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Logistic Coordinator Resume Sample, Experience : 8 years

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Name of the Candidate:[Private]
Name of the Post Applied:Logistic Coordinator
Job related skills / software:Responsible for profitability and overall management of the Warehouse, Loading and Dispatch of Vehicles including Preparation of Challans / Transit Documents / VAT Forms, Maintenance and updating of Purchase Register and filling of Invoices Separately.
Category:Export Import
Sub Category:Logistics/ Shipping/ Dispatch Executive
Years of Experience:8 years
Salary Expected per Month(Rs):Negotiable
Highest Qualification attained:B.Com. : Bachelor of Commerce
Major / Specialization:Commerce
Email Id:[Private]
Are you looking for job now?:No
Can the recruiter contact you?:No
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Resume Format / CV Sample Template / Example / Model :


Seeking middle level assignments in Project Planning & Management /Inventory Management/ Logistics with an organisation of repute.

A result oriented professional with over 8 years of experience including the last 5years in Cost Reduction, Quality Control/Assurance, Project Planning & Management, Vendor Management, Inventory Management, Logistics, Purchase/Procurement, Man Management.
Presently designated as Logistic Coordinator in GTL INFRASTRUCTURE LTD, Bhubaneswar.
Extensive experience in managing inventory control. Resourceful at strategizing techniques for maximum utilization of manpower/machinery.
Extensive experience in inventory management and purchase planning to strengthen the supply chain effectiveness.
Adroit at ramping up various projects for Reliance Telecom Ltd, Airtel, Aircel & BSNL GSM and CDMA Projects at ORISSA.
Deft in swiftly ramping up projects with competent crossfunctional skills and ensuring on time deliverables.
A keen communicator with honed problem solving and analytical abilities.

Cost Reduction :
Spearheading VA/VE other continuous improvement initiatives in processes.
Conceptualizing and implementing strict measures in operating procedures and equipment centrelines to optimize resource/capacity utilization.

Quality Control/Assurance :
Ensuring adherence to quality standards 9001 & maintaining all related documents.
Identifying areas of quality failures and taking steps to rectify the system.
Practicing quality standards with key emphasis on improving quality.

Ware house Management :
Tracking & maintaining inventory levels in the assembly and warehouse for all items required.
Studying and preparing plans for nonmoving inventory.
Efficiently managing the inventory levels thereby ensuring optimum use of inventory.
Carry out initial checks on received materials for verification of items as per purchase order material requisition.
Coordinate with material control supervisor and/ or project manager for technical verification of items and associated documentation.
Prepare all receiving and inspecting documentation.
Issue material from warehouse against material issue voucher (MIV) approved by responsible engineers.
Initiate actions to identify and dispose of all scrap material.

Logistics :
Overseeing the logistic functions and negotiating with transporters for cost effective transport solutions and clearances.
Monitoring and analyzing the loss in transit and undertaking measures to control the same.

Purchase/Procurement :
Managing inventory levels for ensuring ready availability to meet procurement & dispatch targets.
Designing & scheduling material procurement plans for indigenous and imported raw materials, OEM and capital equipments, catalyst items, process items & maintenance items.
Coordinating with other departments for material requirement planning, material procurement & purchase planning, ensuring continuous supply at optimum costs.

Man Management :
Assessing the training needs of the various employees in coordination with the various department heads in the respective departments.
Coaching employees & counselling, appraising and reviewing performance, ensuring optimum performance.

GTL INFRASTRUCTURE LTD Logistic Coordinator since 11th Feb 2008
Bhubaneswar, Orissa
Demonstrated excellence in handling the GSM mobile for AIRTEL, AIRCEL.BSNL e.t.c……
Deft at initiating  :
Responsibility includes Maintain the Stock Up to Date in ORACLE.
Responsible for profitability and overall management of the Warehouse.
Loading and Dispatch of Vehicles including Preparation of Challans / Transit Documents / VAT Forms
Collections of DFT (Document for Transporters) invoice Copy & LR Copy and forwarding the same to H.O. along with GRN for Warehouse as well as Site deliveries.
Plan organises and manages logistic activities in the circle.
Coordinate with AVPLogistic to provide required resource and to execute departmental activities.
Maintenance and updating of Purchase Register and filling of Invoices Separately.
Receiving Material in circle.
Check Items and quantity against Invoices.
To Maintain all Vendor Invoices and to send the same to GTL / GIL/Tax consultant on a monthly basic along with Purchase register (as the case may be)
Report Variations if any Documentation and Material.
Sending the Daily, Weekly & Monthly Stock Statement to H.O.
Receipt of Dispatch Requisitions From authorized Personnel and Verification of specifications and quantity.
Informing the technical team of the successful Placement of goods at the designated location.
CoCoordinating for removal of unused / extra materials from site.
Perpetual stock verification.
Keep inventory of material.
Coordination with Various Vendors (likeShelter, Tower, A.c, Battery e.t.c) for the despatched of material.
On the job training of subordinates for documentation and quality assurance.
Responsibilities includes maintain the records for Preparing GRN, GRIN & D.C.
Handling various transporters and trying for their optimal utilisation
Local Purchase of Class B & C Material, if it is in the Scope.
Way Bill collection from warehouse and same deposited in commercial.
Manually filling 3rd copy of way bills, sorting in sequence and submit the utilized way bills to Finance counterpart.
Issue way bills to Supplier as per the request and approval given.
Tracking of way bills.
Hands on experience in developing quite a sound number of vendors in different fields of the company thereby bringing in competitiveness and cost effectively for the company.
Adroit at controlling the vendors by creating competitive spirit among them
Physical verification (according to BOM) of materials at the time of loading and offloading of the vehicles which reduced the short shipment and the extra cost of additional transportation to a great extent.

SPANCO Telesystems & Solutions Ltd, Logistic Executive 8thApril06 to 10thFeb08
Bhubaneswar, Orissa
Demonstrated excellence in handling the GSM mobile project of Reliance Telecom Ltd.
Deft at initiating  :
Handling various transporters and trying for their optimal utilisation.
Deputation of escorts with the tower materials to check the monopoly and manipulation of the transporters.
Generating work order for Civil, Electrical & R.F Vendors
Generating service order for Transporters.
Generating Purchase order for suppliers
Responsibilities include For Material Receipt & Issue to Various site according to Requirement.

M/s .Progressive Engineers Associates Store cum Logistic Executive, Duration2 years Kaniha, Talcher
Looking after the store dept.

& maintaining inward & outward register of Electrical items like power cables,
Control cables, MCB, Switches, industrial Light fittings, Tools
Proficient in initiating weekly meeting of Logistic department with the field staff to bridge the gap (if any) thereby streamlining the project work.
Demonstrated excellence in projecting the future requirement of materials based on the daily progress report thereby helping in time availability and dispatch of materials to the site.
Instrumental in initiating monthly meeting with the customer to know about the requirement from the point of view of the logistic department and fulfilling the same.

B.Com Utkal University 2001
C.H.S.E +2 D.M School, Bhubaneswar 1998
H.S.C 10 Th D.M.School, Bhubaneswar 1996

ORACLE, MS Office, Internet Surfing, and implementing various statistical packages tally.

I hereby declare that all the information provided by me is factual and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.



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