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Chemical Engineer Resume Sample, Experience : 1 years

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Name of the Candidate:Kishore Tumpati
Name of the Post Applied:Chemical Engineer
Job related skills / software:Mechanical process engineering, Plant design, Thermal process engineering, Combustion Engineering, Fluid dynamics, Chemical Reaction engineering, Fuel cell Technology and Nano particle technology
Category:Piping / PDS / PDMS
Sub Category:Plant/ Petroleum/ Chemical Engineer
Years of Experience:1 years
State:Andhra Pradesh
Salary Expected per Month(Rs):25,000 to 30000
Highest Qualification attained:M.E. / ME : Master of Engineering
Major / Specialization:Chemical & Energy
Email Id:kishorekumar.tumpati AT gmail.com
Are you looking for job now?:Yes
Can the recruiter contact you?:Yes
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Name  : Kishore Tumpati
Address  :C/o. T.Ajay kumar D-NO 1-4 534425 M.nagulapalli West Godavari dst. India
Mobile Phone  : +919121894616
E-mail  : kishoretumpati AT yahoo.com
Nationality Indian
Date of birth : 24 July 1989

Seeking the role of Chemical Engineer Fresher in a leading organization where my skills in applying theoretical knowledge into practical fields, sense of responsibility, and problem-solving efficiency, would aid the organization at the same time my individual growth

02.02.2012-16.03.2013  :
Worked as Trainee production engineer at Salicylates and chemicals private limited
Technical & Quality Management o Observation of the manufacturing process o Continual improvement in the quality and safety operations o Involved in the ISO- documentation and review of SOP

12.06.2010 – 13.07.2010  :
Internship at Hindustan Petroleum Corporation limited
Worked in the operations department o Reading the floe sheets of P&ID diagrams o Solving the material and energy balances of different units

Primary Education  : Siddartha high school (2005) passed out with (7.7/10) overall (CGPA) Secondary Education Siddartha junior college (2007) Passed out with (8.2/10) overall (CGPA) Bachelor’s Degree Chemical Engineering (2008-2012)
Name of the organization  : Andhra university college of Engineering (India)
Principle subjects covered  : Chemical reaction engineering, Advanced fluid dynamics, Process system engineering, Heat and Mass Transfer mechanisms, Mechanical operations, Chemical process equipment design, Transport phenomena Process optimization and Material science. (6.6/10) overall (CGPA)

Master’s Degree  : Chemical and Energy Engineering
Name of the organization  : Otto von Guericke Universität Magdeburg (Germany)
Principle subjects Covered  : Mechanical process engineering, Plant design, Thermal process engineering, Combustion Engineering, Fluid dynamics, Chemical Reaction engineering, Fuel cell Technology and Nano particle technology.

(6.7/10) overall (CGPA)

Bachelor’ Project  : Manufacture of Gasoline by fluidized catalytic cracking
** Aim of topic is to Manufacture of gasoline by catalytic cracking method
** Preparation of gasoline, Material balances, design of a suitable reactor, selection of catalyst, cost estimation, storage and handling are some important challenges faced in this project
** Reading the flow sheets of P& ID diagrams, o Gained some practical experience in equipment design, Manufacturing process.

Masters Project  : Manufacturing and Characterization of Porous glass components
Fabrication of porous glass components by partial sintering o Developing of suitable binder based on Si-containing precursors o Surface tuning by coating the sintered glass components with si-containing precursors o Characterization of samples by SEM, mechanical testing, pressure loss

** Strong and wide knowledge in chemical engineering concepts
** A hard working, self-motivated individual who works well on own initiative and is an excellent team member-
** Willing to undertake any training or development necessary required to meet the requirements of post or employer

I am very active member among the students we are group of 4 people started NGO (SANATHANA) During my bachelors for better society, to help and solve certain social issues by extending our support.- - I am the captain of my college Cricket team I lead my team to victory in many occasions I received so many times trophies as a best batsman with proper communication, commitment, teamwork I delivered best results as a captain

** Good Skills in MS Office, Basics of C
** Matlab and Ansys fluent

Travelling, Cricket, Reading, Marketing, Business management

** English (Fluent in reading, writing, speaking)
** German (Intermediate)
** Telugu (Mother Tongue) Hindi (Basic)



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