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HR Executive Resume Sample, Experience : 8 years

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Name of the Candidate:[Private]
Name of the Post Applied:HR Executive
Job related skills / software:Statutory Compliance, Payroll, Admin & Recruitment, Industrial Relation
Category:HR, Recruiter
Sub Category:HR Executive
Years of Experience:8 years
State:Tamil Nadu
Salary Expected per Month(Rs):25,000 to 30000
Highest Qualification attained:M.S.W. / MSW : Master of Social Work
Major / Specialization:HR Human Resources
Email Id:[Private]
Are you looking for job now?:Yes
Can the recruiter contact you?:Yes
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V. Mugundhan
E-mail : mugundhan37 AT gmail.com

Objective :
To be adaptive in challenging environment and always to be an active member of the team for the growth of the organization and myself.

Working Experience :
Having 5 years of experience in HR Generalist (Statutory Compliance, Admin & Recruitment, HR Operations, Time office, Pay roll and Industrial Relations) overall 8 years experience as a various industries.

Present Employer :
M/s. Saravana Global Energy Limited, P.N. Kuppam, Cuddalore, Tamil Nadu
Period : 01st July’2019 to Till Now
Human Resources : Executive-HR (Compliance)

Responsibilities and Duties :-
Statutory Compliance :-
** Maintaining statutory compliance check list prescribed various act.
** All statutory returns (Quarterly, Half yearly and Annual) preparation and submission forms hard copy and soft copy online Govt DISH portal.
** Compliance registers and records preparation under prescribed acts.
** Maintaining all statutory records and returns in Hard copy and Soft copy.
** Co-ordinate Internal, external audit and any labour authority’s inspection.
** Follow ups renewal of Factory License, Explosive License and Contractor License.
** Statutory compliance and other legal case files periodical updating and safe custody of separate locker room.
** Making necessary statutory deductions include PF, Professional tax, Property tax, EDLI, Gratuity, Labour Welfare Fund, etc.
** Statutory compliance (attendance, muster roll, wage register) prepare on or before 5th of every month.
** Monthly review meeting presentation submission to Head HR, Plant Head, CFO, Executive Director and Managing Director presence in head office.
** Preparing and Issuing Appointment orders, confirmation orders for newly joined employees
** UAN / PF number generate on pf portal at the time of newly joining
** Declarations and nomination forms collection of all employees for PF and Gratuity
** PF contribution challan generation on / before 15th of every month
** PF addition and deletion of new / old employees.
** Bank Account opening for the new joined employees
** Maintaining personal files for HOD’s, Managers and employees in separate locker
** Periodical verification of training records, performance of appraisal, personal files to be audit check list details share with MD and Head

** Employees pay slip generation and distribution of every month
** Liaison work with government departments including police department as per the requirements
** Renewal and amendments of CLRA act Registration certificate.
** Maintaining separate contractors files, employee’s files, registers and returns.
** Contractors agreements copies follow-ups with Head Office
** Contractor’s monthly payment follow-ups accounts department
** Monthly visit of government office and local authorities.
** Internship candidate’s coordination and certificate issuing.

Admin :-
** Daily ensure proper cleaning happens as per the schedule and report the deviation.
** Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner movement reporting employees details follow-ups with admin executive
** Drivers coordination based on the special request of HHR, ED and WTD
** Periodical audit of Log books maintained by the Drivers and security
** Vehicles repair and maintenance work and Job allocation to drivers.
** Ensure drivers maintaining the log book and following the check list properly
** Ensure that all the documents of vehicle and driver’s license copies kept in a separate file and handed over to HHR and I am also ensure that copies available in vehicles as well.
** Arrangement of water during emergency and take care of certification of drinking water and Cooler’s repair work
** Pickup and drop arrangements of Customers, Visitors and company executives follow-ups to drivers
** Hostel management - Regularly visit hostel rooms and meet the occupants and resolve their complaints.
** Water tank cleaning, repair pipes and maintenance work follow-ups
** Maintenance team and outsourcing team coordinating with the any emergency work to be solved.
** Strategic areas cleaning work follow-up instructions of Head HR (ETP, SDP, Gas station etc.,)
** Daily basis intensive visit in and around the factory, campus, hostel, conference hall and submit to report HHR about findings related to the unusual happenings, need of repair, maintenance work, replacement, leakage etc.,
** Employees who have been advised to rush to the nearest hospital for further treatment after the first aid

Talent Acquisition :-
** Perform sourcing to fill open positions and anticipate future needs
** Understanding the requirement and accordingly drafting a job description and getting it approved from the concerned HOD’s.
** Shortlisting and scrutinizing profiles as per necessary requirements
** Interview coordination with HOD’s timely closure of positions
** Offer Negotiation and Offer Release as per company policy
** Post offer follows up till joining.
** Maintaining an MIS on the hiring status and Closures did for a quarter.
** Facilitate smooth onboarding of employees after joining
** Production floor manpower allocation based on the requirements of HOD’s.
** Giving induction training to the newly joined employee about organization structure, business, history, future plans, rules and regulations for day-to-day working.
** Identify Discuss and Readdress employee grievances in one-on-one meetings and ensure prompt resolution by bringing them to the Management’s notice.

HR Operations :-
** Meet employee regular basis to conduct monthly grievance redressal etc.
** Design and Implement Company specific HR policies and Human Resource Services.
** Maintain HR Dashboard
** Employee engagement through various activities
** Employee orientation, development, and training
** Employee Relations
** Reward and Recognition
** Ensure that employees are using the safety equipments properly
** Ensure the employees are using safety equipments

Time Office Management :-
** Responsible for attendance for the whole factory
** Checking head count and reporting the deviation both during shift starting time and after breaks.
** OD / Permission / ½ day / Leave letter file maintenance and ensure the same is validated in Wallet on a daily basis
** Maintain OT notebook and get the signatures of employees, Supervisors, Plant Head, HR Head, Wallet and Security ensure the accuracy report
** Daily report on attendance and OT share with plant heads and HHR
** Vegetable purchase on Wednesday and Saturday regularly follow ups
** Single punch issue solving and undertaking letters of employees
** Ensure the accuracy of department wise strength

Payroll Process :-
** Co-ordinate with Time office Executive and ensure the attendances are closed and share the report to all concerned on daily basis.
** OT details to be consolidated on a daily basis and ensure the report is also generated on daily basis.
** OT, incentive, attendance bonus must be compiled without any omission what so ever
** Salary process before 2nd of every month.
** Discussed with HOD’s and Plant Head clarify doubts of employees related to their working days and provide details.
** Master data creation of newly joined employees.
** Full & final settlement of Exit employees
** Employment application, Appointment order and Appraisal details update in Wallet Master Entry.
** Monthly Employees Addition / deletion report shared with concerned department Heads.

Industrial Relations :-
** Problem solving ability and Negotiation skills deal with employees
** Employees Accident case files handling and benefits claiming
** Case hearings specific requite alone/along with the Head HR and my self
** Conducting Employee grievance to benefits of EPF, WC and LWF
** Employees PF and Gratuity settlement case issues handling
** Employees salary issues solving to concerned departments
** Work closely with the Head HR in the compliance issues
** Any other specific assignment solved with Head HR
** Attend the production meeting in the absence of Head HR
** Member of Internal complaint committee and grievance giving to employees
** Member of Sexual Harassment committee and solving complaint for employees.

Previous Employer :
M/s. Sage Consulting, Puducherry
Period : 23rd June’2018 to 30th June’2019
Client M/s. Marico Limited, Puducherry
Human Resources – Client Support Executive

Statutory Compliance :-
** Making necessary statutory deductions which include PF, ESI, Professional tax, Property tax, EDLI, Gratuity, Labour Welfare Fund, etc.
** Coordinating with statutory consultant with regards to PF, ESI and Licence.
** Submission of Annual / Half-yearly / Quarterly returns and monthly returns.
** Renewal of Factory Licence, Commune Panchayat Licence, Boiler Licence and Contractor License.
** Renewal and amendments of CLRA Registration certificate.
** Renewal of Water and Air consent and Hazardous and waste.
** Plan Approvals for newly construct or Extension Buildings.
** Payroll process contract CL’s & reconciliation of PF, ESI contributions and salary slip.
** CLMS Registration of company member and contract CL’s.
** Time office and Security System and Bio Metric system.
** Maintaining attendance of company members and contract labour.
** Maintain all statutory records and returns in Hard copy and Soft copy.

HR Operation :-
** Responsible preparation and compilation of HR Monthly MIS.
** Trainer of Implant Internship MSW (HR) Students.
** Monthly contractors bill process in SAP.
** CSR Activity for village and Homes.
** PF Trainer of 3P Units representatives.
** All arrangements for internal & external meetings and trainings.
** Computerization of members personnel records, administration and maintenance of records.
** Periodical verification of training records/audit.
** Coordinator of Internal and External audits.
** In charge of Factory all stationary materials, training books and Certificates.

Employee Engagement :-
** Organized medical examination for the company members and Contract Labour as per the Factories Act
** Welfare side distribution uniforms & etc.
** Organizing Employee welfare programs as part of the EE programs such as Birthday celebrations, Festival Celebrations, Sports & Games for Children, family get-together, Best performer awards & rewards etc.
** Issuing CPOS materials for company members
** Ensuring the prompt resolution of employee grievances & maintaining cordial employee relations
** Organized CL’s grievances activities, Canteen Committee, Safety co-ordination meeting.

Personal Skills :-
** Comprehensive Problem Solving Abilities.
** EPF settlement case individually handling
** Interpersonal and negotiation skills, well-organized & highly efficient working in Multi-tasking.
** Ability to deal with People Diplomatically
** Quick learner, adapting easily to new protocols and changing environments
** Best Batsman awards of annual Sports.
** Best team awards of Pongal celebration, Cricket, Volleyball.


Aparajitha Corporate Services Pvt Ltd, Madurai:
Period : 14th March’2014 to 22nd June’2018
Client M/s. MRF Tyres Limited, Puducherry
Human Resources - Senior Personal Associate

Roles and Responsibilities :
** Management of time office
** Maintaining register, records and returns under CLRA act
** Engaging new contractors and preparing documents
** Payroll processes of overall 52 contractors and 1800 contract labours
** Contractors monthly man days billing reports given to contractor owners / Incharge
** Remittances of EPF, ESI contribution through principal employer's sub code and contractor's code
** Organizing of monthly contractors meetings to departments Heads and SHRM
** Coordinate with internal, external and Government authorities audit

Statutory Compliance :
** Registration Certificate renewals and amendment documents preparations of under CLRA act
** Issuing renewal agreement copies to contractors
** Registration & License documents preparation under Contract Labour Regulation and Abolition Act
** Remittances of EPF and ESI contribution through principal employer's sub code and contractor's code
** Maintaining contractor-wise registers, records and returns
** Submission of periodical Returns, Registers and Records under all applicable Acts in connection with Business Process.
** Employees file creation and proper maintenance of personnel records.
** Ensure all the statutory payments on time and upgrading the Registrations, Renewals, Inspection, Premium and Contribution.
** Coordinate with Statutory agencies and consultancy (PF, ESI, IF, Local Authority) in connection with business operations
** To make arrangement for ID card, Bank A/C opening, PF Nomination Forms, Business Card.
** Maintain the probation database, process the confirmation of employees, maintain Probation extension database and follow up on the same on regular basis, Maintain corrective action plan database and follow up on the same.
** Maintain attendance and leave details, assist finance department in Payroll Administration.
** To maintain employee personal file and ensure all the documents pertaining to education and experience are sent to agency for verification and follow up for the employment and education verification report.
** Reconciliation of PF, ESI contribution and salary details
** Trainer of MBA professionals and other plant heads
** Daily and monthly employees attendance reconciliation of concerned department and contractors Incharge / supervisors
** Monthly or quarterly PF and ESI training classes attending to government branch and head office

MIS Preparation :
** Daily MIS, IED MIS, Absenteeism MIS, HRD MIS, SAP Vs CLMS comparison MIS
** Company Required Vs Deployed MIS
** Preparing weekly and monthly MIS reports and Presentations given to Regional Manger, Group Head and SHRM
** Preparing Attrition, Analysis, Activity reports.

Employee welfare :
** Organized Employees medical programs like (Eye checkup, Dental checkup Health checkup, etc,)
** Festival celebration with distributing sweets and prizes
** Organizing Employee welfare programs as Festival Celebrations, Sports & Games, Best performer awards & rewards for employees etc.
** PF Claiming of employees part, transfer, loan, final settlement
** PF Death claims (19 & 10c) and EDLI
** Accident employees’ coordination support for ESI benefits.
** Full and Final Settlement of Exit Employees, Ensuring timely payment of Gratuity disbursement of Cheques.

Employee Engagement :-
** Screening and short listing of CL’s profiles.
** Coordinating interviews with concerned department heads.
** Giving induction training to the newly joined employee about organization structure, business, history, future plans, rules and regulations for day-to-day working.
** Identify Discuss and Readdress employee grievances in one-on-one meetings and ensure prompt resolution by bringing them to the Management’s notice.
** Attended training programmers like Positive attitude, Payroll systems, etc
** Educate employees about the process and implement the process as per SOP
** Coordinate with managers and conduct quarterly performance review of employees.
** Conducting PF training class of contract Incharge and Supervisors

M/s. SPI Global Technologies India Pvt Limited, Puducherry:
Period : 11th Oct’ 2011 – 25th July’2013
R & D - Junior Executive

Job Responsibilities :
** E- Books online downloading
** Printing of all international titles E-Books
** Dispatching of Printing E-Books for Accounts manager, QC and authorized department heads.
** Prepare E-Books of the collective data reviewed and updating on Excel Books.
** Womat PAR for through Internet.
** File creation of every E-Books title and chapter wise in online
** Promoting E-Books file for stage by stage in online process
** Preparing monthly MIS report of sending Respective managers and Team leaders
** Trainer of new joining Project Managers, QC, Team Leaders.
** Scanning of correction E-Books and share with concerned department heads

M/s. AR Interiors, Puducherry:
Period : 14th Oct’ 2010 – 9th October’2011
Client M/s. MRF Tyres Limited, Puducherry
Civil Department – Interior Supervisor

Strength :
** Expertise in creating aesthetic yet functional spaces for Factory, homes, offices, restaurants, boutiques, etc.
** Expertise in sketching preliminary design blueprints
** Skill in ensuring that the project meets the client’s budget and timeframe
** Adeptness in installing design installations
** Creativity and Superb visualization skills
** Attention to details and Good supervisory skills

Responsibilities :
** Creates interior design sketches as per the customer’s requests and requirements
** Suggests additions or modifications for certain projects as needed
** Supervises interior design projects to ensure that the client needs are met
** Met with clients and designed interiors in accordance with the client’s requirements
** Considered the over-all space of the area in the designing process
** Created initial interior design blueprints and presented them to clients for approval
** Oversaw the designing projects from start to finish
** Ensured that the planned design is met with the consideration of the client’s budget and deadlines
** Used computer applications in creating blueprints and designs for clients
** Assisted senior Interior Designers in supervising projects from beginning to end
** Installed design elements as needed and Hired the laborers needed for the project
** Purchased the necessary design elements for the project
** Ensured that the project equipment and labour cost meet the client’s budget
** Ensured that the project is completed ahead of time, or on time.
** Purchased of all interior materials and Preparing invoice of completed projects
** Coordinating with Civil department heads to checking measurements of invoice
** Representative of every monthly meeting and salary disbursement of our working labours.
** Coordinating with consultant with regards to PF, ESI and contract Licence
** Labour Engagements of all NH/FH emergency factories shut down works arrangements.

Professional Qualification :-
M.S.W : Human Resource Management
Institute  : Annamalai University, Chidambaram
Year of Completion  : Pursuing / 2020

DIPLOMA : Labour Laws with Administrative Law
Institute  : Annamalai University, Chidambaram
University  : Annamalai University
Year of Completion  : 2016
Percentage  : 52%

MSC : Applied Psychology
Institute  : Annamalai University, Chidambaram
University  : Annamalai University
Year of Completion  : 2015
Percentage  : 55%

BSC : Psychology
Institute  : Tagore Arts College, Lawspet, Puducherry
University  : Pondicherry University
Year of Completion : 2010
Percentage : 49%

Personal Details:
Date of Birth : 02.06.1990
Father’s Name : N. Vellikkannu
Languages Known : Tamil, English, and Hindi
Marital Status : Married

I hereby declare that all the information furnished above is true to the best of my knowledge and belief.



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