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List of Legal Advisor Resumes( 6 )

»Legal Advisor : Undertaking legal research and drafting legal briefs, Client counseling and case management, Language Proficiency including Legal writing. (1489 views )
»Fresher Intellectual Property Legal Advisor : Service Agreements , IPR Disputes, Civil Court Cases, All India Cases, Criminal Court Cases, Civil Law Judgment, Criminal Reported Judgment. (1419 views )
»Legal Editor/ Law Trainee : Analysing the different points made by various Courts on question of law and facts, Doing editing work on various high court�s judgment for SCC Online. (1321 views )
»Fresher Intellectual Property Legal Advisor : Service Agreements, IPR Disputes (2386 views )
»Real Estate Legal Advisor : Intellectual Property, Document Scrutiny (1560 views )
»Legal Advisor : Land Registration/ Verification/ Accusation (10093 views )