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Mechanical Site Engineer Resume Sample, Experience : 3 years

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Name of the Candidate:Mahfoozur Rahman
Name of the Post Applied:Mechanical Site Engineer
Job related skills / software:Expertise in Coordinating and Monitoring Construction and Maintenance activities in Oil and Gas Industry, Implementation of QA/QC procedure as required by company and clients.
Category:Site / Construction
Sub Category:Site Engineer / Manager / Incharge / Supervisor
Years of Experience:3 years
State:Uttar Pradesh
Salary Expected per Month(Rs):25,000 to 30000
Highest Qualification attained:B.Tech. : Bachelor of Technology
Major / Specialization:Ability to work under pressure.
Email Id:mahfoozkhan012 AT gmail.com
Are you looking for job now?:Yes
Can the recruiter contact you?:Yes
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Mahfoozur Rahman
Total Experience-3Years

Email  : Mahfoozkhan012 AT gmail.com
Contact No.  : 8849014959/ 7200531212
Address for Communication  : Box No.39,Ganpat Patil Nagar IC Colony,Borivali 400103, Mumbai – (Maharashtra)

Personal Data :
Date of Birth  : 10/11/1992
Sex  : Male
Nationality  : Indian
Languages  : English,Hindi, Urdu
Passport No.  : N1687870
Marrital  : Unmarried
Permanent Address  : 105 KHA Sidhiyawan, Post Jagdishpur, Distt Amethi,227809 – (Uttar Pradesh)

Objective  :
Career Objective focus on application of experience to new of challenge, increasing exposure to technology & business practice oil & gas work experience allied to technical and communication strength maybe utilizedto excellent advantage on a range of project development assignment world wide achallenging position where I can contribute my competencies in oil and gas field.

Brief Profile  :
3 years with overseas experience as a Mechanical Engineer in Oil & Gas upstream, Project and Construction.
Currently working as an Site Engineer in UNITED ENGINEER.

Educational Qualifications :
** B.Tech In Mechanical Engg. from PristUniversity (Passed 2015)
** 12th Intermediate From A.H.Intercollege (Passed 2010)
** 10thHigh School From Huda Public School (Passed 2008)

Certificate / Diploma Courses :
** Diploma in functional Arabic (2004 -2006)
** Diploma in Urdu Language (2006 -2007)

Project Title :
Recycle of waste exhauste gases for production of electricity

Computer / Software Proficiency  :
MS Office such as MS-Word ,MS-Excel, Auto CAD

Personal Skills  :
** Excellent Communication skills & team player.
** Self confident and handling correspondence of responsible matters.
** Self motivated and capable of initiating new ideas and self-learning.
** Sincere approach in duties and responsibilities.
** Ability to work under pressure.
** Willingness to use new technologies to the desired standard.

Technical Skills & Responsibilities :
** Worked as a Site Engineer.
** Raw Material Inspection.
** Review drawings and ensure compliance.
** Monitoring the day to day Inspection of Material identification, fit-ups, weld visual, dimension, orientation,mechanical clearance,line history sheet,line flash report,hydro test, box-up etc.
** Check inspection reports on material and equipment.
** Knowledge of codes & standards.
** Inspection of raw and standard material i.e. Plates Pipes etc. to ensure conform to codes and specification.
** Preparation of inspection reports.
** Proper documentation of inspection records for submission to clients and future reference.
** Preparation of billing invoices as per client payment terms and conditions.
** Coordinate site activities and communicate with sub-contractor,project management,procurement and purchasing.
** Responsible for process improvements.
** Manpower handling and stage inspectionofstructure at site.

Work Experience :
Presently Working  :
From April 2015 to till date.
M/s. Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited,
Uran Mumbai,Maharashtra.

Company Profile  :
United Engineers. Is specialist in Pipe Line construction of oil & gas projects. United Engineeers has Fabrication Yard in Mumbai.

Projects Handled :
Project II  : Wegon Gantry Pipe Line
Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited. (Uran)
United Engineer.

Site Engineer :
** Worked as a Engineer in Pipe Line construction.
** Expertise in Coordinating and Monitoring Construction and Maintenance activities in Oil and Gas Industry.
** Shall ensure that fambrication, welding activities are on going as per project specification requirements and as per latest AFC drawing attend meeting with client / contractor / vendore.
** Implementation of QA/QC procedure as required by company and clients.
** Man hours estimation for engineering enquires.
** Site visit & data collection from client office / plant.
** Review and approval of vendor drawing and documents.
** Ensure satisfactory identification of material, proper protection of piping and fitting. Verify proper size and schedules of pipe rating of flanges,proper flange face and fitting.
** Supervision of fabrication of piping spool & welding.
** Supervision of erection of completed piping systemand site weld.
** Inspect pipe just before erection to verify that interior is clear of foreign material, check edge preparation and fit-up is within tolerance.
** Checking item which has been erected (check for alignment, grouting, bolt tightening, paint toch ups etc).
** Insure that pipe support, hanger and guides have been installed in accordance with the piping drawing and pipes support details.
** Responsible for Supervisor/ Foreman.
** Shall ensure that fabrication, welding activities are going on as per project specification requirements and as per the latest AFC drawing.
** Shall ensure that qualified welders are deployed on job.
** For any pipes installed on sleeper or pipe racks the live lineshall be protected and hard barricades shall be provided.
** Before start fabrication ensure pipe and fitting shall be selected as per approved tie in ISO drawing.
** We ensure for golden joint shall be follow as per closure weld procedure.
** We shall Responsible for execution of work in compliance to the project HSE and quality requirement.
** Co-ordination with client inspector for find inspection.
** Inspection of piping material as per codes and process standard specification.
** Daily report and All quality control activities.
** Prepare weekly report of the total spool erection, isometric weight installed, welded dia inches of support and joint and the remaining work front with the material available.
** Conduct daily meeting with site staff to organize work to the day/ next day.
** Issue the work permit ensuring HSE requirement.
** Conduct staff work through in the site co-ordination with the safety department weekly basis.
** Supervision of all piping work and ensure safety and quality standard standard of the client.
** Prepare pipe support specification and piping support drawing.
** Enforce the safety rules during the work activities.
** To execute the erection work according to drawing.
** Material handling according to the material required for erection.
** Spool material inspection (Flanges,Elbow,Pipe and other fitting).
** Fabrication of spool as per ISO & GA line erection at the site.
** Planning of material, erection and Rigging/ Taking of cork permit as per requirements.
** Safety precautions taking before start the work.
** Line checking and clearing the punch items before the pressure test on completed pipe lines.
** Nurture subordinates by need based Training, Conducting Presentations.
** Certifying the sub-contractor bills and coordinate for preparing the client bill.
** One Week special safety training in Central Inovation Training
** Daily work planning and billing also.

Projects Handled :
Project I  : Augmentation Of Ethanole Facilities
Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited.

United Engineers

Site Engineer  :
** Responsible as a Lead Engineer for the project to establish Quality requirements.
** Inspection of Raw materials, maintaining traceability, checking of fit ups, visual inspection of weld, Mechanical Clearance, Hydro testing, box -up, and insulation.
** Fabrication and lying of annular plate and bottom plate for 2 nos.
** Fabrication and erection of curb angle and girder.
** Installation of roof nizzle &shell nozzle.
** Erection dismantling scaffolding arrangement.
** Shot blasting and painting operation under controlled
** Preparation of daily and weekly report.
** Monitoring of resources deployed on daily basis.
** Maintaining of quality of works and safety as per norm.
** Fabrication of plates for vessels & Tanks.
** Shell plates erection by conventional and jacking method.
** Fit-up and welding of shell, roof roof structure, nozzleas.
** Hydrotesting of tank vessels.
** Engineering co-ordination across concerned disciplines and taking tactical decisions at operational level to optimize resources, adhering to product
** Fabrication of plates for vassels and tanks.
** Quality norms, Specifications, Standards.
** Fit up and welding of shell, roof,roof structure nozzle.
** Gives suggestion for fabrication components and implementing new techniques.
** Inspection planning, performing & reporting with minimum supervision to prevent occurrence of non conformities.
** Manpower planning and scheduling.
** Monitoring on inspection reports on stage wise.
** Coordinate all inspection activities, resolving all issues/ punch points.
** Fabrication and Erection of Shell plates.
** Planning of the materials and tools for the required job.
** Inspection of the Piping system (Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel) by referring the engineering documents like GA drawings, detail drawing & support standards as per Quality plan and procedures.
** Nurture subordinates by need based Training, Conducting Presentations.
** Certifying the sub-contractor bills and coordinate for preparing the client bill.
** One Week special safety training in Central Inovation Training
** Daily work planning and billing also.

Safety Courses Attended :
One Week special safety training in Central Inovation Training Center BPCL

Declaration :
I was really excited when I was this position as I belive that my skill and experience closely match what you are looking for, I have 2.9+years’ experience and would like to develop my skill base further in a progressive environment.

Date  :
Place  :


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