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Deputy Superintendent/ VIP Security Resume Sample, Experience : >20 years

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Name of the Candidate:[Private]
Name of the Post Applied:Deputy Superintendent/ VIP Security
Job related skills / software:Responsible for preserving internal security, as well as assisting the state governments in maintaining law and order. Take action to protect life & property, prevent & detect crime & maintain the peace; thereby taking a lead in the force.
Category:Security / Surveillance
Sub Category:Security Officer/ Manager
Years of Experience:>20 years
Salary Expected per Month(Rs):Negotiable
Highest Qualification attained:Diploma
Major / Specialization:Automobile
Email Id:[Private]
Are you looking for job now?:No
Can the recruiter contact you?:No
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Deputy Superintendent/Asst. Commandant  : 106 BN,RAPID ACTION FORCE ,CRPF ,JAMSHEDPUR,JKD
Altruistic, committed & dynamic Professional offering commendable experience in managing the entire gamut of Security Management / Counter Intelligence with one of the best and most disciplined armed forces of India CRPF for over 25 years.
Apt in handling security system for material, personnel, operation, counter intelligence and office security.
Indomitable urge and perseverance to combat unexpected security exigencies and threats.
Possess experience in handling VVIP / VIP security at various level, driving, maintenance and management of Mechanical Transport, using CCTV, DFMD, HHMD, Vehicle Inspection Mirror and other security equipment.
Collection of Intelligence in Affected areas for valuable operational matters and dissemination to various local intelligence agencies of the state for launching pro-active preventive actions.
Worked with intelligence cell for collection, coalition and dissemination to concerned security agencies for effective operational role.
Worked with various intelligence sources in terrorist affected areas to ensure prevention of their nefarious sabotage activities against security agencies.
Dealing with mob/crowds, rampages, militants, terrorists, naxalites, criminals etc. during communal riots, terrorism, election duties like Bihar, Assam, West Bengal, Jharkhand,including taking part in disaster management/casualty evacuation/ contingency situations.

Successfully handled the responsibility of maintaining law & order and counter terrorism in worst affected states viz Jammu & Kashmir, Punjab, Andhra Pradesh.
Key role played in handling facility management like new Unit Setup, Security, Transport. Liaison with State/Centre Government Bodies for various matters.
Guarded Vital Installations, VIP Residential Complexes, Banks, Airport International Borders and Terrorist infected areas like Andhra Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir.
Worked with UN Peace Keeping Mission at Kosovo (UNMIK).
Awarded Prime Minister’s Police Medal for life saving service in 1994 and UN medal for service with United Nation Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo for exemplary work.
It is my privilege to inform that I got the opportunity to render my best and optimal services with Directors General of CRPF Shri. J. K. Sinha, Shri. V. K. Joshi and Shri. S.I.S. Ahmed at CRPF Directorate as PRO (public relation officer) in CRPF & MHA. During my posting in Directorate, I could polish and strengthen the public relation wing of the organization. Simultaneously, I also performed a well defined role with Ministry of Home Affairs, Govt. of India and liaised with senior officers of the ministry which had been admired by the Head of organizations.
During my posting at 106 RAF Bn. at Jamshedpur I could handle the law and order situations in a very big area of responsibilities i.e Bihar, Jharkhand, Orisha and west Bengal. Apart of these I could handle meticulously the ethnic clashes and communal disturbances at Assam in 2012 and at Nawada,Bihar in 2013. For my best efforts and effective modus operandi I had been appreciated by the senior officers of the Distric Administration as well as state Administration. I also established a good liaison with civil administration as well as police officers of Jamshedpur which carries a good image of the Battalion as well as strengthens the inter department relations.
The grading of my annual confidential report and the assessment of my work and discipline by the Head of Office for the last seven years has been graded as “outstanding”

Deputy Superintendent/Asst Comdt., CRPF Headquarters, New Delhi (Oct 2003 – Nov 2008)
Inspector of Police (Nov 1993 – Sep 2007)
Sub Inspector of Police (April 1988 – Nov 1993)
Responsible for preserving internal security, as well as assisting the state governments in maintaining law and order. Take action to protect life & property, prevent & detect crime & maintain the peace; thereby taking a lead in the force.
Assist the police in protecting public sector undertakings and assist the customs authorities in preventing smuggling over the land and sea frontiers of the country.
Undertake rescue and relief operations during natural calamities.
Assume responsibility for the initial command & management of critical and major incidents inorder to ensure all appropriate action is taken.
Implement plans, which enable an efficient response to anticipated major events.

Engaged in forward planning including the writing of operational orders, the development of risk assessments giving consideration to the health & safety implications on specific operational tasks & on general day to day policing matters.
Implement the mandatory responsibility to the Inspectors using legislation & force policy.
Liaise with the community members to & other agency members to develop a partnership approach tro reduce crime & disorder.
Record & deal with complaints from the public, either by resolving matters informally, or ensuring properly recorded & forwarded for investigation.
Maintain an overview of the level & quality of available resources while deploying them, wherever necessary.
Handle tactically & operationally agile force with capability for rapid deployment to meet ground level threat from terrorist attacks, to undertake special missions at anytime, at any place against the adversary to protect valuable assets.
Undertake envisaged tasks of base security, force protection, combat search & rescue, counter terrorism, disaster relief and designated special missions during war.
Manage & oversee various types of security duties and investigations for the organization
Provide technical guidance, security education and training over the weapons management to the freshers and other personnels in the department while developing security consciousness among the personnel.
Oversee the activities and operations across the various Air Force Stations while deploying the security personnels over there.
Handle various types of criminal investigations while coordinating and liaising with the Civil Police, other investigation agencies and sister services.
Manage and undertake liaison duties with other civil organizations and sister services to facilitate of the assignment given by the Authority.
Supervise administration related activities including Infrastructure management, facilities planning, security and utilization of resources.
Oversee operations and coordinated between cross functional departments for smooth operations.
Accountable for managing the logistics for material stores, ration and high-value assets.
Synchronized activities for amalgamating consignments to multi-locations.
Ensured optimum level of the material & handling resourceful deployed /utilization of resource.

BAKerala University
Diploma in Automobile Engineering.
Technical Skills -Office Automation, Internet Applications

Police training of 9 months duration in 1988-89.
Commando course in 1992.
Firefighting course in 1994.
Mine detection course in 2001 conducted by UN.
UN RG-32 Scout Operator Course conducted by UNMIK Transport Section Pristina-2000.

University player of volleyball.
Kerala state player of volleyball.
Participated in All India Police Games from 1988-1994.

Nationality  : INDIAN
Languages Known  : English, Hindi, Malayalam, and Tamil.
Occupation  : Deputy Superintendent of police in Rapid Action Force(RAF)/CRPF.

Now I would like to make my fervent request your good self that in the light of above mentioned facts and appraisal I may kindly be considered for the post of security officer or any other post which is equivalent to my present rank and post. For this act of kindness and co-operation I shall ever be grateful to you.
With utmost regards.



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