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BSS Engineer Resume Sample, Experience : 6 years

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Name of the Candidate:[Private]
Name of the Post Applied:BSS Engineer
Job related skills / software:Operations and Maintenance, Installation and Commissioning, Expertise in Patch up gradation & license up gradation for BSC’s, and BTS software up gradation.
Category:IT / Computer2
Sub Category:Telecom/ RF/ BMS/ BTS/ BSS Engineer
Years of Experience:6 years
State:Madhya Pradesh
Salary Expected per Month(Rs):40,000 to 50,000
Highest Qualification attained:B.E. / BE : Bachelor of Engineering
Major / Specialization:Electronics and Communications
Email Id:[Private]
Are you looking for job now?:Yes
Can the recruiter contact you?:Yes
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Mobile  : +919910222956
E-mail  : mahendra2309 AT gmail.com

Fully utilize the opportunity given to me and serve to achieve the best on behalf of the organization by enhancing my skills and abilities on the cutting edge of global competition and technology keeping in view your business standards

Professional Snapshot  :
** Experience of 6 years in Operations and Maintenance, Installation and Commissioning in Telecom Sector .
** Currently working on Ericsson BSC AXE platform,looking after BTS integration Abis optimization & DRU addition along with fault management and trouble shoting.
** Having a good experience of working in a multivendor environment.
** Good hands-on experience and sound knowledge in mobile (CDMA & GSM) network. Commissioning, Integration, Operation and Maintenance of ZTE,Huawei,Ericsson & Nokia BSS equipment is the key role of profile.
** Currently associated withEssjay Ericsson India Pvt Limited, asO&M Engineer(BSS-Configuration) in Gurgaon.
** Experienced in maintenance/operations and troubleshooting of BSC,BSCB,BTSB of ZTE & M2000(OSS),BSC6000,BSC6900,BTS3900,BTS3900A and DBS3900 of Huawei and Nokia Flexi BSC
** Experienced in Commissioning and Up gradation of BSCB and BTS (EVDO).

Career Contour  :
Nov’12- Till Date M/S Ericsson India Limited, Gurgaon O&M Engineer(Nokia Equipment)
One of the largest telecom equipment vendors in India. It also provides managed services to various service providers in India and Abroad.

Job Profile  :
** Preventive Maintenance, Corrective Maintenance and Emergency Handling of BSS Network Element and Monitor entire Network for its availability.
** Support for Integration and commissioning of Nokia Ultra/Flexi BTS.
** Hands on in Nokia OSS NetAct , Citrix Tool Reflection, Hit Macro and Challenger
** Checking of all Computer units of BSC.Diagnostics to locate the problems in BSC or plug in units & raising CRF to change the unit.
** Responsible to modifying different N/W parameters like BCCH, BSIC, DAP, Frequency Hopping, MAIO, BSIC, LAPD signalling.
** Creating new BTS sites, TRX in the cell according to parameter given by RF team.
** Responsible for supervision and implementation BTS via BSC, testing and commissioning, and expansion.
** Creation OF GB- LINK, Abis, A-IF and integration.
** Software maintenance including BSC CD’s and BTS software up gradation and license file implementation..
** Implementation of High speed Signalling Links( SS7 - 2 Mbps ) for BSC
** Swap support for BSC/TCSM/BTS
** Acceptance testing of BSC.

Jan’12- Oct’12 M/S Ericsson India Limited, Gurgaon O&M Engineer(Huawei Equipment)  :
One of the largest telecom equipment vendors in India. It also provides managed services to various service providers in India and Abroad.

Job Profile  :
** Integrating all the BTS in the corresponding BSC’s and making them on air and site rehoming from one BSC to another
** Expertise in Re-Homing, TRX addition/deletion and other configuration changes (BSIC, HSN, LAC, and MAIO Change), Neighbor addition/deletion.
** Expertise in Patch up gradation & license up gradation for BSC’s, and BTS software up gradation.
** Expertise in BSC Quarterly Health Check up (Back up Restoration, Board Switchover)
** BSC and BTS software up gradation to R13,BSC6000 to BSC6900.
** Creation of Ater and A link interface.
** Hands on in M2000, BSC6000,BSC6900,LMT and Web LMT
** Identification of faults via Network Alarms, taking decisive steps to ensure appropriate levels of response is applied for speedy fault resolution.
** Corrective and Preventive maintenance of Nodes and Daily, Weekly Health checks up of all BSCs.

Oct’10- Dec’11 M/S Ericsson India Limited, Gurgaon O&M Engineer(ZTE Equipment)  :
One of the largest telecom equipment vendors in India.

It also provides services to various service providers in India and Abroad.

Job Profile  :
** Managing 3 BSC and more than 770 BTS sites forMTS Delhi project.
** Actively involved in up gradation of BSC,license file up gradation and daily troubleshooting.
** Actively involved in the integration and configuration of BTSB and BTS(ZXSDR) EVDO sites.
** First level support to BSS Back Office team for fault rectifications.
** Responsible for compiling and analysing of KPI reports, Weekly reports, Outage report and other cooperate reports.
** Responsible for the smooth escalation of BTS related faults on time to field team.
** Troubleshooting issues of related to BSC/BTS and preparing daily health checkup of BSC.
** Maintaining the resources utilization of BSC and giving the requirements for expansions. KPI Reports analysis and non alarming fault finding on the basis of reports.

Oct’09 – Sep’10 M/S ZTE Telecom India Pvt Limited, Bangalore BSS Engineer  :
Career Milestones  :
** Actively involved in the BSS Implementation and I&C Department.
** Actively involved in the installation and commissioning of BTSB and expansion to EVDO sites.
** Managing the BSC and more than 110 BTS sites forBSNL project.
** Successfully leading a team of vendors to install CDMA CELL SITES (BTS) sites.
** Instrumental in VSWR measurement and Power measurement using site Master.
** Entrusted for being responsible for Acceptance of BTS and BSC from Customer.

Dec’08 – Sep’09 M/S ITI LIMITED, Bangalore Project Engineer  :
One of the oldest PSU of India and a government organization.

Career Milestones  :
** As a Transmission Engineer I am involved in Maintenance of SDH FOT (SAGEM).
** Also manage the SDH (STM-1) network and 600 km wide OFC route restoration during the time of fault with the team.
** Familiar with testing equipments like SDH Analyzer,OTDR(ACTERNA),Splicing machine (FUJIKURA make), Optical power meter & Optical talk set
** Daily check up of loss in the fibers in the route and analysis of the same
** Managing day to day maintenance activity which includes co-ordination with Army & handling the team for OFC cable cut restoration.
** Involved in Operation & Maintenance (O & M) of Transmission equipments for Defense project ASCON (Army Static Switch Communication Network).

Jan’08 – Nov’08 M/S ITI LIMITED, Bangalore BTS Engineer  :
Worked as a BTS Engineer with ITI Ltd, Bangalore on various projects of BTS sites based on CDMA- WLL(ZXC-BTS 1x +EVDO) in BSNL at Udaipur in Rajasthan Circle . Handling the operation and maintenance of BTS, commissioning of BTS and coordination between BTS & BSC.

Career Milestones  :
** Involved in Installation & commissioning of BTS
** Managing more than 130 BTS(Macro and micro) sites.
** Managing the team of technician for installation & commissioning of BTS
** Trouble shooting of alarms from the OMC.
** Troubleshooting the BTS for various hardware failures.
** Co-ordination with contractor for site installation

Achievements  :
** Got high performance award for good work in project from ITI Ltd.
** Got number of appreciations from client and higher authorities which include BSNL & ZTE

Academia  :
2007 B.E. from Rajiv Gandhi Technical University, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. Secured 74.03%.
Specialization  : Electronics & Communication Engineering
2003 HSSC from D.A. Public Hr. Sec. School, Narsinghgarh, Madhya Pradesh. Secured 68.6%.
2001 HSC from St. Joseph’s Convent School, Narsinghgarh, Madhya Pradesh. Secured 76.0%.

Declaration  :
I hereby confirm that the information furnished above is correct to the best of my knowledge.

Date  : ___________
Place  : ___________


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