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List of LPO Associate Resumes( 6 )

»Legal Associate : Procure expertise in the Contracts Management precisely, abstraction of various types of contracts, Experience in working on Due Diligence projects. (185 views )
»Legal Specialist : Contract Management, Conatract Reveiw, Negotiation, Contract Abstraction (211 views )
»Legal Associate/ LPO Advocate : Providing accurate, timely and effective legal advice to clients, Studying Police reports, interview transcripts, Medical records and another fact to make a case for Plaintiff. (348 views )
»Fresher Legal Associate : Legal Research, Legal Database, Manupatra, LexisNexis, Westlaw, SCC, AIR, International Journal of Law and Social Sciences (666 views )
»Commercial Litigation Associate : Rendering Legal Advice, Electricity Laws (1507 views )
»Legal Associate : Drafting Affidavits, Petitions, Plaints, Written Statements (4882 views )