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Fresher Software Developer Resume Sample

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Name of the Candidate:[Private]
Name of the Post Applied:Software Developer
Job related skills / software:PHP, JavaScript, HTML, Bootstrap & CSS, Oracle, C and JAVA
Category:IT / Computer2
Sub Category:Software Developer / Engineer
Years of Experience:0 years
Salary Expected per Month(Rs):15,000 to 20,000
Highest Qualification attained:B.Tech. : Bachelor of Technology
Major / Specialization:Computer Science
Email Id:[Private]
Are you looking for job now?:Yes
Can the recruiter contact you?:Yes
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Resume Format / CV Sample Template / Example / Model :


Vamshi Krishna Nune
Email  :vamshikrishnanune14 AT gmail.com

A challenging career in software applications/products and to be a member of an organization where growth, prospects are unlimited and has ample scope for learning.

** Bachelor of Technology (Computer Science and Engg)
** Securedfirst class (Aggregate62.8%).
** Sreyas Institute of Engineering & Technology,J.N.T.U.H during the Academic year 2013-2017.
** Board of Intermediate Education (Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry)
** Securedfirst class (Aggregate70%)
** Sri Gouthami Junior College during the Academic year 2011-2013.
** Board of Secondary School Education (SSC)
** Securedfirst class (Aggregate62.3%)
** Siddhartha High School, Suryapet during the Academic year 2010-2011.

** Self-driven personality coupled with problem solving attitude.
** Good co-ordination and co-operation with the other member.
** Good Interpersonal skills and quick learning of new technologies.

Programming Languages  : C and JAVA
Operating Systems  : Windows
Database S/W’s  : Oracle
Web Technologies  : Php, JavaScript, HTML 5, Bootstrap & CSS 3

Project #1  :
AMESA Cloud Framework of Adaptive Mobile Video Streaming and Efficient Social video sharing in the Clouds

Team Size  : 4 Members
Database  : Oracle
Web Technologies  : HTML, JavaScrpit and CSS
Webserver  : Apache Tomcat Web Server 7.0
Project Description  : This video traffic over mobile networks have been souring the wireless link capacity cannot keep up with the traffic demand a private agent to provide video streaming services efficiently for each mobile user.

** Involved in development.
** Developed “Query Pre-Processing” in the project.
** Involved in Unit testing for all the modules.

Title  :Distributed Business Automation System
Team Size  :4 Members
Database  : Oracle
Web Technologies  : HTML, JavaScrpit and CSS
Webserver  : Apache Tomcat Web Server 7.0
Description  : To Maintain the Business Data in Online

Name  : Nune Vamshi Krishna
DOB  : 14h Aug 1996
Gender  : Male
Languages Known  : English and Telugu.



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