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Power Plant Commissioning Engineer Resume Sample, Experience : 5 years

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Name of the Candidate:[Private]
Name of the Post Applied:Power Plant Commissioning Engineer
Job related skills / software:ANSYS, CATIA, Operations & Maintenance
Category:Site / Construction
Sub Category:Installation Engineer / Commissioning Engineer
Years of Experience:5 years
State:Andhra Pradesh
Salary Expected per Month(Rs):50,000 to 60,000
Highest Qualification attained:B.Tech. : Bachelor of Technology
Major / Specialization: Mechanical
Email Id:[Private]
Are you looking for job now?:Yes
Can the recruiter contact you?:Yes
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Resume Format / CV Sample Template / Example / Model :


 Control Room Engineer (Power Generation)
** A Result-Oriented professional B-Tech Mechanical Engineering with 4 years & 4months ofexperience in the areas of Operations & Maintenance in Thermal and Combined Cycle Power Plants.
** Currently working as Control RoomEngineer in LANCO POWER KONDAPALLI (1476MW Combined Cycle Power Plant in 3-Phases).
** Proficient in reviewing commissioning, operations, documentation & adopting Integrating Management System.
** Ability to work in a dynamic, fast-paced team oriented environment
** Sound knowledge in tracking and preparing project reports
** Possesses sound experiencein handling troubleshooting of mechanical equipments.
** An effective communicator with excellent relationship building & interpersonal skills. Strong analytical, problem solving & organizational abilities.
Education Profile:
** Bachelor of Technologyin Mechanical Engineering from Aditya Engineering College (JNTU), Surampalem, during 2005-2008 with an aggregate of 79.08 %.
** Diploma in Mechanical Engineering from Govt Polytechnic College, Srikakulam during 2002-2005 with an aggregate of 74.02%.
** S.S.Cfrom Z.P.High School, Thondangi during 2001-02 with an aggregate of 70.83%.
** Pursuing MBA in Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU), Newdelhi.
Professional Experience:
** LANCO POWER KONDAPALLI (1476MW)(Combined Cycle Power Plant in 3-PhasesGas and Naphtha based IPP)VIJAYAWADA(April 2010 – Till Date) Operations as Control RoomEngineer in Combined Cycle Power Plant.
** NavaBharat Ventures LIMITED (114MW), POLONCHA(May 2008 to April 2010)Operations as Control Room Engineer (JM) in Thermal Power Plant.
plant specifications:
** PHASE-I: 368.14 MW Combined Cycle Power Plant.
Gas turbines:2 X 123 MW GE frame – 9E, with Mark–V control system
Steam Turbine: 1X128 MW Condensing type ALSTHOM make, with Electro hydraulic governing system.
HRSG’s: 2 X 260 TPH (90.38, 18 and 4.5 Kg/Cm2) Triple pressure, unfired boilers HANJUNG Make, Siemens Telepreme XP DCS Controlled
** PHASE-II: 371 MW Combined Cycle Power Plant.
Gas turbine: 1X243 MW GE frame-9FAwith Mark-vie control system
Steam Turbine:1X128 MW Condensing type HARBIN make, with Electro hydraulic governing system.
HRSG: 1X 422TPH (97.6, 25.2 and 4.04 Kg/Cm2) Triple pressure, unfired boilers THERMAX Make, ABB DCS Control.
** PHASE-III: 2X371 MW Combined Cycle Power Plant(Phase-III) is under commissioning stage
 Gas turbine: 2X243 MW GE frame-9FAwith Mark-vie control system
 Steam Turbine: 2X128 MW Condensing type HARBIN make, with Electro hydraulic governing
 HRSG: 2X 422TPH (97.6, 25.2 and 4.04 Kg/Cm2) Triple pressure, unfired boilers THERMAX Make,
 ABB DCS Control.
** Responsible for shift control room operations, plant monitoring, noticing and responding to process devoting and alarms.
** Responsible for Operating and controlling the technical equipment of the Plant.
** Communicator role in Emergencies.
** Responsible for plant smoothoperations, Control room operations & taking planned start up and shutdown proceduresper SOP’s.
** Responsible for ensuring compliance to all statutory, environmental & waste disposal requirements.
** Responsible for suggesting improvements for process optimization in the area of work.
** Preparing shift activity reports, daily plant generation and gas consumption details.
** Preparing permits during shut down.
** Following up mechanical and electrical isolations & ensuring safety measures during activities.
** Planning and effecting preventive maintenance schedules of various equipments and instruments to increase machine up time and equipment reliability.
** Trained and monitored the subordinates and the new employees on management policies and technical support
** Involved in solving the issues on technical defects and process design
** Identifying areas of obstruction / breakdowns and taking steps to rectify the equipment through application of troubleshooting tools.
significant highlights:
** Operations of GE Gas Turbines(2x123.2MW), MODEL: PG 9171E, Speedtronic MARK-V Control System.
** Operations of Steam turbine (128.4MW),Alstom makes siemens Teleprem XPControl controls of Turbine Auxiliaries & Protection System.
** Operations of HRSG-1&2(Triple Pressure Vertical Boiler capacity of each 280 TPHof Hanjung Doosan, Korea make.
** 220/400 KVSwitch Yard power delivery and protection systems.
** 11kv/6.6KV/430V switchgear operations.
 Previous Experience:
** Involved in Desk & field operations of 50MW steam Turbine (7 uncontrolled extractions and auxiliaries) withCENTUM CS 3000, YOKOGAWA INDIA LTD DCS system.
** Involved in Desk & field operations of 2x32MW steam turbine (3 uncontrolled extractions and auxiliaries.) with M/s.

** Involved in CENTUM CS 3000, YOKOGAWA INDIA LTD DCS based operations of 20MW steam Turbine with one controlled &one uncontrolled extractions.
** Operation knowledge on M/s.TBW makes AFBC (2x125TPH) & CFBC (2x150TPH) boilers.
** Waste heat recovery system.
** Exposure to various plant sub-systems, logics, interlocks and protections.
** Exposure to plant operating procedures under normal, start-up, shut-down and emergency situations.
** Have experience in the operation and maintenance of utilities like Cooling Towers, Feed water pumps, Air Compressors, Coal handling system, Ash Handling system, ESP and Fire Fighting System
** Involved in Erection & Commissioning activities of M/s. SNM makes 20MW Turbine &M/s.TBW make Travelling Grate (1x100TPH) Boiler & and its auxiliaries.
** Familiar with DM Plant Operation
** Unit Tripping and Total Power Failures
** Load variation during Grid fluctuations and Island Mode Operations
** Unit startup & shutdown operations
** DCS failure
** Turbine control gear failure
** Loss of Vacuum
** Boiler Tube Leakages
** Boiler parallelization
** PRDS station Failure
** Loss of one or more CEP, BFP, ID Fan, PA Fan, CW Pump etc
** Drum level and pressure controlling during Emergency conditions
** Coal and Air Controlling during emergency situations
** Oil system, barring gear motor failures
commissioning activities:
** Flushing of steam & oil piping
** Refractory dry out
** Alkali Boil out
** Steam blowing
** Protections and interlocks settings
** Over speed tests
** Vacuum tests
dcs experience:
** CENTUM CS 3000, YOKOGAWA INDIA LTD DCSsystem,M/s.SIEMENS DCS system, & ALSTOM DCS systems for Steam Turbines its Auxiliaries & Boilers its auxiliaries.
** Speedtronic MARK-V & MARK-IVControl System for Gas Turbines.
Project Works:
Diploma: Implementationof Small scale fabrication unit (Steel Almirah).
B-Tech : The role of Steam Turbines in Thermal Power Station.(Underthe guidance of Deputy Engineer in Vijayawada Thermal Power Station 1760MW)APGENCO.
Description:In this project we are studied the constructional features and maintenance of steam turbine for increasing the performance and safe running of turbine. We also studied the startups, shutdowns, overhauling, troubles and their remedies.
Software Skills:
** Programming Languages : C and Data Structures
** Designing Tools : ANSYS and CATIA
** Platform : Windows 2003/2007/XP
** Office Automation : MS-Office Package, SAP
I hereby declare that the information furnished above is true to the best of my knowledge.


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