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Telecom Transmission Engineer Resume Sample, Experience : 3 years

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Name of the Candidate:[Private]
Name of the Post Applied:Telecom Transmission Engineer
Job related skills / software:Handling the all NMS activities, Rectifying the Transmission related issue, Backup of Cisco routers, Cisco switches & Huawei switches on weekly basis, MPBN Configuration & Fault management.
Category:IT / Computer2
Sub Category:Telecom/ RF/ BMS/ BTS/ BSS Engineer
Years of Experience:3 years
State:Uttar Pradesh
Salary Expected per Month(Rs):Negotiable
Highest Qualification attained:B.Tech. : Bachelor of Technology
Major / Specialization:Electronics & Communication
Email Id:[Private]
Are you looking for job now?:No
Can the recruiter contact you?:No
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Career Objective
Intend to build a career in challenging & dynamic environment where I can use my technical skills & knowledge, in this innovative & competitive telecom field and gain expertise in diversified role of an individual as well as a team player contributing to the company as well as individual development.
“Because company growth is projected to our growth”

Career Summary
More than 3 years experience in Telecom sector as a Project as well as O & M and transmission Engineer.

Career Path  :
Presently working as a Sr.Transmission Engineer in Ericsson India Pvt. Ltd. in MTS project in Lucknow.
Working as Zonal Officer in Ericsson India Pvt. Ltd (O & M) , MTS project in Kanpur and Jhansi Zone.
Working as RAN Engineer in TTSL (offrole) In BASTI.
Project Engineer on Pay role of Spectrum Infratech India Pvt. Ltd. Lucknow in, Aircel Vodafone &Tata UP EAST Project.

In Ericsson India pvt. Ltd.
As a Transmission Engineer
Microwave network O&M Monitoring, Maintenance, Configuration and troubleshooting MW equipment RTN910 using Web LCT, T2000 and U2000 software
Fault Management takes end-to-end responsibility for corrective maintenance of Network problems.
Liaises with Customer Care organizations regarding Network outages.
Ensures planned outages are carried out/rolled back in maintenance window.
Ensure all problem tickets are being managed within KPI.
Optical fiber network O&M Monitoring, Maintenance, Configuration and Troubleshooting for OSN500 and OSN2500.
Working on Huawei U2000 (NMS).
Handling the all NMS activities.
Handling the E1 related issue.
Handling the STM related activities and Tejas Mux activities.
Rectifying the Transmission related issue.
Handling the POI related activities.
LB prepare and implementation at sites.
MW link report shared on daily basis.
Transmission health’s check SMS broadcasting on daily basis.
MPBN health check shared to circle as well as MTS & Ericsson corporate team on daily basis.
Backup of Cisco routers, Cisco switches & Huawei switches on weekly basis.
MPBN Configuration & Fault management.
Co-ordination with PDSN team regarding Data services.
Monitoring of peak utilization of all active WAN links.
Transmission Fault management.
Transmission configuration management.
Backup of Tejas MUX, NMS U2000 (DB backup & Script backup) on daily basis.
Co-ordination with different media providers during outages & new augmentation.
Validation of Media outage report on daily basis.
Validation of MW PM Report.
Co-ordination with BSNL regarding outages of BSNL POI.
User/Pwd management of NMS U2000.
Health check of NMS U2000.
Health check of Tejas MUX.
MW spares management.
Provide monthly Transmission training to team members & FO team.
Maintaining Site handler tool.
Data management for E1 dedicated to sites as well as POI.
Media outage signoff.
Operation & Security log management.
Analysis of Abis utilization & planning new E1 accordingly

As a Zonal Officer ( O & M )
Responsible for overall Technical Maintenance of MTS NETWORK in KANPUR & JHANSI cluster.
Maintenance & Operation of Huawei BTS3900 & 3900A
Maintenance & Operation of Huawei MW equipments RTN910 and Radios.
E1 routing, rerouting and connecting sites to BSC.
Testing of transmission media (E1) and BTS.
Ensures all the NSS/BSS network elements are alarm free and all the links are working properly.
Acceptance test, Call test and Handover test and Quality audit of new sites.
Second line maintenance i.e. responding to NOC for fault analysis on BTS equipments and troubleshoot the network elements.
Handling out customers complaints in time related to coverage & call routing.
Handling Electrical problems relating to power systems (Delta, Eltek and Emerson).
Drive testing of signal strength and preventive maintenance of different BTS.
Managing all the issues related to sites.
Documentation & maintenance of network plan.
Preparing cell outage reports for the sites.

APRIL 2010 TO May 2011
As RAN Engineer
Corrective as well as preventive maintenance of CDMA base station for the Wireless Access CDMA.
Maintenance and troubleshooting of different microwave transmission system.
Have working experience with various Alcatel transmission equipments 1642, 1662, 1660.
Worked on ZTE & HUAWEI BTS.
E1 provisioning for new and old sites..
Coordination between the WTTIL team, ERICSSON and UNINOR team.
Co-ordination with Local, TSP & TI Vendor Teams for proper implementation of Construction, Electrical Utilities, BTS and Telecom equipments.
Responsible for Site Implementation, Media & Fiber Testing, E1 testing.
Coordinating for MSC, BSC & BSNL POI Installation & Commissioning.
Handling Customer related complains.
Planning & implementation of ring and protection of sites

In Spectrum Infratech India Pvt.


JUNE 2009 TO APRIL 2010
AS Project Engineer
Working for, Aircel, Vodafone Tata UP East on Nokia/ZTE Project.
Responsibilities  : -
Implementation and installation of Nokia BTS and Microwave system.
BTS commissioning, Alarm integration and testing.
Facility audit which involves checking whether installation is done properly and as per format or not. Checking the antenna height, tilt, type and azimuth etc.
Assisting in site surveys, drive test and implementation of changes suggested by RF team.
Getting acceptance testing of BTS done and MICROWAVE.
Experience on Nokia Flexi BTS ultra BTS & ZTE BTS.
External alarms termination and testing.
Internal alarms rectification related to Nokia.
Commissioning and Integration for Nokia EDGE BTS (Ultra, Flexi).
Installation & Commissioning of NOKIA NEC & Ceragon links.
Done LOS survey
Done E-1 Bypass from BSC to SITE
Checking BTS site quality
Done IP Change in ceragon (PDH, & SDH),

System and Tool used  :
BTS NOKIA ultra , Flexi BTS, ZTE(outdoor and indoor), HUAWEI , Ericsson 2964 and 2964 V2
PDH-SDH M/W Links – NOKIA, NEC Neo, NEC pasolink, Ceragon links, Huawei RTN 910
MUX – Alcatel (1660, 1662, 1642), Huawei ( OSN500,OSN2500 ), Tejas ( TJ1610 )
NMS – Huawei U2000/T2000
VSWR Tool – BIRD , Anristu ,Power meter

Project Handled  :
Project#1-NOKIA GSM in TATA UP EAST Project.
Project#2AIRCEL GSM in UP EAST Project.
Project#3-NOKIA GSM in VODAFONE in UP EAST Project.

Educational Profile  :
Professional  : Persuing MBA in (OPERATIONS AND CRM) from IICT LUCKNOW
Technical  : B.Tech (Electronics & Communication)
University  : Allahabad Agricultural Institute Deemed University
Year of Passing  : 2009.

Computer Skills  : C, C++, Assembly Language, Ms Office, Internet.
Operating System  : Windows-9X/XP/Vista.

Industrial training  :
1) 8 weeks industrial training in INDIAN TELECOM INDUSTRY Mankapur.
2) 4 week summer training in TELEPHONE EXCHANGE NCR Allahabafd

Projects  :
1) Mini project in 3rd semester , I worked along with a team of Five members on a project titled “COMMON EMITTER CHARACTERSTICS”.
2) Final year project on Performance Comparison of MOBILE ADHOC NETWORK Routing protocol in TCL using ns2.

Personality Traits  :
Smart Working, Optimist.
Cohesive Team Player, Friendly.

Hobbies & Interests  :
Playing Chess.
Net surfing & Reading News Paper.

Declaration  :
I hereby declare that all the statements in this curriculum vital are true, complete and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.

Date  :
Place  :


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