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Business Analyst Resume Sample, Experience : 15 years

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Name of the Candidate:[Private]
Name of the Post Applied:Business Analyst
Job related skills / software:Data Analysis, Excel Dashboards, Preparing presentation slides for weekly management meeting and sending it to relevant stakeholders
Category:IT / Computer
Sub Category:Data / Research Analyst
Years of Experience:15 years
Salary Expected per Month(Rs):50,000 to 60,000
Highest Qualification attained:B.Com. : Bachelor of Commerce
Major / Specialization:Commerce
Email Id:[Private]
Are you looking for job now?:Yes
Can the recruiter contact you?:Yes
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<b><u>PROFILE  </u></b>:
<b><u>ABOUT ME  </u></b>:
Publishing various types of Dashboards to relevant stakeholders to get active update about company's performance. Providing meaningful insights, highlight trends, forecasting by performing various analytical activities which helps the management to take necessary decisions.

<b><u>EDUCATION </u></b>:
** COMPUTER SYSTEMS, DIPLOMA National Institute of Information Technology GNIIT in Systems Management, Computer Systems – Mumbai, Maharashtra Completed, September 2004
** COMMERCE, BACHELOR OF COMMERCE Gonsalo Garcia College of Arts & Commerce University of Mumbai (T.Y.Bcom) – Mumbai, Maharashtra Graduated, March 2002
** COMMERCE, INTERMEDIATE Thomas Baptista Junior College Maharashtra State Board (H.S.C) – Mumbai, Maharashtra Completed, March 1999 HIGH SCHOOL
** Carmelite Convent English High School Maharashtra State Board (S.S.C) – Mumbai, Maharashtra Matriculated, March 1997

<b><u>WORK EXPERIENCE </u></b>:
** BUSINESS ANALYST Adlabs Entertainment Ltd Jul 2014 - Current Mumbai, Maharashtra Generating Weekly, Bi-weekly, Monthly and Quarterly reports and publishing it in Dashboard format with meaningful observations to relevant stakeholders.
** Working on company's Annual Budget Plan (AOP) and finalizing the Footfall and Revenue targets to be assigned to respective channel head.
** Escalating and following up with IT team, Admission Team, if there is any inconsistancy seen in the data and getting it resolved on priority basis. Monthly channelwise forecasting of Footfall and Revenue basis Prebooked Offline Groups,
** Inbound/Outbound sales pipeline in hand, Online Prebookings, and also past years visitation trend, booking pattern of customers is taken into consideration.
** Reconciliation of Marketing spends provided by marketing team with actual invoices received from vendors and highlight any deviation to marketing head, also checking whether the invoices send by vendors are in line with the agreement done.
** Checking configuration of commission percentage set in the system for Alliances, Partners and B2B Agents and whether it’s matching as per the approved policy. Computation of monthly sales incentives of every Sales Person based on the sales incentive policy parameters approved by Sales Head.
** Calculating and Processing full and partial Cancellations and Refunds of Tickets. E-commerce Retail business Accounting and Reconciliation.
** Working on company's pricing strategy by analyzing previous data and finalizing the best suited strategy which will help the organization to increase its revenue.
** Preparing fortnightly Sales and Marketing review PPT showing data cuts as required by respective department head.
** Working on IMS policy documentation for Sales and Marketing process and keep it updated for internal as well as external audit purpose.
** Using Qlik analytical tool for getting better analytical insights and presentation of data.
** Assisting every Sales Person with proper analyzed data so as to which sector, area etc.
** They need to be targeted to maximize Footfall and Revenue.
** Drafting/Modifying Incentive policy, Sales policy and other sales related policies and sending it to Sales Head for approval.
** Performing UAT on preproduction before any new product is going live.
** Testing and validating the PLU configuration done by marketing team whenever any new offer goes live.
** Creating Ticketing and Non Ticketing PLU's in the system as required by the Fulfillment and Admission team.
** Rochdale Athaide MIS & Data Analyst +91.9588420258 ros4uall AT gmail.com Vasai,
** Maharashtra Providing any type of MIS data especially during quarterly audit as requested by auditors and also to other departments as and when required.

<b><u>SENIOR MIS EXECUTIVE  </u></b>:
** Cleartrip Travel Services Pvt Ltd Feb 2008 - Jul 2014 Mumbai, Maharashtra
** Preparing presentation slides for weekly management meeting and sending it to relevant stakeholders.
** Served the Operations floor (Call Centre) as a WFM-MIS.
** Preparing and Publishing various Reports in Dashboard format on Daily, Weekly and Monthly basis.
** Calculating monthly incentives payable to CSE Agents, SME's, TL's as per the structure set by HOD and sending it to HR for processing.
** Compile and interpret statistical information to calculate and project staffing requirement of the department.
** Analyzing daily call flow and highlighting reason for High Call Flow and high AHT.
** Analyzing call forecast on daily, weekly and monthly basis.
** Analyzing Consumer satisfaction level as per the survey data collected and publishing it on weekly basis.
** Maintaining attendance data of the floor and submit it to HR on monthly basis.
** Checking the leaves applied by agents and allotting them properly which helps in weekly rostering.
** Coordinating with all the Outsourced Vendors to get all the daily reports on time and also checking for correctness of data.
** Daily reconciliation for short collection, excess collection and transaction details having no trip id.
** Providing any type of MIS data to relevant departments.

<b><u>MIS EXECUTIVE  </u></b>:
** Kenkeen Consultancy Services Pvt Ltd (Client Place BSE) Oct 2006 - Feb 2008 Mumbai, Maharashtra
** Record the system utilization statistics using Prognosis.
** Entire trading-day's raw data is captured and stored in Excel and Analysis / Statistical summary reports are generated on the same.
** Vlookup, Pivot Table, Formulas and Macros were the tools used in Excel.
** Monitor on-line trading systems BOLT, GILT, BBS, RBBS, DTSS using Prognosis software and inspecting readiness before start of trading.
** Monitor for alerts disk utilization, file fulls, CPU Utilization.
** Escalate abnormal behavior to BSE representative.
** Investigate abnormal behavior for identifying root cause.
** Monitor and analyze resource utilization and suggest recommendation to reduce the same.
** Run measure on tandem to track the performance of various resources ( CPU, server processes and Disk i/o).
** Periodically check disk fragmentations, disk space availability.
** Suggest proper load redistribution.
** Submit fortnightly report.
** Monitor and report status of Disaster Recovery.
** A periodic check of availability, connectivity, lags time for replication, impact of extraction on source system and resource utilization of DR during testing.
** System capacity monitor and escalation of threshold breach.

Fortnightly report of significant changes, serious failures, recommendations.
** Monitor stress tests when scheduled.
** Monitor system during new releases and report the impact of new changes on performance of the system for next trading session.
** A proper analysis has to be made of all the monitored data by way of pivot table, Charts & Graphs, Reports in Excel and then it is submitted to seniors as and when required.

<b><u>MIS EXECUTIVE  </u></b>:
** Accenture Services Pvt Ltd Jun 2003 - Feb 2006 Mumbai, Maharashtra Making Analysis, Comparison, Consolidation, Reconciliation, and
** Ageing of Data, preparing Reports and then submitting it to Team Leader, HR, Project Manager and other Finance Departments.
** Making Analysis of submitted and missing Time Reports for each fortnight, consolidating and comparing the records of every fortnight and submitting the trend to Team Leader.
** Providing information to our Controllership Head about the employee's count, GMU details, Designation, Bill Rate, Cost Rate, Project work done.
** This information is submitted every fortnight after a thorough check is done.
** Ageing of suspense data from SAP and suspense website, comparing them and submitting the changes to Team Leader and other Departments. Making Analysis of Vacation data, Public holiday data, Flex Leave data of employees who have charged excess.
** Pivot Table is prepared to find out the excess hours charged.
** Preparing daily Headcount Report submitting it to TL after through comparison. Exporting raw data from SAP using various T-codes into Excel for making Analysis of the data and preparing Reports.
** Processing and Uploading of Time Reports, Reimbursement claims of employees into SAP using various transaction codes.
** Solving employee's queries via email, chat conversation or phone conversation.

<b><u>SKILLS </u></b>:
** Communication - Deals with internal employees as well as outsourced vendors at all levels via telephone and email, to ensure successful communication via actively listening and probing questions.
** Team Player - Enjoy's sharing knowledge and encouraging development of others to achieve specific team goals.
** Systems knowledge - Experience in preparing and analyzing reporting data for management accurately and to timescales.
** Troubleshooting - Can troubleshoot various IT problems related to software and hardware, thus minimizing help required from an IT personnel.
** Problem solving - Resolves in-depth queries in a methodical manner independently, find appropriate resolutions, efficiencies and high level of quality.
** Initiative - Always take initiative in completing the work at department level and also at organization level.
** Computer and Technical Skills - Using computer-based technologies to manipulate, create, store and retrieve information to express ideas and communicate with others.

<b><u>LANGUAGES </u></b>:
English Hindi Marathi

<b><u>PERSONAL INTERESTS  </u></b>:
** Playing indoor and outdoor games.
** Driving, Internet Surfing.
** Watching English Horror movies.
** Trading in Stock, Commodity and Currency Markets.

<b><u>Father’s Name </u></b>: Mr. Albert Athaide
<b><u>Birthday </u></b>: December 19, 1981
<b><u>Marital Status </u></b>:Married
<b><u>Nationality </u></b>: India

<b><u>DATE  </u></b>:
<b><u>PLACE  </u></b>:


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