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VC++ Developer Resume Sample, Experience : 3 years

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Name of the Candidate:[Private]
Name of the Post Applied:VC++ Developer
Job related skills / software:Preparing the Test case Scenarios for testing, Developing Using GUI Objects in developing SDI/MDI functionalities, Developing Using GUI Objects in developing Modal/Modeless Dialog base Applications.
Category:IT / Computer2
Sub Category:C C++ C# Developer
Years of Experience:3 years
State:Andhra Pradesh
Salary Expected per Month(Rs):60,000 to 70,000
Highest Qualification attained:B.E. / BE : Bachelor of Engineering
Major / Specialization:Computer Science
Email Id:[Private]
Are you looking for job now?:Yes
Can the recruiter contact you?:Yes
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Resume Format / CV Sample Template / Example / Model :


Adapa Kumara Koti Reddy
Mail-id  : kumarreddy003.adapa AT gmail.com
Mobile  : +60-1137995487

Objective  :
An aspiring team worker, hard working and dedicated professional who wants to meet the challenges posed in the industry and to contribute towards the growth of the organization along with self-motivation.

Employment History  :
Current Job Title  : Software Developer.
Current Employer  : Pixelreality sdn bhd.

Technical Summary  :
** Having 3 Years of Experience in IT industry with expertise in C++, VC++, MFC.
** Having experience as developer in Security, Banking & Finance Domain.
** Hands on experience in MFC SDI/MDI and Dialog(GUI) based applications.
** Good knowledge in object-oriented programming (OOPS)
** Strong debugging and troubleshooting skills.
** Code the application according to the design document
** Have knowledge in TCP/IP, UDP, FTP Socket programming and multithreading.
** Good at analytical skills and always strives for working out an efficient product. Excellent as a team player and can also work at individual level.
** Have Knowledge on Image processing using OPEN CV SDK 2.4.4.
** Have basic knowledge of COM components.
** Good in getting acquainted with latest technologies.

Skills  :
Programming Languages  : C++, VC++ 7.0
Technologies  : MFC, Win32, ATL & COM.
Software Development Tools  : Visual Studio 2008, Visual Studio 2010.
Source Control Tools  : Tortoise SVN.
Database  : SQL Server 2005.
Platforms  : Windows 2008,2012 Server, Windows.

Professional Experience  :
Working as a SoftwareEngineer forPIXEL REALITY SDN BHD, Malaysia Since JUL 2013 to till date.
Worked as a SoftwareEngineer forREDBERRY TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD, Bangalore Since JAN 2011 to till JUNE 2013

Education  :
àB.E in the stream of Computer Science Engineeringwith an aggregate of 69.4% from S.K.R EngineeringCollege affiliated toANNAUniversity at 2011.
àIntermediatepassed with 87% from Board of Intermediate Education, A.P in March 2007.
àS.S.Cpassed in first class with 65% from State Board of Secondary Education, A.P in March 2005.

Project Details  :
-------------- Current Project  :MUTIARA SECURITY SYSTEM -----------------
Project Name  : MSS
Environnent  : C, C++, VC++ (MFC)
Team Size  : 3
Duration  : July 2013– till date
Role  : Software Developer.
Client  : Mutiara Smart Computing SDN BHD Malaysia.
Description  :
MSSis all about Face Biometrics. This is a solution for Facial Authentication to login to the system (Some think like Face recognition to login to the system) and monitoring the system continuously with the Face Recognition. The main agenda of this software is to keep the users data SAFE and SECURE. This Face Detection and Recognition techniques are used in different ways in the project.

Overview of the Project  :
MSS has four different Modules.

Admin Module  :
** This Module is to enroll the user face with Face Biometrics. This Particular face data is used in other two modules for Face Recognition. Through this module user (Administrator) can create/update the rights for Copy/Cut/Paste/Delete/Send to, USB rights and also to restrict to use black listed applications.

Engine  :
** Engine will be seamlessly recognizing the users with three cameras (Which are fixed to the Monitor). If the user moves away from the system then the system will be locked with the special Screen lock (Which is specially designed for the project) and the user data will be encrypted. This Screen lock will be unlocked only by the authorized user’s face.
** Depending on the Recognized face rights for the user will be set (Copy/Cut/Paste/Delete/Send to/USB rights).
** Main thing in this is User Data Encryption and Decryption.
** There is a separate audit trial log files which monitors the user.

Credential Provider  :
** This Module is used to login to the system with the face recognition at Level 0(During login window/Lock/Switch user).
** Using this module only the authorized user will be allowed to login in to the system.

Crisis Key  :
** This application is mainly for customer to create the Crisis Keys and the serial numbers for the User (Just like creating an account number and one time Password for the user).
** There are different algorithms used t o create this keys and this keys will be unique.

Responsibilities  :
** Developing the Facial recognition application using Open CV 2.4.4.
** Preparation User Manual and Functional Specification Documents.
** Preparing the Test case Scenarios for testing.
** Developing Using GUI Objects in developing SDI/MDI functionalities.
** Developing Using GUI Objects in developing Modal/Modeless Dialog base Applications.
** Writing xml-inputs/outputs for the client.
** Working on system Registry according to the requirement of application.
** Partially involved in the testing of the Application with the testing team.
** Analysis and requirement gathering that include client communication.
** Developing the code from Scratch.

Project  :Aladdin Enterprise Investment SystemFEB2011to JUNE 2013
Project Name  : “Aladdin Enterprise Investment System”.
Client Name  : Black Rock
Role  : Software Developer
Duration  : Feb 2011 to till date.
Team Size  : 12
Environment  : C++, VC++ 7.0, MFC, Visual Studio 2008, SQL Server2008.

Project Description  :
The Aladdin Enterprise Investment System is a suite of products consists of TradeALO, Portfolio Administration and Risk Analysis.
A desktop and network-based Distributed Processing System, this database-driven Enterprise System can be scaled to meet the needs of small hedge funds as well as major market dealers.

Aladdin is a versatile and easy to use tool for both front office and middle-office functions. The Aladdin solution is a comprehensive Microsoft Technology (MFC-Doc/View)-based application for valuing, and managing risk of structured finance products.
Its underlying industry standard models are powered by the state-of-the-art high performance BlackRock analytics and it is designed to integrate seamlessly into Blackrock’s database and cash flow engine. Aladdin runs using a user-provided loan level prepay model, a loan level loss model as well as a custom interestrategenerator.
Integration of Prepay, Loss, and Severity models at custom collateral grouping levels. Portfolio Management capability so users can manage and run multiple scenarios on entire portfolio of securities, evenmultipleportfolios,efficiently.
An open architecture Collateral Compiler that incorporates data from multiple sources including Risk/Prepayment models, loan level data providers, credit bureaus, servicers, and rating agencies.

ABS Analytics :
Quick Comparative Analysis of ABS
Generates cash flows on multiple deal with multiple scenario simultaneously
Quick interface to multiple formats of data
Helps develop costume scenarios
Collateral replacement features helps replace loan level data from other third party data providers within U.S Structured Finance deals

Enhanced Reporting features include :
Deal Level Info
Individual Tranche Info
Loan/Asset Level Detail
Stratification and Analytics
Cash Flow Tables (Tranche and/or Group Level).
Portfolio Summary Reports
Collateral Level Reporting

Roles and Responsibilities  :
As a Developer, was responsible for
Analysis of the specifications provided by the clients.
Involved in bug fixes as well as enhancements to the existing project.
Preparing the High Level Design as per the requirement.
Developing the application and do the unit testing.
Planning and scheduling various releases based on the customer requirements
Working with Menus and Accelerator Resources and C document templates
Proficient in Programming Using GDI Objects and Experience in developing SDI/MDI functionalities.
Planning and scheduling various releases based on the customer requirements
Run tests and fix bugs.

Kumar reddy adapa


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