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BSS Engineer Resume Sample, Experience : 5 years

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Name of the Candidate:[Private]
Name of the Post Applied:BSS Engineer
Job related skills / software:Collecting logs from BSC, TC and MFS for Root Cause Analysis while trouble shooting, Undertaking the Configuration and Management of Switches, Routers, CBC Servers, etc. associated with BSS Network, Dimensioning of BSS as per the customer requirements and ALU specifications, Collecting backup from BSC, modify the BSS parameters in Backup, restore backup in BSC.
Category:IT / Computer2
Sub Category:Telecom/ RF/ BMS/ BTS/ BSS Engineer
Years of Experience:5 years
Salary Expected per Month(Rs):Negotiable
Highest Qualification attained:B.E. / BE : Bachelor of Engineering
Major / Specialization:Electronics & Communication
Email Id:[Private]
Are you looking for job now?:No
Can the recruiter contact you?:No
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Resume Format / CV Sample Template / Example / Model :


B.E. (Electronics and Communication) with 2 years and 7 months of experience as BSS and OMC – R engineer including work as BSS level 2 support engineer in Alcatel-Lucent India Ltd, Ahmadabad, Gujarat
Currently working on the BSNL 3G Project and 2G 9 ml project in Gujarat.
Projects associated with include BSNL 2G as well as 3G project in Gujarat and the Uninor Operator Project in Orissa which saw a successful launch in Dec’09.
Areas of exposure include Level 2 support to BSS network, troubleshooting, Commissioning and Integration.
Possess significant experience in managing whole BSS IP base as well as old networks.
Excellent analytical and interpersonal skills.

Alcatel-Lucent India Ltd., Ahmedabad, Gujarat.
Alcatel-Lucent a merger of Alcatel & Lucent is one of the leading telecom multinational providing end-to-end enterprise solution in the field of communication. In India Alcatel-Lucent have customers such as BSNL, MTNL, Bharti, Reliance, Uninor, Idea etc.
Sr.Engineer (2G BSS&3GNetwork) since Sep’08

Key Result Areas :
BSS  :
Installation, Commissioning, Integration and Acceptance Test of  :
Alcatel A9130 MX BSC.
Alcatel New STM Base A9125 TC(Transcoder)
Alcatel A9130 MX MFS(Multi fast packet services for GPRS )
Alcatel A9100 BTS.
3G equipments Node B, T-Node, RNC.
X.25, N7, ATER, ABIS & A-link related problems.
Connectivity between BTS to BSC, BSC to TC, BSC to OMC-R, TC to OMC-R,TC to MSC,OMC-R to all remote BSC and BTS to switch or router.
Hardware /software related problem in MXBSC, STM base A9125TC, MXMFS and BTS.
Fault on Abis, Ater & A interface.
Collecting logs from BSC, TC and MFS for Root Cause Analysis while trouble shooting.
Undertaking the Configuration and Management of Switches, Routers, CBC Servers, etc. associated with BSS Network.
Analyzing BSS Traces taken from BSC, OMC and protocol analyzers for various interfaces (like OML, SS7, GB etc.) and for various platforms and application in the network.
Managing IP Network of BSS NE(s) for interconnectivity and integrity with customer’s network.
Dimensioning of BSS as per the customer requirements and ALU specifications
Collecting backup from BSC, modify the BSS parameters in Backup, restore backup in BSC.
Upgrading TC software, Configuring cards & defining Ater on Respective MT120NB/WB card.
Scheduled backup from OMCR for BSC database.
On field and off field BSS support (All BSS Equipment).
Generates Trouble tickets of site down or site under outages.
Installation, Commissioning of
Alcatel New M4000, V490, V880Server.
Alcatel New M4000 NPO.
Patches (B10 Mr2 Ed7 Qd6 etc.) in OMCR.
Migrations of OMCR from B9MR4 Ed07 QD2 to B10MR2 Ed07 QD6.
Creating database as well as integrating to OMC-R.
Supervising and monitoring OMC-R.
Adding or removing TRX, creating cell, unlocking and locking of all boards, deleting, moving BTS.
Troubleshooting of N7 Signalling, RSL, OML etc.
Declaring BSS and MFS from OMC-R.
Solving customer problems and moving escalations to seniors and managers.
Taking Daily, Weekly and Monthly Backups for OMC, BSC and MFS.

3G  :
I know about all UMTS Equipment.
In 3G my Work is Remote Support for RNC, TNode, Node-B and Scheduled Backup of WNMS, RNC & NPO.
I know about T-Node commissioning, Node-B Commissioning & RNC commissioning.
I know about WNMS Server we Used E4900 server.
I know create the WO(work order) in WIPS(off-Line Software)
External Alarm testing at site end.
Alarm Monitoring at WNMS for Node-B,T-Node,RNC
Alarm Escalate according to escalation process.

Currently I successfully finished BSNL 9ml BSS part expect BTS and Node-B (32 BSCs, 13 TC, 2 MFS, 9 RNC, 15 T-Node) part completed with AT in 8 months.
Managed Installation, Commissioning, Integration and Acceptance of BSS work involving 90 MXBSC, 28 MXMFS, 40 STM base New TC, and around 2000 BTS on previous projects.
Handled the outage of Reliance BSC in Manipur to rectify the failure and subsequently cleared the acceptance for the BSC.
Involved in B9 to B10 Migration of OMC-R, Commissioning of Master and Agent Server, Recommissioning of so many MXMFS (GB over IP) and so many MX BSC of Live Network.
Performed first Voice and Packet call from the BSS of Alcatel-Lucent integrating in BSNL 9ML Project in Ahmedabad and the Uninor Project in Orissa.
Successfully loaded all patches in all equipments (MXBSCs, MXMFSs, TCs, OMC-R, and NPO) in all over Gujarat network.
Successfully finished site survey in four city of Gujarat state in RF Dept.

Systems  : GSM Networks, BSS (Abis, Ater, A-link, N7, X.25 etc etc.), Networking, Agilent Protocol Analyzer.
Equipments  : Alcatel A9130 MX BSC, Alcatel A9130 MX MFS, Evolium A9100 BTS, A9110/9110E Micro-BTS, Alcatel New STM Base A925TC, Alcatel , Alcatel Evolium A9100, Alcatel New M4000 as well as old OMC-R, Switch, Router.
3G equipments  : Node B, T-Node, RNC.
Technologies  : GSM, IP Networking.
Op.Systems  : Windows98/2000/XP, UNIX, Linux.

Cisco Certified Networking Associate Mar’08

2008 B.E.

(Electronics & Communication) from HNGU, Gujarat.
2004 Xll from GHSEB.
2002 X from GSEB.

Alcatel-Lucent India Ltd., Bombay. Duration  : 1 month
Description  : Included modules on description and maintenance of MX BSC, TC, BTS, MX MFS, OMC-R based on ATCA platform.
Tata Teleservices Ltd., Ahmedabad Jan’08-Apr’08
BSS Engineer (O&M and Network Department)
Description  : Dealt with O&M of TTSL BSS networks.

Title  : Cell Stop Car to Stop the Car by a Missed Call.
Notables  :
Project got rave reviews in the mainstream print (News Papers) and broadcast media (News Channels).
Adjudged the best entry in ‘Hardware Project Demonstration’ Competition of SEARCH ’07 – A College Level Technical Symposium held at LCIT – Bhandu, Mehsana.
Awarded the second prize at ‘NirmaLabs Young Techno-Entrepreneur Awards 2007’ held at Nirma University Campus-Ahmedabad and at Xenesis, National Level Event held at LDRP, Gandhinagar.



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