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Fresher Software Test Engineer Resume Sample

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Name of the Candidate:[Private]
Name of the Post Applied:Software Test Engineer
Job related skills / software:Proficiency in Software Testing, Good knowledge of SDLC and STLC, Sound of Knowledge in Smoke, Functional, Integration, System Testing, Good Knowledge of Writing, Execution and Reviewing of Test case, Good Knowledge of white box and Black box testing-Smoke, Ad-hoc, Function.
Category:IT / Computer2
Sub Category:Testing/ QA/ QC Engineer
Years of Experience:0 years
State:Madhya Pradesh
Salary Expected per Month(Rs):Negotiable
Highest Qualification attained:B.E. / BE : Bachelor of Engineering
Major / Specialization:Computer Science
Email Id:[Private]
Are you looking for job now?:No
Can the recruiter contact you?:No
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About Me :
To work on a challenging project which provides an opportunity to enhance my technical skills and knowledge, this could provide me an insight into new aspects so that it would be helpful for my career.

Academic Qualification :
Degree Discipline College/School University/Board Year Percentage
B.E. Computer Science Bhopal Institute of Technology BHOPAL(M.P.) RGPV University 2012 70.3%
Higher Secondary P.C.M Saraswati Shishu Mandir, Deori,(M.P.) M.P. BOARD 2008 72%
High School ALL Saraswati Shishu Mandir, Deori,(M.P.) M.P. BOARD 2006 74%

Software Testing Skills :
As the part of Training I have undergone the following

Proficiency in Software Testing.
Good knowledge of SDLC and STLC.
Sound of Knowledge in Smoke, Functional, Integration, System Testing.
Good Knowledge of Writing, Execution and Reviewing of Test case.
Good Knowledge of white box and Black box testing-Smoke, Ad-hoc, Function

Good Knowledge on Functional Testing Tool QTP.
Having knowledge on Types of Recording, Checkpoints, Synchronization Point, Step Generator, Active Screen, Keyword and Expert Views.
Knowledge in Object Identification, Types of Objects, Object Spy, Highlight in Application, Locate in Repository, Object repository and Shared Object Repository.
Excellent understanding about Parameterization, Data table Parameters and Environment Variables.
Exposure to Test Automation Framework implemented using QTP

Good understanding of RDBMS concepts.
Exposure to constraints (PK, FK, UNQ, CHECK,) and NORMALIZATION.
Ability to write queries using joins, sub-queries, grouping etc.
Knowledge of DDL, DML, TCL, DQL, DCL

Other Skills :
Languages known are C,C++, Java
Operating Systems known are MS Windows Vista/XP, Window 3,7,8
Good knowledge of JAVA and HTML,
DataBase known Oracle 10G

Strength :
Dedicated and Hard worker
Logical and Quick thinker
Time and Cost Conscious
sPositive Attitude

Projects Undertaken :
Project(Major) :-
Project name : “Website of Indian Institute of Fashion Technology”
Team size : 3
Role in project : Test Engineer
Language : Asp.Net
Description : The Project titled “Indian Institute Of Fashion Technology” is designed to provide different Facilities, who are interested in fashion and related courses, IIFT provides facilities for devoted men & women for careers in fashion and its related professions.

Training Undergone :
Software Testing from QSpiders Bangalore.

The course contains Manual Testing as well as automated testing of software (Tools : Quick Test Professional).

Interests :
Listening Music
Watching movies
Making Friend
Bike Ridding

Personal Profile :
Nationality -- Indian.
Languages -- Hindi, English
Marital Status -- Unmarried

Declaration :
I hereby declare that above-mentioned details are correct and complete to the best of my knowledge.

Date  : ___________
Place  : ___________


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