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Fresher PLC Programmer Resume Sample

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Name of the Candidate:[Private]
Name of the Post Applied:PLC Programmer
Job related skills / software:PLC using in relay logics and ladder logic (LD), Functional block diagram (FBD), PLC Programming in timer, counter configuration and instruction set, PLC Programming in PID mode and PLC using analog IOs, memory bit IOS addressing, PLC Interfacing in MMI and SCADA.
Category:Design Engineering
Sub Category:SCADA / PLC Programmer
Years of Experience:0 years
State:Andhra Pradesh
Gender:Not Specified
Salary Expected per Month(Rs):Negotiable
Highest Qualification attained:B.Tech. : Bachelor of Technology
Major / Specialization:Electrical
Email Id:[Private]
Are you looking for job now?:No
Can the recruiter contact you?:No
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Resume Format / CV Sample Template / Example / Model :


Career Objective  :
Seeking a position for an entry level “Electrical Engineer” to use my basic knowledge and skills for the growth of the organization.

Educational Qualification  :
Qualification Institute/College Board/University Year Of Completion Mark (%)
SSC Sri Rama High School SSC, AP 2005 64
Intermediate International Junior College Intermediate board of Education, AP 2007 65
B.Tech ASR College of Engineering JNTU 2011 60

Academic Project Handled  :
Power upgrading of Transmission line by combining ACDC Transmission.
Long extra high voltage (EHV) ac lines cannot be loaded to their thermal limits in order to keep sufficient margin against transient instability. With the scheme proposed in this paper, it is possible to load these lines very close to their thermal limits. The conductors are allowed to carry usual ac along with dc superimposed on it. The added dc power flow does not cause any transient instability.
This paper presents the feasibility of converting a double circuit ac line into composite acdc power transmission line to get the advantages of parallel acdc transmission to improve stability and damping out oscillations. Simulation and experimental studies are carried out for the coordinated control as well as independent control of ac and dc power transmissions. No alterations of conductors, insulator strings, and towers of the original line are needed.
Substantial gain in the load ability of the line is obtained. Master current controller senses ac current and regulates the dc current orders for converters online such that conductor current never exceeds its thermal limit.
Applications  : Used in High Voltage Transmission lines

Software & Hardware Skills  :
Language  : C,
Packages  : MS office 2007.
Operating System  : Windows XP.

Technical Skills  :
Certified in “Post Graduation Diploma in Industrial Automation (PGDIA)” by Technocrat Automation Solution Pvt. Ltd, Chennai.

SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) :
Company  : Wonder ware In touch (Version 9.5).
Company  : Intellution FIX32 (Version 7.2)

PLC (Programmable Logic Controllers)  :
ABB (Asean Brown Broveri)  : 07CR41 (Digital), XMO6B5Advent Control, AC1131 & Version 4.2.
Siemens  : S7 300 Microwin32, Simatic, CPU222 & Version6.3
AB (Allen Bradley)  : RXLogix500/SLC500, Micro Logix, RSLogox, 1200series C, Version5.50.
Keyence  : KV40RKV Ladder Builder.
Ge Fanuc  : Versamax, IC200UEX626BVersapro & Version2.02.
OMRAN  : SYSMAC, CMP2A, CX Programmer & Version6.0.

VFD (Variable Frequency Drive)  :
Selection Of VFD Based on load and application,
VFD wiring to load,
Parameter selection of VFD,
Programming and Commissioning (ABB ACS 800 Series).

P&FI (Pneumatics & Field Instruments)  :
Pneumatics ON/OFF Solenoid valves, Piston Displacements, Control Valves, and Actuator.
I/P Converter
Level Transmitter
Flow Transmitter
Thermo Couple.

DCS (Distributed Control System)  :
ABBAC800M Controller  :
Software  : PLC Controller Builder,
Model  : PM854,
Controller Programming,
Base Core Processor and Node Addressing,
Operator Interface (My Eplant),
MMI Designing (CP554),
Communication Protocols (Ethernet, Modbus, Profibus, Optical Modbus).

Software  : Hybrid Control Designer,
Model  : HC900C50Version2.1X,
Controller Programming,
Processor I/O Addressing,
Operator Interface (Experion Vista),
MMI Programming (HCI Designer),
Communication Protocols (Ethernet, Modbus, Profibus, Optical Modbus).

HONEYWELLPAC (Programmable Automatic Controller) :
Hardware Configuration.
I/O Modules.

I/O Wiring.
Networking OfExperion/PAC/C50/HC.

Real Time Interface :
Process Control.
2Axis Motion Control.
Servo Drive/Motor.

HandsOn Experience :
PLC using in relay logics and ladder logic (LD), Functional block diagram (FBD).
PLC Programming in timer, counter configuration and instruction set.
PLC Programming in PID mode and PLC using analog IOs, memory bit IOS addressing.
PLC Interfacing in MMI and SCADA.
SCADA working in Tag Group and Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE).
SCADA working in Real time and Historical Trend.
SCADA input and output driver configuration and interfacing with PLC.
VFD working in commissioning and NO load test.
VFD checking load in rated voltage, current and RPM.
DCS using in ladder logic diagram (LD), Functional block diagram (FBD).
DCS Programming in timer, counter, PID mode.
DCS using analog IOs, digital IOs.
DCS Interfacing in MMI and SCADA.
DCS communication bus (PROFI bus, MOD bus, RS232) with MMI.

Declaration :
I hereby confirm that the information furnished above is correct to the best of my knowledge.

Date  : ___________
Place  : ___________


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