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Aircraft Maintenance Technician Resume Sample, Experience : 3 years



Name of the Candidate:[Private]
Name of the Post Applied:Aircraft Maintenance Technician
Job related skills / software:Interior Mechanics
Category:Tourism / Travel
Sub Category:Aircraft Maintenence Engineer AME / Technician
Years of Experience:3 years
State:Jammu and Kashmir
Salary Expected per Month(Rs):Negotiable
Highest Qualification attained:Diploma
Major / Specialization:Aricraft Trimming And Safety Equipment Fitting
Email Id:[Private]
Are you looking for job now?:Yes
Can the recruiter contact you?:Yes
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Resume Format / CV Sample Template / Example / Model :


(Skilled Worker Qualification CLASS ONE . S.W No. 1111130004-D) Card No. 155301

Address  : Manyame Airforce Base Box 7722 Causeway Harare
Address  : ZBS Garikai 2 Hse No. 2438 Rusape
Mobile1  : 00263773460301
Mobile2  : 00263735774995
Email 1  : gumbanjerapalma AT yahoo.com
2. gumbanjerapalma AT gmail.com
3. gumbanjerapalma_4 AT live.com

Personal Statement  :
Ive managed to achieve a place in the Aviation Industry through hardwork, capability and qualification. This career ive chosen through personal interest. Aviation has taught me to think logically, communicate effectively as well as work at best with people of diverse cultures. I've managed to equip myself with such analytical skills which I, with less difficulties, been able to put to practical use in organising and synthesizing technical data into meaningful conclusions and practical solutions.

Date Of Birth  : 03-03-88
Place Of Birth  : Chipinge, Manicaland
National ID No.  : 34-092754-Q-45
Gender  : Male (M)
Nationality  : Zimbabwean
Religion  : Christian
Language(s)  : English, ChiShona, Russian

Personal Attributes  :
Focused and Goal-oriented
Self-Accepting, compliments social solidarity ant intergrity

Industrial Attributes  :
Dedicated willing to move the extra-mile to achieve excellence
Good team player with good analytical & communication skills
Confident, cautious and highly adaptable to changes
Fabulous about projects and principled to finish what has been started
Ability to communicate effectively, as well as work at best with culturally diverse people

ZGSE Ordinary Level (ZIMSEC Board)-Emmanuel High School 2005 :
Mathematics  :B
Biology  :B
Intergrated Science  :B
English  :c
Physics  :c
Computer Science  :C

ZGSE Advanced Level (ZIMSEC Board)- St Mary Magdalenes High School 2007 :
Mathematics  : Ordinary
Physics  : Ordinary
Computer Science  : Pass

NATIONAL CERTIFICATE In Aircraft Engineering

Modules  :
Aircraft Electric Systems
Aircraft Instruments
Aircraft Radios And Communication Systems
Aircraft Trimming And Upholstery
Aircraft Safety Equipment
Airframes Strucures
Aircraft Engines And Powerplants

NATIONAL DIPLOMA In AIrcraft Engineering ( Aircraft Trimming And Safety Equipment Fitting)

Modules  :
Personal Parachutes, Drag/Brake Chutes And Supply Droppers
Liferafts, Life Jackets, Safety SLides (Infatables) and Survival Equipment
CO2 Cylinders, Operating Heads And Mercury Manometers
Flying Clothing (Flying Helmets, head sets, oxygen masks and high alttitude equipment)
Airrcraft Trimming, Composites and fibreglass work
Aircraft Uphostery
Aircraft Assisted Escape Systems (Ejection Assembies)
Emergemcy Survival Packs, Personal Survival Packs.
Sewing Machines And Fabric Work

COMPANY  : Ministry Of Education, Sport And Culture
JOB TITLE  : Computer Science Teacher
Period  : 01/2008 -to- 03/2008

Duties  :-
Provide theory and practical Computer Science learning support to high school students
Manage, monitor and maintain Computer LAB, Lab LAN systems, student User Accounts.
Provide Technical support to School Admin computer systems and their related network systems

COMPANY  : Rainbow Colledge (Nyanga)
JOB TITLE  : IT Lab Technician
PERIOD  : 06/2008 -to- 02/2009

Duties  :-
Maintaining LAN* Access Rights, and User Accounts to GroupStudents
Provision of Technical, Infrastructaral and User Support to GroupStudents
Facilitate Admin Structure with Data BAck-UP Systems and DB Queries (SQL)
Provision of Hardware and Software* Maintainance.
Configaration of New Products and Updating Anti-Virus Definations and SerficePacks
Provide Technical Support to Computer Systems and Network Related Problems

*Microsoft Product/Ms Windows OS

COMPANY  : Ministry Of Defense/ Airforce Of Zimbabwe
JOB TITLE  : Aircraft Technician
Period  : 01/2009 -to- CURRENT

Duties  :-
Undertake first-line aircraft servicing on fighter aircrafts (MIG 23 Fighter, F-7 Fighter Intercepto and FT, Karakorum 8 and Hawk R Mk 60 Fighters, SF 260 and CESSNA Trainers) in respective Squadrons
Maintainance and Servicing of Aircraft Interiors (Interior mechanics/repairs, maintainance and installation of new equipments), including composites strucure installation and repairs
Servicing, Maintainance and installation of Aircraft Safety/Survival Equipment (Liferaft, slides, life jackets, Survival/Emergency Packs, CO2 Cylinders
Servicing of Flying Clothing and all other associated flying uttilities ( Pressure Suits, G-Suits, Communication equipment, Flying Helmets)
Maintainance and Servicing of Parachute Assembies ( EB-80, MPS 3s man carring Assembies), Assisted Escape/Ejection Seat Parachutes ( K-8, Hawk, Mig 23, F-7 Escape Assemblies), and Aircraft Drag/Brake Chute Assemblies ( F-7 JS 10D, Hawk, Mig 23 Dragchute assemblies)
Servicing and maintainance work on workshop sewing machines and other trimming equipment

*Aircraft Types Worked(trade work)  :
Hawk 100, 200 & R Mk 60 fighter, Karakoram-8 fighter, Mig 23 fighter, F-7 Fighter Interceptor, CASA 212, B727, SF 260/Gennet airplanes, Mi-35 gunship & Agusta Bell 412 helicopter.

Internet, Programming
Watch Rugby

Pool, Snooker



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