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Production Engineer Resume Sample, Experience : 4 years

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Name of the Candidate:[Private]
Name of the Post Applied:Production Engineer
Job related skills / software:Supervision of production personnel, Controlling rejection & process deviation, Preparing rejections analysis & root cause for rejections, Implementing 5S & house keeping in shop floor
Category:Site / Construction
Sub Category:Manufacturing/ Production Engineer
Years of Experience:4 years
State:Tamil Nadu
Salary Expected per Month(Rs):Negotiable
Highest Qualification attained:B.E. / BE : Bachelor of Engineering
Major / Specialization:Mechanical
Email Id:[Private]
Are you looking for job now?:No
Can the recruiter contact you?:No
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Resume Format / CV Sample Template / Example / Model :


Objective  :
To be a part of Global Manufacturing organization in a competitive and creative world by working in an environment that encourages continuous rapid progress and provides the right opportunity to deliver the best possible solutions to complex problems

Education  :
Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical, Sathyabama University 2009

Professional Experience  :
Company  : Simpson & Co Ltd, (ISO/TS 16949, ISO 14001, ISO 9001 Certified)
(A Member of Amalgamation Group)
Description  :
Simpson & co is a leading company in manufacturing diesel engines. Simpson manufactures engines for Industrial, Vehicular, Agricultural and Genset applications
Simpson customer list includes leading original equipment manufacturers like TAFE, VOLTAS, GODREJ, ECEL, ITL, CUMMINS and many other leading companies.
Position Held  : Senior Engineer (Production Department)
Experience  : April2010 till present (Machine Shop, Engine testing, Assembly)

Roles and Responsibilities  :
 Daily plan of producing cylinder blocks for the month as per assembly required
 Supervision of production personnel
 Controlling rejection & process deviation
 Interface quality activities
 Preparing plan & performance report
 Preparing operators skill matrix chart
 Preparing statistical process control chart for critical operations
 Preparing rejections analysis & root cause for rejections
 Implementing 5S & house keeping in shop floor
 Implementing continuous improvement & monitoring in adequate time frequency
 Following disposal of scraps & reworks
 Identifying the training needs of operators based on their skill matrix chart

ng Education & Training to Line Operators.
 System knowledge (“ORACLE 11i “E.R.P PACKAGE)
 Testing the engine according to the priority of dispatch
 Analyzing the root cause of failure in performance of engines
 Clearing rework engines in time

Achievements & Improvements  :
 Improved the grinding wheel life in the grinding operations
 Increased production norms from 30 no’s to 45 no’s per day with same man power
 Improved tool life in drilling & milling operations
 Surface finish achieved using proper grid emery for finish crankshaft
 We have converted conventional drilling, milling operations into CNC machines which results in good finishing output in cylinder block
 Introducing pneumatic air gun for deburring oil holes in crankshaft to get smooth finishing
 Introducing carbide tip center for grinding machines to avoid reshaping & worn out

Professional Development Programs  :
 7QC Tools
 ISO TS Awareness

Projects and Presentation  :
Title  : Advanced interactive object acquisition based on robot technology middleware for 3axis robot.
Description  : This Project “Advanced interactive object acquisition based on robot technology middleware for 3axis robot” mainly includes the principal of picking up the materials and placing at the desired location.

Professional Skills  :
 Selfstarter with great organizational skills.
 Excellent interpersonal skills.
 Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
 Ability to work in teams.
 Ability to work under pressure.

Declaration :
Hereby I declare that above information is true to the best of my knowledge & belief.

Place  :
Date  :


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