resume Format / CV Sample Template / Example / Model :


Professional Profile :
A dynamic professional with 15.5 years of extensive experience in Project, Maintenance, Quality Implementation, for escalating operational efficiencies while curtailing the costs / expenses.
Adept at maintaining, coordinating and managing day-to-day and round the clock operations and maintenance of all specialized services.
Proficiencies in managing maintenance operations of Equipment and Utilities with proven abilities in reducing downtime and enhancing operational efficiencies.
Proficiency in devising strategies to streamline operations; implement Quality Best Practice augment processes across the career span.
Holds expertise in troubleshooting and failure analysis with in-depth knowledge about the latest maintenance techniques.
Excellent interpersonal, communication, management skills with demonstrated abilities in driving motivated teams in achieving organisational goals.

Proficiency Forte :
Maintenance Excellence Quality Management Practices Project Management
Trouble shooting Training & Development Man Management
Installation & Commissioning Liaison & Coordination Operations Management

Career Contour :
Qatar Gas (1 & 2), Qatar Utility and Trains Area (Seconded M/s. ACEC) Since Jun’10
Sr.Electrical Technician

Key Highlights :
Maintenance activities like preventive and corrective maintenance of electrical equipments like Transformer, Generator, Motor, UPS, Battery Chargers, Protection Relays, Motor Operating Valve and Heavy Breakers like SF6, Bulk Oil Circuit Breaker, VCB, ACB, any type of Breakers and various LV&MV distribution Panel.
Perform the Over Head Crane of DEMAG,ITAL CRANE function and load test through the Altivar system with the help of support service team
Perform The Transformer oil test like BDV and DGA test by the Testing kit

Altus Oil & Gas Services, offshore, Singapore : (M/s. Sek Loong Trading & Construction Co.) May’08 – May’10
Lead electrical Technician upstream

Key Highlights :
Shouldered responsibility of maintaining SF6, VCB, ACB Breakers, UPS, Battery Chargers, Cathodic Protection Rectifier Units, etc.; administered activities like Breakers Replacement & Testing like , Contact Resistance Test and Gas Pressure Measurement Test.
Perform function test of switch gears like switched the breaker to the test position and conform in INSUM its showing like “BUS TEST” then switch on the particular breaker when all signal indication and feedback getting without motor running
Perform the switching program in MV and LV Breakers and maintain the sequence of switching to avoid the mishandling of power distribution to the load and others……

Qatar Gas  :(QG2 Train 4 & 5), Qatar (Seconded M/s. ACEC) Mar’05 – Jun’07
Electrical Commissioning Technician
Key Highlights :
Instrumental in commissioning Transformer upto 140 MVA, 33KV/6.6 KV, 6.6KV/415V Substation with their Switch Gears, motors, LV/MV panels. Solo run practices and preparation of punch list, wiring modification, etc.

Southern Petrochemicals Industries Corporation Ltd. : Tuticorn, TN Jan’04 – Feb’05
Electrical Technician

Key Highlights :
Shouldered responsibility of undertaking activities like maintenance and troubleshooting of Transformer, Flame Proof HT/LT Motors and its Switch Gears.
Actively involved in troubleshooting LV/HV Distribution Panel, UPS, Battery Charger and assisted vendors involved in the same job.

Yemen LNG Company, Yemen  :(Associated with Technip) Jul’02 – Oct’03
Electrical Commissioning Assistant

Major Project Handled :
Yemen LNG Project.

Key Highlights :
Efficiently maintained high voltage electrical equipments like 6.6KV, 33KV, 66KV and Distribution System with Gas Insulated Switch Gears.
Instrumental in commissioning and starting up various electrical equipments such as Transformer, LV/HV Switch Gears, Cables, Motors, UPS, Battery Charger, Industrial Lightings, etc.
Handled Electrical Protection Relays (Seepam Series, Micom, ABB, etc.); monitored and generated functions.
Maintained Excitation and Protection System of large Gas Turbine Generators (GE, Frame 5, 7), Steam Turbine Generators and Emergency Diesel Generators.

Ponnaiyan Associates Wind Farm Const. :Aralvoimozhi, Tamil Nadu Jul’00 – May’02
Technical Assistant-Electrical

Key Highlights :
Played a major role in managing and performing commissioning and maintenance of 3.125 MW Power Plant (Wind Mill) including 33/690 V, 500 KVA Transformer, Power / Communication / Capacitor Panel and Power Cable Laying, commissioning and maintenance management etc….

The Shri Ganapathy Mills Co.

:Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu Jan’96 – Jul’00
Technical Assistant-Electrical

Key Highlights :
Pivotal in managing commissioning and maintenance activities in wide range of electrical equipments.
Instrumental in inspecting and maintaining 66/33kv, 33/6.6kv, 11/415V Transformer, HV Cable lying and administered activities like maintenance of Protective Relays, Thyristor Control System, etc.

Knowledge Purview :
Transformer : Up to 140MVA ,66/33KV, 33/6.6KV, 6.6 KV Transformers Maintenance, Ventilated and Hermetically Sealed types covering examinations including Leakage, Insulation Testing and Parallel Operations condition, fault investigation, rectification, testing and maintenance of Transformer and it accessories. Experience in SF6 and Nitrogen Filled, Gas Insulated Breakers, handle Bucholz Relay and Transformer Oil Testing like BDV and Oil DGA Analysis Testing.
Generators : Maintenance of 31.8 MW Gas Turbine Generator with AVR, Excitation System in Cylindrical Rotor AC Generator and handling Auxiliary Motors maintenance and its Switch Gears.
Switch Gears : Handle LT & HT Switch Gears ranging from 440V, 3.3KV, 6.6KV, 11KV, 33KV, 66KV, 110KV SF6 Circuit Breakers, Vacuum and Air Circuit Breakers, Isolators, Bus Ties and Bus Duct System covering examinations, general maintenance including Contact Resistance Test, Insulation Test, Service Checks and Fault Investigation.
Motors : Work upto 11 KV, 12000 HP, covering Earth Loop Impedance Test, PI Test, Insulation Resistance Test, Fault Rectification and general maintenance like cleaning, check the glanding and check tightness of terminal connections, corrective action handled if any abnormalities noticed.
PCC and MCC : Operations and maintenance of Power / Motor Control Center with different type of Breakers, Contactors and Control Systems in Gas Insulated Switch Gear Room and Pressurization Substation.
MOV and Cranes : Testing and maintenance, troubleshooting in MOV and Over Head Cranes like changing PCB and Battery if required in MOV and check the fault rectification and change electrical spares in over-head cranes, etc.
UPS and Battery Charges : Work upto 120 KVA UPS, Battery Charger and all type of battery covering maintenance and fault rectification.
Cable Installation : Handle Cable Laying, Glanding, Termination and having more knowledge in LT Cable Joints covering cable work with ducting system, cable insulation test and fault investigation, find out the fault location and rectification.
Cathodic Protection and Earthling System : Installation and commissioning, maintenance of Cathodic Protection System (with impressive current and galvanic type) such as Rectifiers, Anode Ground Bedding and maintenance of Earthing.
General Utilities : Experience in Furnace, Boilers, Desolation Transformers, Heaters and its fault rectification of control system.
Engineering Drawing : Knowledge in troubleshooting of Electrical System by using the complicated Electrical and Instrument Schematic Diagrams.
Conversant with procedures and equipments associated with hazardous areas, intrinsically safe system, energization, earthing, etc.

Education :
3 Year Diploma in Electrical & Electronics Engineering First class Department of Technical Education, Govt. Polytechnic, Pazhavilai, Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu in 1992.
ADOA, Advanced Diploma in Office Automation Computer Education in 2006
Certification : Competency Certificate for working above 11 KV Supply, issued by Govt. of Tamil Nadu.India

Professional Skill Enhancement Schedules :
Authorized Electrical Person (CEP) from Qatar Gas, Qatar.
“C” License for work on HV Equipments from Govt. of Tamil Nadu.
Permit to Work System from Qatar Gas, Qatar.
H2S and BA from Qatar Gas, Qatar.
Safety Introduction & Fire Fighting System from Qatar Gas, Qatar.
Personal survival Techniques
Elementary First aid Training

IT Skills : Well versed with MS Office & Internet Applications.

Personal Vitae :
Nationality : Indian
Marital Status : Married
Languages Known : English, Hindi, Tamil & Malayalam

Date :
Place :


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