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Aircraft Maintenance Engineer/ Technician Resume Sample, Experience : 11 years



Name of the Candidate:[Private]
Name of the Post Applied:Aircraft Maintenance Engineer/ Technician
Job related skills / software:Preflight inspection, First flight of the Day, Last flight of the Day, Major servicing of HS-748 and DO-228 aircraft, Daily inspection, weekly and Schedule maintenance, Responsible for major servicing of Avro and Dornier aircraft
Category:Tourism / Travel
Sub Category:Aircraft Maintenence Engineer AME / Technician
Years of Experience:11 years
State:Uttar Pradesh
Salary Expected per Month(Rs):25,000 to 30000
Highest Qualification attained:Diploma
Major / Specialization:Mechanical
Email Id:[Private]
Are you looking for job now?:Yes
Can the recruiter contact you?:Yes
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Email dtyagi78 AT yahoo.in

Objectives  :
Seeking a position to utilize my skills & abilities in an organization that offer professional growth while being resourceful, innovative & flexible.

Key skill  :
Ability to deal with men, leadership quality and coordinating with all departments in organization with excellent performance and skills.

Core Competencies  :
Indepth knowledge of aircraft components and maintenance procedures.
Comprehensive knowledge of hydraulic and pneumatic systems, mechanicals surface controls and heating and cooling systems.
Indepth knowledge of the theory, application and operation of aircraft.
Familiar with the Federal Aviation Administration rules and regulations.
Excellent analytical, managerial, communication, and problem solving skills.
Ability to work in group and perform multiple tasks simultaneously

Passed Matriculation with 74 % from CBSE Board, Nainital in 1998.
Passed Intermediate with 74 % from CBSE Board, Nainital in 2000.
Passed Graduation with 57 % from CCS university, Meerut in 2006.
Passed Post Graduation with 64% from MKU Madurai in 2012.

Technical Qualification  :
Diploma in Mechanical Engineering from MTI (Air Force Tambaram)
Obtained BAMEL in HA Category (DGCA).

Courses Done  :
Cross Training from AF Fit to Eng.
Certificate course on Do228 Aircraft
Certificate course on HS748 Aircraft

Basic, Windows, MS Office, Internet and Networking

Worked as Jr Technician in VIP Communication Flight for 04 years.
Working as Aircraft Maintenance Technician in 5 BRD, IAF. (Responsible for major servicing of Avro and Dornier aircraft)

Preflight inspection, First flight of the Day, Last flight of the Day
Daily inspection, weekly and
Schedule maintenance.
Major servicing of HS748 and DO228 aircraft.

Total Aviation Experience  :
11 Years.

ExtraCurricular Activities  :
Participating in social service activity like Blood donation camp etc.

Hobbies  :
Playing Cricket, Listening Music.

Personal details  :
Date of birth 01July1983


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