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Automation Engineer Resume Sample, Experience : 3 years

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Name of the Candidate:[Private]
Name of the Post Applied:Automation Engineer
Job related skills / software:PLCs, SCADA, VFDs, Wiring Diagram, Ethernet unmanaged Switches, ControlLogix PLC Processor, Ethernet Bridge module & ControlLogix web server module installed in the same chassis
Category:Design Engineering
Sub Category:Automation/ Mechatronic Engineer
Years of Experience:3 years
State:West Bengal
Salary Expected per Month(Rs):25,000 to 30000
Highest Qualification attained:B.Tech. : Bachelor of Technology
Major / Specialization:Electronics and Communications
Email Id:[Private]
Are you looking for job now?:Yes
Can the recruiter contact you?:Yes
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Resume Format / CV Sample Template / Example / Model :


Automation & Instrumentation Engineer.
B.Tech in Electronics and Communication Engineering.
Dharbagan, Tolafatak, Prantik
P.O- Chuchura; Dist  :- Hooghly
W.B  :- 712101
Email ID  : papaianirbanxp AT gmail.com
Ph No  :- 033-26811223 (R)
09433733352 (M)
07277822046 (M)

Objective  :
A dynamic team spirited and performance driven engineering professional with an extraordinary blend of leadership, technical, industrial knowledge.To obtain a position where I would get the opportunity to utilize my technical skill, experience and leadership quality.Seeking job on Installation and commissioning/ maintenance with an organization of repute.

Professional Experiences  :
Employer  :
M/S EMCONS (Ranchi)
Authorized System Integrator & Channel partner of Rockwell Automation (Allen-Bradley)

Experience  :From 2nd August 2010 to till today.
Responsibilities  :-
Projects Done  :-
Flip-Flop conveyor system in CHP(Hindalco Industries Ltd)  :ladder logic implementation (RS Logix 500) and hard wiring have done for flip-flop conveyor system in Hindalco Co-generation power plant. Commissioning has been done successfully and conveyors, vibrating screen, Vibro feeder has been added to the existing SCADA for supervisory control.
Tools used  : RS logix 500 ladder logic, Factory-Talk View Studio Site Edition, RS linx.
Hardware Used  : SLC 500 Processor, remote I/O adapter and Remote I/O block, PC (for HMI).
Vibration Monitoring System(Hindalco Industries Ltd)  :Implementation of Vibration monitoring system in 5 MW Ball Mill Motor for machine condition monitoring with 6 Nos. of vibration module (make: Allen-Bradley) installed. A ladder logic program implemented in CompactLogix PLC processor for fetching and processing the values of vibration. Alarms and tripping interlocks was also made. Separate SCADA was made in RS VIEW 32 for monitoring of data.
Hardware Used  : - CompactLogix PLC processor with I/O module connected in RIO, XM 9000 Series Accelerometer, and XM-122 Module with XM-940 terminal block, User PC.
Tools used  : - RSLogix 5000, RS View 32 Works for HMI, XM module interfacing software, RS Networks for Devicenet.
Drive SCADA System (Hidalco Industries Ltd.)  :- In this project total nos. of 40 VFD (PF 70 and PF 700) was included intoEthernet network for monitoring individual drive status and parameters from a single HMI (PC). A ControlLogix processor, Ethernet bridge module in the same chassis used here for fetching and processing the parameters. EWEB module was also used and configured for browsing the parameters from PC in XML format.
Hardware Used  :- 20 COMM-E Ethernet communication module, PF 70 and PF 700 A.C Drives, Ethernet unmanaged Switches, ControlLogix PLC Processor, Ethernet Bridge module & ControlLogix web server module installed in the same chassis, Cat 6 Ethernet cable, PC.
Tools Used  : - RSLogix 5000, BOOTP-DHCP server, Drive Executive.
6X315 Closer Machine (Usha Martin Ltd)  :Ladder Logic implemented for 6X315 Closer machine. Panel View was Made for Centralized control and monitoring.
Hardware Used  :-Micrologix 1400 PLC, PowerFlex 40 AC Drives, Wire Brake Card, Panel View Component.
Tools Used  :- RS Logix 500, Panel View Plus, Factory Talk Machine Edition.
Micro Finer Compressor (Hindalco Industries Ltd.)  :Implemented ladder logic in RSLogix 500, Programming in 1336 PlusII drive, commissioned machine successfully.
Hardware used  :-Micrologix 1200 PLC controller, Panelview Plus Component, 1336 PlusII A.C drive.
Tools Used  :- RSLogix 500.
Commissioned 160 KW A.C Drive panel with LCS (Drive-1336 PLUSll) and bypass arrangement (Slurry Pump Application).
Commissioned 2 nos. of 120 KW A.C drive panel With LCS (PowerFlex 700) for Root blower machine.
Commissioned 2 nos.

of 180 KW A.C Drive panel with LCS (PowerFlex 755) for Root blower machine.
Commissioned 132KW Air-Slide fan Drive panel with Bypass and LPBS (PF700 VC).
Commissioned Bauxite Wagon Tippler main motor drive (2 nos) 55KW each (load sharing application).

Maintenance  : - Performing preventive, predictive, and breakdown maintenance of VFDs and PLCs (Allen-Bradley Make) for reducing equipment downtime faults in HINDALCO (Muri).
Role  : Site Supervisor.
Electrical & Instrumentation maintenance of Wagon tippler (HINDALCO)  :- Preventive, predictive and breakdown maintenance of all electrical and instrumentation equipment.
Job involves in maintenance activity in all 3 phase induction motors in the area, various types proximity switches, VFDs, PLCs, Load cells, conveyor belts, DOL starter, weighing systems, crusher section maintenance etc.
Man power planning for smooth functioning.
Monitoring of functions of all electrical and instrumentation equipment during wagon tippling operation.
Ensure safe working environment.
Role  : Site supervisor.

Industrial Training Undertaken  :
1. Microwave Communication & Signaling System  :
Conducted by  : - Office of the Div. Signal and Telecom Engineer, Microwave Kharagpur, S.E Railway.
Duration  :-10th July 2007 to 23th July 2007.
Topic Covered  :-Principle of Operation, Float cum Boost Charger, Channel MODEM unit, Toshiba solid state transmitter -
Receiver, Types of these systems, Universal Axel Counter.

2. Digital Exchange  :
Conducted By  : - South Eastern Railway, Kharagpur.
Duration  : - 20th June 2007 to 4th July 2007.
Topic Covered  : - Multimedia Communication, Hybrid switching, Services & Features, Signal Characteristics, IOX 1000 series.

Education .  :
Institute  : B.Tech from College of Engineering & Management, Kolaghat.
University  : West Bengal University of Technology.
Year  : 2004-2008. Result: 1st Class
Higher Secondary (10+2)  :Deshbandhu Memorial High School (W.B.C.H.S.E).
Examination Board  : West Bengal Council of higher Secondary Education. Result: 80.10%
Madhyamik (10th)  : Deshbandhu Memorial High School (W.B.B.S.E).
Examination Board  : West Bengal Board of Secondary Education. Result: 86.10%.

Projects done during 7th and 8th semester of B.Tech degree course  :-
1. Smoke Alarm  :
In this project we built a smoke sensitive circuit using 555 timer which would operate in astable mode and readily available photon couple interrupter module. Advantages arethat it is very low cost, can be implemented in a very small space like inside of a CPU of PC and sensitivity can be changed according to the requirement.

2. PAPR Reduction of MC-CDMA System  :
In this project Genetic code algorithm was used and up to 4% pick to average power ratio reduction achieved. It is implemented in MatLab.

Extra Co-curricular activities and selected achievement  :
National Cadet Corps (Army Wing)  :N.C.C“A”,”B”, &”C” certificate courses passed with excellent grades. Participated in CATC camps, Group discussions, Advance Leadership Programs.

Achievements  :Selected the Best N.C.C Cadet in the year 1997, 1998, & 1999 in the event of annual sports.

Hobbies and Interests  : Solving mathematical puzzles, Playing Violin.

Reference  :Mr. Dipak Pandey(Deputy Manager of Electrical Dept. HINDALCO (Muri) Co-Generation Power Plant.

Declaration  : I hereby declare that the above particulars given herein are true to the best of my knowledge and belief.

Date :
Place :


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