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List of Site Engineer / Manager / Incharge / Supervisor Resumes( 143 )

»Mechanical Site Supervisor : Erection and commissioning, Reading isometric drawings, P&ID, protocol preparation, Check the pipe support as per the isometric drawings and fit up as well as dimensions. (4878 views )
»Fresher HVAC Engineer : Heat Transfer, Heat Ventilation Air Conditioning, Pharmaceutical (2139 views )
»Civil Site Engineer : Supervision of civil works, All operations for tunnels using EPB TBM, including Tunnel segmental ring selection, controlling crew and dealing clients representative. (1116 views )
»Mechanical Site Engineer : Fabrication and lying of annular plate and Bottom plate for Fuel Tanks, Fabrication and Erection of shell plate. Shell Plates erection by conventional and jacking method (1171 views )
»Survey Engineer : Perform and carry out detailed Engineering Design, Calculations and Generate Drawings in accordance with Project Specifications and Requirements. (4559 views )
»Boiler Erection Engineer : Boiler Construction, Micro Controller Based Automatic Railway Crossing Controller (1170 views )
»Civil Site Engineer : Develops and maintains a detailed project schedule which includes administrative tasks and all sites involved in the project, Coordinate meetings, including travel arrangements and expense reports, Prepare and/or edit meeting minutes, presentations and tables. (1108 views )
»MEP Manager : Expertise in handling Residential & Commercial construction projects involving Design, Estimation, Rate-analysis, Budget, BOQ, Contractor Finalization, Supplier Finalization and Billing in compliance to pre-defined quality standards. (460 views )
»Shift Incharge : Power Plant, Operation & Maintenance of equipment, Ensuring the maximum uptime for the equipment, Ensuring periodic & preventive maintenance of equipment. (5294 views )
»Power Plant Engineer : Field Operation of Boilers/Turbines auxiliaries, Turbine/Boiler preparation for start up, light up & smooth operation, Handling all emergency problems of related equipment of Turbine & Boiler. (8343 views )
»Site Supervisor : MEP Drawing, Coordination and Site Supervision (1575 views )
»Mechanical Site Engineer : Production Scheduling, Shift planning and workmen allocation and co-ordination with other departments,Cleaning and Blending Plants for Food Industry. Tea, Coffee and Spices Machinery, Consultants and Machinery Manufacturers for Waste Processing Effluent Treatment & Bio Gas Plants, Material Handling Equipment and Applied Automation. (1427 views )
»Mechanical Site Engineer : Operation, Maintenance, Quality control, Pipe Line Works, Commissioning Project, Heavy Instrument Fixing, And Test Run, Responsibilities Operation of VT Pumps, Compressor, Motors Maintenance & QC (3617 views )
»Mechanical Site Engineer : Fabrication and Erection of steel structure in power plant,Lifting, Loading and Transportations of all Heavy Equipment’s and undergrounds pipes, cable tray etc. (1974 views )
»Construction Manager : Project management, Site management, Health & safety regulations, Hiring construction staff, Budget / cost control, Operational management, Contract negotiations, Tender / Bid management, Building technology, Construction materials (1303 views )
»Camp Boss : Manage labor accommodation which involves cleaning, maintenance occupancy in the camp, safety & security, Daily camp checking, camp total details, daily reports & monthly reports sent to HR department, Handle all Location of rooms for new coming workers. Keeping updated records of all labors staying in accommodation. (23938 views )
»Civil Site Engineer : Preparing detailed estimations, design of building through software and manual calculations, Preparing detailed drawings by using AUTO CAD soft ware, Executed construction works like concrete works, masonry works and finishing works (1510 views )
»Civil Site Engineer : Auto CAD 2D,3D, Acting As The Main Technical Adviser On A Construction Site For Subcontractors, Crafts People And Operatives, Setting Out, Levelling And Surveying The Site. (1412 views )
»Site Incharge : Plan for material requirement as per our requirement, Discus with the client & Architect to Executive the work, Run the site as per client schedule, As a Quality Controller, Prepare the Bar Chart for the project show to client, Planning for Executive the work. (1967 views )
»Fresher Thermal Power Plant Engineer : AutoCAD 2D, 3D, ProE, Ansys, Manufacturing, Thermal, and Designing, Electric Power Generation By Waste Heat From Engine. (1194 views )
»Site Engineer : Preparation of work, Planning, Blinding, Manhole opening & Closing, Handling of Equipments, Inspection & Maintenance work, Feed piping system, Air heater & Air piping, Reactor &Overhead piping system, Regenerator, Tertiary Separator, Orifice Chamber & Forth Stage Separator (1824 views )
»Granite Quarry Incharge : Able to search and examining rocks, soil to find out geological characteristics, Knowledge of historical events and their causes, Trained at FACOR ALLOYS, garividi, Trained in geological survey and has an experience as a field work in mines, Knowledge in computers. (1606 views )
»Site Engineer : Calibration of Thermal, Pressure and Mechanical instrument, Maintenance of Thermal, Pressure and Mechanical instrument, Erection and Commissioning of Thermal and Pressure Instrument, All Type Thermocouple, RTD, Temperature Controller, Timer, Pressure gauge, Gas Fallow Meter, Digital Timer. (1403 views )
»Mechanical Site Supervisor : Ensure that contractor understands the contract documents including drawings / specs, phase plans, MEP systems interrelationships, workflow & schedul Coordinate with consultant on reviews for shop drawings, MEP related designs, HVAC, Fire Alarm / Fighting & provide solution options. (2215 views )
»Civil Site Engineer : Layout out, leveling of the site, Checking drawings & quantities with accurate calculations, Examine and study architectural and engineering drawings and specification, Prepare bill of quantities, which lists in detail all the individual work components of the project. (1470 views )
»Site Engineer : Studying Engineering Drawings and preparing bill of materials, Receiving the materials at site, Checking the specifications and quantity of the materials received are as per requirement, Coordinating with the Associates / Vendors for the timely completion of the job on day to day basis as per key dates set in discussion with the Station manager, Quality supervision. (1526 views )
»Site Supervisor : Planning And Execution In Petrochemical, Oil & Gas, Steel Plant, Power Plant, Production Sector Etc., Autocad, ProE, Ansys, Production Planning, Execution, Supervising Troubleshooting and testing of whole project. (1616 views )
»Fresher Thermal Power Plant Engineer : Designing pattern AutoCAD, CAD Packages Pro-E, Clear understanding of the thermal power plant�s operation and the various key components of the plant (boiler, turbine, coal storage system, ash disposal system etc) (3329 views )
»Power Plant Engineer : Responsible for operation and maintenance of machineries, Skilled in DCS Desk Operations (Turbine/boiler/chp), Troubleshooting of all equipments, Analyzed documents and records, Prepared daily reports for the power plant. (2453 views )
»Plant Engineer : Reading Technical Drawings, Analysis With Codes And Standards, Eot Crane Erection, Centrifugal Pump Alignment, Vacuum Pump Alignment, Gearbox Alignment With Cardon Shaft To Roll, Sole Plate Alignment. (1330 views )
»Power Plant Engineer : Power System, Power Electronics, Transformer Erection Works, Replacing Fault Current Transformers, Potential Transformers, Circuit Breakers And Surge Arresters. (1340 views )
»Power Plant Engineer : Pre-commissioning Activities Internal Cleaning, Box-up, Bolt Tightening, Final Inspection, Review & Witness The Welder Qualifications And Testing, Heavy Pressure Vessels, Heavy Columns Dpt, Ut. Rt, Inspection, Preparing Report And Documents Witness. (1491 views )
»Civil Site Engineer : Architecture, Structure, Electrical, Plumbing Detailed Drawings, Door Window, Interior Design & Beatification of lawn, Excavation work for construction of Wagon Tippler, Building & Track Hopper. (1446 views )
»Site Engineer : Execution and construction of Building works, Drain, Road, culvert, checkdam OHD Water Tanks, Steel Melting shop open scrap yard, Scale pit, cable tunnel works. (1297 views )
»Civil Site Engineer : Ensure correct technique of construction in safe working environment and Ensure that work is being carried out as per approved drawings and specifications. (1326 views )
»Fresher Power Plant Engineer : Thermal engineering, Industrial and Design engineering, Power and Hydraulics engineering. (1320 views )
»Site Supervisor : Civil Auto CAD (Manual Drafting), Photoshop, Hardware and networking (1373 views )
»Civil Site Engineer : Concrete & Construction Technology , Highway Engineering , Surveying, Quality Assurance, Earthwork Calculation, Bed Preparation of SG Top, GSB top levels as per the specifications. (1349 views )
»Fresher Industrial Engineer : Supply Chain Management, Machine Design, Autocad, Venturimeter, Dwel Energy Vehicle (1685 views )
»Civil Site Engineer : Layout of culvert, Giving direction to carpenter, masson and labors, Supervision of shuttering & Concreting, Record maintaining. (1421 views )
»Civil Site Engineer : Instruments Knowledge in Level and Theodolites, Executed all the civil work including excavation, foundation and super structure, finishing work, all type surviceses work, internal road work, water proofing work and brick coba etc. (1457 views )
»Civil Site Supervisor/ Manager/ Incharge : Maintenance Civil Activity, Autocad, Responsible for responding to medical, fire, mechanical, and all other types of emergencies. (1580 views )
»Site Engineer : Installation,Testing, Commissioning of Field Instruments including Electronic Transmitters, Control valves, I/p convertor, Temperature Sensors & Transmitters. (1298 views )
»Fresher Site Engineer : Construction Planning, Estimation and Costing, An Experimental Investigation Of Strength Of Concrete With Partial Replacement Of Coarse Aggregate By Waste Ceramics Pieces. (1347 views )
»Civil Site Engineer : Field Excution with manpower and machineries, Using Electronic the odite in checking alignement and curves, Maintaing relevant levels and quantity check test releated to embankments (1367 views )
»Construction Supervisor : Responsible for execution of ECB, Responsible for Oil & fire water recovery pit, Responsible for the brickwork of the boundary wall, Responsible pipe sleeper (2081 views )
»Scaffolding Inspector / Scaffolding Supervisor : Tube & Fittings, Readymade and Layher Systems, Prepare works schedule, Liaisons with Coordinators, Supervisors of other disciplines and carry out the work and implementation of the job as per the requirements. (16821 views )
»Site Supervisor : Monitoring and coordinating other professional consultants (Architecture, Interior, electrical and Structural), plumbing works, reinforcement layout checking, earthwork excavation. (2332 views )
»Property Manager : Maintaining Data/ Records, Briefing HK & soft services,Rounds ups, Help desk Queries, Attendance of staff, Material Issuing, Client Meeting, Reporting to Base Office, Staff Welfare (1288 views )
»Property Specialist : Business development by finding out new residential project in the market, Suggesting the project according to client needs (1494 views )
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