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Telecom Engineer Resume Sample, Experience : 13 years

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Name of the Candidate:[Private]
Name of the Post Applied:Telecom Engineer
Job related skills / software:Supervise proper installation and commissioning of Ericsson RBS (Radio Base Station) RBS 2206, RBS2204, 2202 antenna system installation, power system, installation of transmission network Mini-Link C.
Category:IT / Computer2
Sub Category:Telecom/ RF/ BMS/ BTS/ BSS Engineer
Years of Experience:13 years
State:Uttar Pradesh
Salary Expected per Month(Rs):Negotiable
Highest Qualification attained:Diploma
Major / Specialization: Electronic & Telecommunication
Email Id:[Private]
Are you looking for job now?:No
Can the recruiter contact you?:No
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Resume Format / CV Sample Template / Example / Model :


A Professional Telecom experience with 13 years in Mobile Telecommunications responsible for Project Management(BSS(BTS) installation, Testing and Commissioning, Civil Works, Electrical works including earthing, Site Acquisition and Providing Power Connection at site, Vendor Development, Installation, supervision and Project Management. Experience in Business development, installation, Commissioning, Electrical work, Quality, and site integration of various ERICSSON, Motorola, NORTEL-9K, 12K and 18K and TSP project in NE. Testing and configuration of transmission equipment such as Mini Link E, Mini link C, NEC, Nokia and Back Boon 0.6,1.2,1.8,2.4,3.0 m Links.

Present Working :
M/S Tems Tele services Pvt. Ltd. New Delhi as Project Manager from Jan 2011 till date.
Presently I am handling IDEA projects for 2G/3G/MR/FPMR in UP-W, Haryana-2G MR/3G MR-BTS and FPMR activity also Vodafone projects in UP-W.
Right now I have 22 teams with sub cons & self. Coordination with the sub con & customers for the complete GSM cell site, AT, Invoices and payments. Responsibilities business development, adding new circles, customer satisfaction, installation of BTS/MW, site integration, traffic shifting, quality control, AT & WCC, invoice done and coordinate with the customers.
Currently my follow up with adding circle ICL Rajasthan and AIRCEL Delhi also ERICSSON UP-W.

Previous Experience :
M/S In Tarvo Technologies Limited Noida Phase II.(From March 2010 to Jan 2011) Business Development Manager.
Project complete in Bihar and Bangladesh – NSN-AXIATA (ROBI)
Handling NSN-AXIATA new sites and swapping project (Night activity) with AT in Bangladesh.
Resources allocation as per the project requirement.
Customer satisfaction and team planning.
Supervision of sub cons. handled 14 installations, Quality and AT teams.
Supervision of PAT and FAT according to customer.
Quality done as per customer requirement and offer AT according to the customer.

Coordinate billing documents :
WCC, PO, Invoices and follow up payment collection with customers.
Meeting with customers time to time resolve all project related issues.
Sites deliver to customer timely with quality.

Bihar and Jharkhand Projects :-
Handling Reliance (NEC), NSN-Idea, NSN-Bharti and NSN-Vodafone Projects.
Plan control and follow up the implementation project team. Sites visits for quality and installation according to the customer requirements.
Maintain the daily progress report and update to customer and HO. After installation Sites deliver to the Customer safely and timely.
Proper guidance of installation teams, Quality control and coordinate with customers.
Supervision of WCC, IPM, PO, invoicing and payment follow up with customer.
Increase and business and installation teams as per customer requirement.
Installation & commissioning of SDH and PDH (FIFA, FIPA, FIU,) Transmission Equipment.
Integration & commissioning of ULTRA and FLEXI BTS.

Previous Experience :
M/S Servel India Limited New Delhi (From April 2006 to Feb-2010) Project coordinator/ Asst. project Manager
Supervision of switch projects (MSC, BSC, HLR, and VLR).
Supervision of vender teams and coordinates with customer and payment follow-up.
Supervision of installation team and moment of varies circles for switch installation UP-W, Punjab, Tamilnadu, Rajasthan, Assam Bihar and Jharkhand.
Supervision of PI and FI for billing.

Quality check of varies equipments :-
BTS proper grouting with in level, RF cable laying, GSM antenna mounting, azimuth, hight and swapping.
MW proper in the antenna height, proper degrees earthing, low-high, Polarization, MW rack proper grouting, MMU slot in AXX, E1, proper supply of BTS & MW etc.
Check all connections, Fuse, MCB and input power and out -put power, Earthing. As per Customer standard.
Quality check of Battery Bank :-
Battery cells voltage and capacity as per customer standard and
Check proper grouting and proper earthing.
Quality check of Shelter Indoor wiring :-
Complete using weir as per BOQ standard and proper grounding at IGB/EGB bars and Indoor and outdoor alarms and rectification issues. Proper earthing connect from earthing pit to EGB, IGB.

Previous Experience :
M/S CH2MHILL Construction (India) Pvt.

Ltd.(From March 2005 to April 2007).
Telecom Engineer Projects / Sr. Engineer Projects.
Installation of BTS cell sites, M/W and BTS and DG of Ericsson project for BSNL Assam, Nagaland and Arunachal. BTS Installation site comp. 294 (Nortel TSP Project) Including floor plan layouts, cabling diagrams, allocations for power, Materials checked With BOQ list, checked all send materials physically visible.
Supervise/Coordinate, MW commissioning, Antenna Height, Polarization, Azimuth, O/P power, LOS check, Radio ID check with Ericsson Mini Link.
Internal electrical wiring, work on SMPS supply up to battery and DG with three phase supply. Connection of battery bank, AT for DG, SMPS, battery bank & BTS.
Supervise proper installation and commissioning of Ericsson RBS (Radio Base Station) RBS 2206, RBS2204, 2202 antenna system installation, power system, installation of transmission network Mini-Link C.
Supervise equipment room (indoor) internal feeder connector connection to dTRU, power connection, DDF, earthing cable leader with feeder installed, voltage reading, cable management, grounding etc.
Responsible RBS 2202, 2204, 2206 Commissioning for IDB load & external alarms test. Electrical internal wiring done in shelter/room for GSM cell sites.
MW commissioning, Antenna Height, Polarization, Azimuth, O/P power, LOS check, Check radio ID.

Installation and alignment done : - ERICSSON MW_C-Link ODU 0.6 mtr, IDU with MMU.
Installation and alignment done : - NEC MW with link 0.6, 1.2, 1.8 mtr antenna site done approx 90.

Outdoor installation and alignment done : -
ODU Andrew antennas for beak bone Link 1.8, 2.4, 3.0 mtr. And laying EW64 wave guide and making connectors in Tamilnadu zone customer IVO through PGCIL.
Knowledge on Repeater & IBS I/C.
Perform Antennas and Feeders test using Anritsu and Bird Site Master.
Complete records on sites, checked leveling and collect site photo.
Carrying out the site surveys for the proper installation and alignment of microwaves
Hardware Troubleshooting of Ericsson RBS and proper maintenance, hence maintaining the desired standards. Overall preparation for site integration (From BSC to RBS site cross connection) on air & ready for PAT. Perform Transmissions Link upgrade (Mini-Link-C) Capable all installation, Feeder
and IF connector making, M/W alignment by self activity also familiar all tools.
Perform RBS2202, RBS2206, Synchronization between two RBS using with standalone/ Cascade E1.

M/S W S T L Pvt. Ltd.  :Company as BTS installation engineer. From 1999 till 2005
GSM cell site Project of Ericsson (Bharti) Tamilnadu and Delhi
Installation of M/W and BTS (2202) and dismantle of BTS 200 , all electrical work on GSM cell site with internal wiring in shelter, Connection of D.G up to meter box and B/B and P/P. Installation and commissioning of Ericsson RBS Radio Base Station RBS200 and RBS2202. Installation and commissioning of transmission Rack. Installation of Ericsson RBS2202 and External Alarm configuration. Installation of M/W with antenna o.2, o.6 and 1.2daya mtrs. Installation of Power Plant and battery Bank. Shelter indoor and outdoor electrical Wiring and complete Connection of DG supply from meter Box.
Perform PAT acceptance test with customer. Installation of CDMA Lucent BTS and Motorola BTS H1-H2.
Installation of Power Plant, Battery Cells. Acceptance test done with Customer. Installation complete approx 65 site M/W beck bone in Tamilnadu for BPL projects.
Complete PGCIL Projects for IVO UP-W, UP-E, Haryana and Punjab.

COMPUTER SKILLS : Microsoft office (Word, Excel, M S Outlook).
languages : Good in English (Writing, reading) and General speaking.
OTHER : Ability to handle multiple tasks in limited time and under pressure.
Good negotiation and personal skills.
Work as a team member.
References : References are available upon request.

1. Diploma Electronic & Telecommunication UP Board.
2. HS from Bhiwani Board, Haryana.
3. NCC from gurgaon.
4. First aid training from gurgaon.
5. ERICSSON training- 2001 at Mohan cooperative Delhi.
6. Motorola training – 2002 at Chennai tamilnadu.

I here by declare that the above-furnished information is true to the best of my knowledge.



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