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Name of the Candidate:Shital Shirish Dhavale
Name of the Post Applied:GIS Analyst
Job related skills / software:Arc GIS, Auto CAD,Global Mapper, Q GIS, Microstation,Spachal Factory
Category:Site / Construction
Sub Category:Geologist/ GIS Analyst
Years of Experience:5 years
Salary Expected per Month(Rs):20,000 to 25,000
Highest Qualification attained:M.A. / MA : Master of Arts
Major / Specialization:Geography
Email Id:dshital25 AT gmail.com
Are you looking for job now?:Yes
Can the recruiter contact you?:Yes
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Curriculam Vitae  :
Name  : Shital Abhijeet Ghule
Email Id  : Dshital25 At Gmail.Com

Objectives  :
** To be asset of an organization by enhancing my skills & to serve it with shear hard work
** To work as a Professional where I can use my past experience in challenging environment and do justice to my knowledge and thirst to learn and succeed.
** Experience GIS Professional having experience 4+ years in , ArcGIS ,Micro station, spatial factory, Auto Desk Map & ERDAS
** Experience in GIS Mapping, Capturing & Digitization GIS data and feature extraction.

Currently at  :
Genesys International Corporation Ltd. (March 2017-July 2018) as GIS Professional

Working on  :
** Micro station feature Extraction refer 360 degree piano images different client.
** Spatial factory MCGM project
** Arc Map Software used creating workspace or identified trajectory, fill up different type of attributes etc.
** Tata Teleservices (M) Ltd.Pune (January 2016-March 2017) as a GIS Engineer

Worked on  :
** Clusters/Grids to be placed as per As-built drawing submitted by Network Implementation Department.
** Placing End-to-End Copper connectivity from site (e.g. Switch/AM/UT Star/92-C/ONU/AM1/HNS PMP) to buildings.
** Network element (e.g. AM/UT Star/92-C/ONU/AM1/HNS PMP) to Be place according to the specifications given in As-built drawings submitted by NI.
** Fiber connectivity from Switch to Any Media (AM) to Optical Network Unit (ONU).
** FDF details should be Place as per the as built submitted by NI.
** Copper cable Line of Count (LOC) should be with respect to Copper input to the building.
** Copper Joints to be place according to As-built drawings.
** MDF In-Out details to be as per the data submitted by NO.
** Copper terminated to MDF and copper from Subscriber side to be checked as per the As-built submitted by NI.
** Unique numbering to be checked for all the network elements as per Numbering Scheme.
** All the applications (e.g.
Network Trace/Service Impact/Network Utilization) to run properly.
** Checking for All feasibilities for high and low Bandwidth on Fiber Connectivity for Rest Of Maharashtra Including Outer Mumbai.

Educational Qualification  :
** GIS All India Institute(AIILSG), Pune July 2013 A
** M.Sc (Geomorphology), Pune University, July 2012 70.04%
** B.A(Geography), Pune University,June 2009, 77.16%
** H.S.C, Maharashtra Board of Pune, June 2006, 64.17%
** S.S.S, Maharashtra Board of Pune, June 2004, 42.80%

Project Work  :
Digitization  : -
Worked on Area boundary and pin code boundary (Google Earth Software)

Completed following things  :
** Line work in ortho ArcGIS Software, Annotation, Autodesk- Digitization building,
** Address search and collect the lat.long
** Annotation arc map, Autodesk-Digitization building footprints, Fiber & copper citrix etc.

Academic projects  :(dissertation. Etc)
Beach Sub-surface Sediment at Guhagar (Ratanagiri)

Tools/software used  :
Globalmaper, Surfer, Google Earth, ArcGIS

Participation  :
NSS Workshop on Disaster Management Training. (Ralegansidhi), Debate competition, National Conference Resource Management, Somnath anandvan camp etc...

Personal Detail  :
Date of birth  : 21 Feb.1991
Religion  : Hindu.
Nationality  : Indian.
Language Proficiency  : English, Hindi, Marathi.
Marital Status  :Married
Hobbies  : Watching TV, Drawing, Cooking
Computer Proficiency  : Completed MS-CIT with ‘A’ grade & Expertise in GIS Software such as Autodesk Map & Auto CAD, ArcGIS, Micro station, Global Mapper & Google Earth
Strength  : Hard Working, Positive Thinking, Good Communication skill
Key Attributes  : Quick Decision Making Ability.

Date  :
Place  :


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