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List of Hardware / Networking Engineer Resumes( 134 )

»Fresher Network Engineer : MFC, Socket Programming, ODBC for database connectivity, Client Server architecture, C#, VC++, C/C++, Visual Basic, Java, ASP.NET, AJAX, JavaScript, PHP, HTML (898 views )
»Fresher B.Tech ECE : Assembling and disassembling the Desktop PCs, Installing and working with hard disk drives, Modems and drivers. (1121 views )
»Fresher Computer Networking : C, C++, HTML, CSS, PHP, Masking & Veiling, Massage generation & encryption & decryption, Java(J2se), MYSQL, Data Structure (972 views )
»Fresher Hardware & Networking : Electronic devices and Circuits, Cellular and Mobile Communication, Routing Protocols, Routing Concepts, Switching Concepts STP, VLAN, VTP, Inter-VLAN, Port security. (928 views )
»Fresher Hardware Engineer : Hardware Assembling, System Integrating, Trouble Shooting, C, C++, DBMS, Java Script , VB Script , RDBMS, HTML, DHTML, XML (902 views )
»Network Support Engineer : Designing LAN & WAN Solutions with equipments like Firewalls,Routers,Switches, Managing Antivirus Server (1016 views )
»Fresher IT Hardware & Networking : Disk management, and NT backup and Recovery Tools, Responsible for the technical operations involving trouble-shooting the Servers, Desktop Systems & laptops, networking solutions (1076 views )
»Embedded Engineer/ MIS Coordinator : C , Embedded C, ORCAD-Schematic capture & PCB layout, Keeping track of acquisition activities, Preparing files for LAD2 and LAD3, Follow up of executives and keep track of daily acquisition activities. (1575 views )
»Network Engineer : Configure and upgrade the BTS, Migrate the BTS to ASN, Configuring and Troubleshooting the Firewall, Router, Wireless modem, Taking RF Survey & Designing wireless networks, Implemented Fiber Optic Network & Wireless Point to Point networks. (956 views )
»Network Administrator : Managed Datacenter Router, Switch and Server, Installation and Troubleshooting of Antivirus, Configuring IP Address, Installation & troubleshooting of LAN, Making Straight & Cross Cable, and Maintaining Local Area Network. (1028 views )
»Fresher Desktop Network Engineer : Hardware and Networking, Installation, Troubleshooting and Maintenance of all Printers, Looking all the maintenance of Scanners, Troubleshooting & Maintenance of SMPS, Motherboard, Printer, Monitor. (934 views )
»Hardware/ Networking Engineer : Embedded System, Electronics & Servicing Technology, A/c & Ref Servicing Technology, Home Security With Automatic Was Announcement System, Wireless Battery Charging System Using Radio Frequency Harvesting (1136 views )
»Fresher Graduate Engineer Trainee : Programmable Logic Controller, Microcontroller, Tele-Thermometry with computerised closed loop distributed control system (1273 views )
»Hardware Engineer : Dot matrix Printers, Laser and inkjet Printer, Scanners and other Equipments, Trouble shooting, Configuration, Assembling, Maintenance,Installation of desktop and supporting peripherals. (916 views )
»Network Engineer : CCNA, modem installation, troubleshooting, networking and customer service (1084 views )
»Cisco Routing Network Engineer : Switching Technologies, Satellite Communication (1058 views )
»FMS Engineer : Hardware Networking, Installation, Configuring & Managing Server 2003 (2257 views )
»Network Engineer : Knowledge on Networking Devices as Switch, Router, Hub and Repeaters. Initial Configuration of CISCO Routers and Switches, Knowledge on Static Routing and Routing Protocols, Knowledge on VLAN’s and Inter VLAN routing, Knowledge on NAT, PAT and ACL’s. (1095 views )
»Computer Hardware & Networking : Laptop Assembly & Computer, Mobile hardware & Software (1296 views )
»Fresher Network Administrator : CCNA, RHCE, Diploma in Hardware & Networking, MCSA (4146 views )
»Network Engineer : Hardware & Networking, MCITP, CCNA and Linux. (1230 views )
»Network Support Engineer : Hardware Engineer, CCNA Certification (2284 views )
»Wide Area Network Engineer : Lease Line, ISDN, Tellabs, ASCOM (1203 views )
»Network System Engineer : Hardware Installation, Printer Administration (2451 views )
»Network Engineer : POP3, IMAP4, MAPI, OWA, HTTP (1139 views )
»Electronics Hardware Design Engineer : Soldering, Circuit Reading, Trouble Shooting (4083 views )
»CCNA Network Engineer : MCSE, Desktop Support (5495 views )
»Electronics & Communication Engineer : Implementation, Maintenance (1384 views )
»Network Surveillance Engineer : BHARTI AIRTEL Network Monitoring (1962 views )
»Fresher Hardware & Networking Engineer : PC Maintenance and Troubleshooting, CCNA (9629 views )
»Hardware Engineer : PC Hardware, MCITP, MAINFRAMES, COBOL (1513 views )
»Hardware Assistant : Repairing, Assembling, Troubleshooting (1641 views )
»Hardware Maintenance Engineer : Hardware/ Networking (1977 views )
»Fresher Hardware Engineer : CCNA, Adobe Indesign, Photoshop (3118 views )
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