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QC/FAT Supervisor Resume Sample, Experience : 14 years

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Name of the Candidate:[Private]
Name of the Post Applied:QC/FAT Supervisor
Job related skills / software:QA/QC Welding, NDT, FAT and Precommissioning, Fabrication and installation of Manifold, Closed Caisson foundation
Category:Offshore/ Shipping
Sub Category:Seaman
Years of Experience:14 years
State:Tamil Nadu
Salary Expected per Month(Rs):more than 1 lakh
Highest Qualification attained:B.Tech. : Bachelor of Technology
Major / Specialization:Mechanical
Email Id:[Private]
Are you looking for job now?:Yes
Can the recruiter contact you?:Yes
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Seeking a growth oriented, challenging and rewarding career in the field of QA/QC(Welding/ NDT/ Construction/ Installation/Pre Commissioning/ FAT) in Oil & Gas industry,where I can apply my knowledge / skills to be a team player in project team by identifying potential quality issues well in advance and resolve them.

Fourteen 14+ Years’experience in the field of quality control inspection in welding, NDT inspection, FAT for various oil & gas industries like refinery, chemical plants, pipe mill, pressure vessel fabrication yard and offshore fabrication yard (WHP, subsea piping, platforms, well jumpers, structural and pile). In addition preparation of ITP, QC procedures and test packs. Also conduct sub-ordinates weekly meeting to discuss QC issues about Production and FAT technical issues.

B-Tech Diploma in Mechanical Engineering
Higher Secondary Certificate

** CWI-AWS (08082641-9Years completed not renewed)
** CSWIP 3.1 (59218/2)
** ASNT Level II in RT, UT, MPI, DPT and RFI.

Nov 2015 – March 2018 HEEREMA Marine Contractors (HMC)
Position & Location QC/FAT Supervisor, HMC Yard, Porto Amboim, Angola.

July 2013 – May2015 Single Buoy Moorings Inc. (SBM)
Position & Location QA/QC/FAT Supervisor, PAENAL Yard, Porto Amboim, Angola.

Position & Location QC Coordinator, Kencana Torsco Sdn Bhd, Malaysia

June 2011 – May 2012 PT.SAIPEM
Position & Location QC Coordinator, (SIKB) Karimun yard, Indonesia.

Nov 2007 – Mar 2011 SAIPEM, SOYO, Angola (Onshore/offshore Fabrication yard)
Position & Location QC Coordinator, Soyo (PETROMAR), Kwanda Base, Angola.

Project# 1 KAOMBO Project (Fabrication of PILES, Spools and Jumpers)

Project# 2 Mafumeira Sul Project (MSP) (Fabrication of ‘Centro’ and ‘Sul’ Wellhead Platforms)
Client M/S DSME and Chevron.

Project# 3 N’GOMA FPSO (Fabrication of spools, pre-commissioning of piping assembly and integration of the M8-SRP -Sulphate Reduction Package and
M18-HOP-Hot Oil Pump for FPSO)
Client M/S DSME and ENI.

(Fabrication of Spools and Pre-Commissioning of Piping Assembly in to M122 Water Treatment Module)
Client M/S DSME and TOTAL.

Project# 5 GORGAN (Design and Construction of LNG Jetty & Marine Structures)
Client M/S KJV-G and Chevron, Australia

Project# 6 ALWASIT (Fabrication of ARABIYAH and HASBAH platforms, Pipeline, Hookups & precommissioning)
Client M/S Saudi Aramco

Project# 7 Block 31 Development Programme (Fabrication of Riser and Flow line spools)
Client M/S HEEREMA and BP

Project# 8 KIZOMBA Satellite (Fabrication of PLETS, FLETS, Buoyancy Tank, Foundation and Piles)

Project# 9 Plutao, Saturno, Venus and Marte (PSVM) (Fabrication and installation of piping, pipeline, Manifold support structure, Manifold module, Suction pile)

Project# 10 Gas Export Regulating Manifold (GERM) (Fabrication and installation of Manifold,
Closed Caisson foundation, Manifold Support Structure PLEM, Piping)
Client M/S BP/FMC.

Project# 11 Single Central Platform (SCP) and Gas exploration & Production (GEP)
(Fabrication of Decks and Jacket)
Client M/S TOTAL

Project# 12 Greater Plutonio (Fabrication of Production and Water Injection Jumper)
Client M/S FMC Kongsberg Norway and British Petroleum (BP) Gas Export

Project# 13 Flare and Relief Modification (FARM)
(Fabrication of Offshore platforms, decks, flares structure)
Client M/S Chevron, USA.

** Coordinate and supervise with discipline inspectors and Third party inspection (TPI) to ensure that inspection, certification of materials complies with Purchase order with project requirements at project stores.
** Periodically verification of materials and equipment storage, preservation and protection.
** Issuance of material inspection reports and non-conformance reporting.
** Coordinate with project team and vendor/ manufacturer has to close non-conformance.

** Preparation of ITP, QC procedures, NDT procedures and assist in preparation of WPS&PQR for jobs as per project specification and verify welders meet PQR requirement.
** Co-ordinate with client for procedure qualification test (PQT), welder qualification test and witness destructive tests.
** Conduct fit up, weld monitoring by ARC Loggers and visual inspection of welds for offshore subsea piping, pipeline, steel structure, pile, subsea well jumpers, platforms and decks, manifolds in accordance with company procedure and international codes of practice.
** Select, allocate, monitor and coordinate with QC according to project requirements and monitoring their activities.
** Witnessing NDT testing, review of radiography films, maintaining weld traceability record and preparation for final data book.
** Report preparation, investigation, conduct root cause analysis, propose appropriate corrective actions, ensure its effective implementation and close out of all NCRs.

** Collate all relevant documentation for the job and apply data to the creation of a test pack to under pre-hydro test inspection activity.
** Mark-up P& ID as per line list of system and Prepared for Test Packages.
** Perform Mechanical Completion punch lists, follow up and sign out the outstanding punch list items for relevant subject/discipline.
** Survey Pre commission of spools and Jumpers.
** Perform and witnesstorqueing, back seal testing, Pigging, flushing, hydro testing, gauging, dewatering, chemical (Dye, Oxy scavenger and MEG gel) filling, vaccum testing, electrical continuity, equipment for alignment and plumpness in accordance with drawings and specifications.
** Preparing FAT report and manufacture record book (MRB).
** Report to QC/Project manager on work progress and actual problems which might have and an effect on overall project.
** June 2006 – Nov 2007 CAN Middle East LLC & March 2006-April 2006 Emirates Industries Laboratory
** Position & Location QC/NDT Inspector [C&ID], Das Island, Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.

** Witnessing and evaluating the Test Coupons in Destructive Test-Tensile strength, Bend (root & face) test, Macro test, NDT-visual inspection, Radiographic Film interpretation with reference to the standards.
** Stage wise inspection of fit up and monitoring welding process with overall Welder activities to make certain usage of correct welding parameters to avoid improper welding.
** Follow up of preheating, post heating and post weld heat treatment activities for ensure the quality of welding.
** Ensure onsite safety procedures being met regularly.
** Hydro tests, pneumatic tests are conducted depends upon requirements and final dimension was confirmed before erection.
** Joint inspection with third party and co-operate with them for approval.
** Mechanical integrity, perform shop and field inspections and review QA/QC documents, methods statements etc., during project execution.
** Exposure in internal inspection of equipment, heat exchangers, column, tanks and reactor.
** To maintain weld procedure and welder qualification registers.

Jan 2006 - Feb 2006 Welspun Gujarat Stahel Rohren Ltd
Nov 2005-Dec 2005 Welspun Gujarat Stahel Rohren Ltd
May 2005-Oct 2005 PSL Gujarat Ltd

Position & Location Third Party Inspection, Gujarat, India.
Project# 1 URAN Pipe line Project, Dehej.

Client Gas Authority of India Ltd (GAIL) :
Project# 2 Sonel Gaz project, Gandhidam.

Client SGS :
Project# 3 Gulfteraa project, Baruch.
Client IDEA :

Responsibilities  :
** Inspection of line pipe at pipe mill as per API-5L
** Ensure contractor compliance to the QA/QC requirements for documentation filling, material reception and actual tractability against manufactures certificate, storage and preservation.
** Review test plan, PQR, WPS and final inspection of mechanical testing.
** Review and make sure that all certification files are up to date, including the documentation from the Vender and contractors.
** Witnessing NDT activities and hydro testing activities as per approved procedure.

Jan 2005- April 2005 Cooper heat Middle East LLC :
** Position & Location QC/NDT Inspector [C&ID], Das Island, Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.
** Project Fitness For Service (FFS)

June 2004 - Aug2004 Solus emirates (OIS) :
Position & Location QC/NDT Inspector, ASAP, Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.
Client Abu Dhabi Company for Onshore Oil operations (ADCO)

March 2004-April 2004 Spark EST for maintenance and Oil field Services & Sep 2003 - Oct 2003 Cooper heat (OGT)
Position & Location QC/NDT Inspector [C&ID], Das Island, Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.

Responsibilities  :
** Detection, Interpretation, Imaging, Reporting and monitoring of Low Temperature Hydrogen Attack (LTHA) in order to provide data of sufficient accuracy to enable use in Fitness For purpose calculations and the establishment of accurate material degradation rates.
** The scope covers the ultrasonic detection, imaging, reporting and monitoring of the Hydrogen blistering, Hydrogen induced cracking, Sulphide stress corrosion cracking, Stress orientated hydrogen induced cracking and Carbon- dioxide corrosion.
** Involved in HIC survey using TOFD, B-Scan and C-Scan.
** Involved in Thermography Inspection, Eddy current testing -Heat exchanger’s tubes and Baroscopic Inspection.
** Interpretation Radiography testing in tubular products plate formed pipes, Boiler drums and Pressure Vessel, Economizer coil, Header, Test plates, Test pipes and casting.

Jan 1997-Feb 2004 Southern inspection services
Position & Location Inspection Supervisor, Tamilnadu, India
Client AUDCO, Econo valves and Petro-chemical Engineering

Responsibilities :
** Performed RT, MPT and DPT for oil & gas field station on plot, off plot pipe line and static equipments.
** UT Lamination check on pressure vessels, columns and Heat exchangers
** Performing Welder qualification test
** Compilation of final reports and reporting to senior NDT Inspector for Reviewing Interpretation of Radiographs and marking the repairs

Nov1995-Dec1996 Swaraj Equipment Pvt Ltd.
** Position & Location Site in charge, Gujarat, India.
** Client WMDC, Reliance and Vimal group of companies.
** Responsibilities Construction, Erection and commissioning of Effluent treatment plant’s equipment for chemical, leather and oil & gas industries.

May 1994-April 1995 Weldon Hi-tech Engineers Pvt.

June 1992-April 1994 Balaji Thermo Engineers
Position & Location Fabrication Supervisor (QA/QC) /Site in charge, Tamilnadu, India

Project# 1 Kadaloor Penciline Project.
Client Spic Gel, Maraimalai nager.

Project# 2 Mettur Power plant Projects,
Client Tamil nadu Power Corporation, Mettur.

Responsibilities  :
** Procurement of raw materials and check the mill certificate record.
** Involved in the Fabrication sequence for Pressure vessels, Heat exchangers, and Piping.
** Performing welder qualification test.
** Visual Inspection of all fit up in shop as well as field.
** Evaluation of Radiographic films as per ANSI B 31.3.
** Preparation of hydro test package and witness of hydro test.
** Liaison with Third party inspectors.
** Compilation of final reports and reporting to client for reviewing.

August1991-May1992 Small Tools Services Pvt Ltd.
Position & Location Trainee [Assistant QC Engineer], Tamilnadu, India
Client AUDCO, Bajaj Auto, Enfield, Kelvinator and BHEL

Responsibilities  :
Worked as a Trainee and Involved in all Quality control activities of production and final inspection.
Preparing and Forwarding Inspection reports.



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