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Piping Design Engineer Resume Sample, Experience : 7 years

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Name of the Candidate:[Private]
Name of the Post Applied:Piping Design Engineer
Job related skills / software:PDS, Microstation, AutoCAD, PRO-E, Catia
Category:Piping / PDS / PDMS
Sub Category:Piping Design Engineer / Designer/ Supervisor
Years of Experience:7 years
State:Tamil Nadu
Salary Expected per Month(Rs):Negotiable
Highest Qualification attained:Diploma
Major / Specialization:Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams
Email Id:[Private]
Are you looking for job now?:No
Can the recruiter contact you?:No
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Resume Format / CV Sample Template / Example / Model :


I wish to combine my knowledge in Piping Engineering with skills of 3 D Piping Modeling in PDS Version 8.0 to complete the assigned tasks in an efficient and effective manner.
Piping Design Engineer with PDS Modeling Expertise coupled with General Arrangement and Layout Drawings Preparation in AutoCad Environment. Currently working as Piping Design Engineer (PDS) whose main responsibility is modeling the equipment and Piping Modeling.Total Experience 7 + years in Piping Engineering including previous employment.
** Expertise in the following using PDS (Version – 8.0)
** Equipment Modeling
** Piping Modeling
** Drawing Manager
** ISO Drawing Generation
** Interference Checking
** General Technical Skills:
** Study of Process Flow Diagrams; Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams (P&ID)&
Utility Flow Diagrams (UFD).
** Preparation GAD Drawings of Piping Systems.
** Preparation of Plot, Site, Equipment Layout etc., in AutoCAD.
** Preparation of Structural Detailing for Pipe Rack; Plant Roofing; Boiler Housing; Boiler External Piping;
** Preparation of Bill of Material in AutoCAD Environment.
Design: PDS Version 8.0; Auto-CAD, Microstation, PRO-E, Catia.
Office tools: MS Office
Presently Working as a Piping Design Engineer(PDS) in SIVABALAN ENGINEERS AND CONSULTANTS, CHENNAIsince January 2008 to till date
 We have routed 135 pipes in this project. This project is for a Refinery in SA and as input we received Piping GAD; Pipe List; Piping and Instrumentation Diagram. Equipments were Condensers; Air Coolers; Fractionation Columns and Associated Pumps.
Preparation of
**  General Arrangement Drawings for Piping of Crude Oil
**  Preparation of PDS Model for the Header and main branch lines
**  Generation of ISO Drawings
**  Generation of Valve List; Vessel List; Pipe List
This is Combined Cycle Power Project (CCPP); Gas Turbine Capacity is 38 MW and Steam Turbine capacity is 20 MW. Gas Transmission pipe was laid for 9 Km distance.
This project is similar to coal based power project except that instead of coal, Natural Gas will be used as fuel. Otherwise all the piping systems involved in both the projects are almost similar.

This project has Black Start facility with Diesel as feed stock.
Preparation of
**  Preparation of Process Flow diagrams.
**  Preparation of Equipment Modeling and Pipe Routing for 75 pipe lines; Extraction of ISO’s for them
3)PROJECT:Co-Generation Power Plant in Pulp Mill
In Paper manufacturing unit the waste material which is called as Black Liquor is utilized to burn in Boiler to generate steam which is utilized in Process Heating and also for Power Generation. But for this purpose, lot of water is to be evaporated from Black Liquor to make it dense (from 1.05 density to 1.50 density) so that volume to handled becomes manageable.
In modern times this project has become integral part of any pulp mill and treated as Co-Generation Plant.
Following equipments are there in this project:
**  Evaporator System with 6 Evaporators
**  Tank Farm consisting of 8 large storage tanks
**  Surface Condensers for cooling the vapor
**  Steam / Air and other utility systems
**  350 Pipe lines connecting all the above equipments
Preparation of
**  We designed 8 Storage Tanks per API 650 and CAD team prepared Detailed Engineering Drawings for the Tanks
**  Piping General Arrangement Drawing for all the systems
**  Preparation of PDS Model for the piping
**  Equipment Layout and Nozzle Placement
**  MTO and ISO Drawing Generation
**  Support Drawings
**  Piping Material Take Off
**  Support Material Take Off
**  Preparation of Line List
Piping Layout and FEED Documents were input. We have modeled the piping system for Sea Water; Raw Water; De Min water; Disposal of sludge etc., Total number of Pipe Lines allotted to us is 350 pipe lines.
Preparation of
**  Study of Piping Layout
**  Study of Plant Layout and Equipment Layout
**  Preparation of PDS Model for pipe lines
**  Generation of Isometric Drawings
**  Report Generation
De-Sander is used to remove sand from the crude oil produced from sea bed. This process is to be complied with before crude is put in to Refining. Vessel operates at 10000 psi and has 75 pipes with associated valves and other components.
 The vessel was designed per ASME Section VIII Division 2 & 3 and nozzles were selected from TEMA. I have modeled this system and 50 pipes.
**  Preparation of Piping GAD
**  Routing of pipes in PDS
**  Extraction of MTO and ISO Drawings


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