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Store Incharge/ Store Keeper Resume Sample, Experience : 19 years

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Name of the Candidate:[Private]
Name of the Post Applied:Store Incharge/ Store Keeper
Job related skills / software:Making Store requisition of the issuing materials, Maintain inventory of the daily issuing and receiving materials.
Category:Stores / Purchase
Sub Category:Stores Executive / Manager / Keeper /Store Officer
Years of Experience:19 years
State:West Bengal
Salary Expected per Month(Rs):Negotiable
Highest Qualification attained:Diploma
Major / Specialization:Materials Management
Email Id:[Private]
Are you looking for job now?:No
Can the recruiter contact you?:No
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Resume Format / CV Sample Template / Example / Model :


I am looking forward to working in a competitive and prosperous environment. I am versatile by nature with an inclination to learn new things and ability to grasp things with a little orientation. I have above 15 years of work experience in India as well as overseas.

Store Manager / Store Incharge

Certificate in Software Engineering
Diploma in Hardware and Networking
Diploma in Materials Management

Knowledge of goods or materials in assigned storeroom.
Knowledge Knowledge of Type Writing
of basic buying and purchasing practices
Knowledge of inventory principles and practices.
Knowledge of supervisory principles and practices.
Skill in appropriate use of goods and materials in storeroom, warehouse laydown Area. Knowledge of Shipment documents, Container and Trailers. Knowledge of LC. Knowledge in Electronic Document Management System.
Scanning, Printing, Binding, Filing, Typing & Photocopying.
Excellent knowledge in MS Word, MS Excel, MS Power Point, Adobe Acrobat
Outlook Express and internet Application.
Many Database like MS Access, FoxPro, Oracle and Visual Basic etc..
Achiever Hardworking Certificate Award from Saudi International Petrochemical

Position  : Store Manager
Duration  : February 2011 – May 2011
Company  : Ponticelli Nigeria Limited
Project  : Upgraded OML 58 OBAGI
Client/Consl  : Total Nigeria Ltd.
Duties & Responsibilities :
1.Taking account of incoming and outgoing of goods in the stores departments.
2.Monitoring stock card everyday of the stock goods from stores and physically checking of all received goods from delivery note of the respective request STO SPR NO. For the accuracy of orders or request.
3.Keeping eagle's eyes on the stocks of goods available in the stores like Stationary, Tools, Lifting, Welding and PPE Stores of the stores department..
4.Making requests of goods in time with STO SPR which are not stocks.
5.Taking care all types of activities like take care of store goods, availability of goods in time, proper care, and also manage the labors and make proper records of incoming and outgoing goods.
6.Arranging good warehouse, handling equipment good staff, store keeper, care the proper and damaged / shortage material and maintain the higher stock level / Maximum stock level / reorder stock level.
7.Authorizing on the store requisition after verifying requested items.
8.Making waybill of the items going from store to another locations or sites.
9.Verifying incoming / outgoing and daily stock on hand, follow the delivery schedule as per purchase order or SPR.
10.Arranging the inventory of stock every three months and using materials FIFO.
11.Preparing the list of fast moving / slow moving items and not usable materials.
12.Maintaining proper documents like receipt and issue.
13.Preparing inventory of the stock items weekly and aware to the purchase department.
14. Coordinating with the purchase department and project Manager.
15.Arranging good housekeeping everyday in the stores and warehouse.
16.Preparing time sheet of the staff and store keepers.

Position  : Store Keeper
Duration  : March 2009 – August 2010
Company  : S.A.Kentz Engineering & Contracting Co. Ltd.
Project  : Jubail Acetyl Complex (JAC), VAM, Utility & AA Plant
Client/Consl  : Sabic / Fluor AT Arabia Limited
Duties & Responsibilities :
1.Reviews Stock/inventory reports and uses specialized knowledge of goods to estimate needs and order appropriate quantities of standard and special order items, recommends and implements additions or deletions to standard stock items.
2.Compares information on requisitions, invoices, and shipping notices to material received or issued to verify accuracy of order.
3.Compiles and maintains inventory of materials received, stocked and issued. Developing Spare Part Data Packages (SPDP) FOR 2Year Spare Parts required by the clients.
4.Prepares necessary forms or documentation for Inventory records, payment of invoices, and billing enduser.
5.Inspects, accepts, or rejects material received according to the condition of the Materials received and its specification.
6.Marking identifying information on materials.
7.Designating according to location of goods as warehouseRecord Clerk ( Clerical ). To supervise material receipt, Unloading and placement place.
8.Dispenses stock from storeroom by measuring, counting and/or cutting requested amounts requiring knowledge and experience handling the goods or materials; documents for Inventory and billing purposes.
9.Confers with vendors to ascertain the most beneficial terms and prices for blanket and special orders. Follow company safety procedures.
10.Receives equipment, materials, or supplies ordered verifying against specification on requisition or other documents.
11.Count inventory periodically and reconcile with records and/or inventory tickets; perform annual inventory count and reconciliation; reports to auditors or designated departments; researches and resolves discrepancies.
12.Stores materials, supplies, equipment, etc. according to weight, temperature, size, safety precautions or other concerns.
13.Advises users/ customers regarding stock items or supplies suitable for needs using knowledge of and experience with goods or materials.
14.Resolves problems or complaints presented by staff and users/customers.
15.Keeps record of standard inventory, cost, prices and quantity on hand.

Position  : Store Keeper
Duration  : October 2007 February 2009
Company  : S.A.Kentz Engineering & Contracting Co.

Project  : High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), & BBTX Projects
Client/Consl : Sabic / Shaw Stone & Webster Co. Ltd.
Duties & Responsibilities :
1.Keeping track record of receiving and issuing of the Material of fitting, pipe fittings, pipes and structural steel items of polymerizing , palletizing ,fabrication pipe rack, equipments and items of electrical parts.
2.Preparing and monitoring inventory of the list of the materials.
3.Checking materials available in the lay down yard from Material delivery Records with location.
4.Encode the database of the materials daily delivery records of daily received materials from packing list with P.O and SRN (Shipping Release Number) and update everyday.
5.Preparing and monitoring issue ticket with MIR (Material Issuing Request) and store requisition.
6.Check Tag # and P.O# & codes from MSR (Material Sending Report) and update everyday.
7.Making MTN/MTR (Material Transfer Note/Report) and RMR (Return Material Report) of the transferred materials from lay down yard to other yard and sites.
8.Having perfect documentation of the Paper works like store requisition, issue tickets with MIR, material transfer notes, returned materials report and packing list.
9.Preparing JSA (Job Safety Analysis) for the employee and JSP (Job Safety Plan) for crane operator.
10.Preparing dummy packing list for those materials is not listed in the packing list.
11.Confirming location of the materials to be issued from database of the daily delivery transaction record.
12.Coordination with the materials departments regarding receiving & issuing on the materials and paper works.
13.Prepare field Material Request or Return (FMR).
14.Coordinate with both the External auditors (Client) as well as internal auditors for the scheduling of the audit and completion of the same.
15.Maintain copies of all certificates, procedures, purchase order and MTN in an easy accessible location for the audit process.

Position  : Store Keeper
Duration  : May 2005 Sep 2007
Company  : AlArmak Co. Ltd. (Supplier)
Project  : AlQasim
Client/Consl : AlFalwa Co.
Duties & Responsibilities :
1.Responsible for receiving, checking and issuing the structural, mechanical, instrumentation and equipment spare parts required by operation department.
2.Prepare SRV (Store Receipt Voucher) against purchase orders and SDR (Supply Discrepancy) if any material discrepancy found against PO and packing list / invoice.
3.MESC (Material Equipment Standardization Code) number to be marked each piece of material for proper identification.
4.Small items to be binned in a Sequence and bulk items to be located at pallet racks.Location numbers to be marked in SRV for inputting in computer.
5.Identify any damages during the course of the inspection process and generate the Overage Damage Shortage Report (OSDR) for forwarding Procurement department as well as the concerned official.
6.Doing all types of Materials transferring from store to store physically.
7.Doing manual checking of Stock.Attending stock checkers and auditors.Attending all types of queries from inputting in computer.
8.Doing manual checking of Stock.Attending stock checkers and auditors.Attending all types of queries from inputting in computer.
9.Attending all types of queries from procurement, inspection and operation departments. Assigns and checks work of subordinates.
10.Supervises the training of new employees.
11.Generate daily and weekly reports on the material received status, OSDR’s Inventory status as well as material Requisition status and forward it to the respective Engineers as well as the corporate office.
12.Provide Input on all the material requisition notes on the availability of the same on site and status of any pending arrival.
13.Carry out any other duties as requested by the direct supervisor.

Position  : Store Keeper
Duration  : Jan 1999 Feb 2005
Company  : JAC Co. LTD.
Project  : Silicon Refinery Project (Nadia)
Client/Consl : Government PWD
Duties & Responsibilities :
1.Maintain record of issuing and receiving Material.
2.Making Store requisition of the issuing materials.
3.Maintain inventory of the daily issuing and receiving materials.
4.Maintain track record of the balance material in the specific location of the site.
5.Checking issued material from packing list regarding SRN (Shipping release No.) and P.O (Purchase order).
6.Maintaining all the documents of the issuing and receiving materials and submitting the proper authority.
7.Coordinating with the office regarding incoming material forcast in the warehouse of the laydown yard of the site,
8.Coordinating of the supervisor regarding issuing and receiving of the materials
9.Making Timesheet of the supplied employee and submit to the office.
10.Making dummy packing list of the material which are missing in the original packing list.

Jan 1994 Jan 1999 Company  : Data Concept Pvt. Ltd.
Position  : Clerk – Cum Office Assistant
Jan 1993 Jan 1994 Company  : A.P. Hitech Soft Dev. Train Pvt.Ltd.
Position  : Laboratory Faculty



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