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Teaching Lecturer Faculty >> Librarian

List of Librarian Resumes( 7 )

Teaching Lecturer Faculty >> Librarian( 481 )

»Assistant Librarian : Libsoft and KOHA, Proficiency in the installation of Dspace, modification of Dspace according to requirement, data import to Dspace, backup and restore. (62 views )
»Library Assistant : Dos Based BBD Software & Internet Related Works, Internet knowledge & Email Application, InDesign CorelDraw & Photo Shop (139 views )
»Librarian : CDS/ISIS, Koha, Ezschool, Greenstone, D-Space (626 views )
»Librarian : Providing library and research service for the organization, Maintenance of the library and its collection, Providing adequate service will ensure that materials are current and accessible and available to library users when required and implement library and information policies and procedure. (637 views )
»Librarian : Procurement & processing (Selection, Ordering, Accessioning, Bill Passing) of Books, Reports, Specifications & Standards (National & International), Servicing and supply of journal articles on request, Browsing and down loading information from Internet, CD-ROMs against user queries. (2223 views )
»Library Technician : Shelf Rectification, Cataloguing, KOHA (1972 views )
»Librarian : Digital Library Management Software, Rfid System (8794 views )