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List of Legal Executive / Manager / Officer Resumes( 8 )

»Legal Manager : Scrutinize title of the property, Make proper perusal of Legal Scrutiny Report of the properties to be mortgaged, List down the observations for compliances before disbursement. (111 views )
»Legal Officer : Lawyering & Practicing in court in various law field as Civil, Criminal, Revenue, Consumer Forum Etc. (189 views )
»Legal Manager : Handling Cases of Debt Recovery Tribunal (Banking and NBFC matters), Drafting (Application, Petition, Suits, Written Statement, Reply, Notices, Reply to Notices), Coordinating with clients regarding cases, Maintaining MIS. (310 views )
»Legal Manager : Represent and follow up cases in various courts, To take care of day to day matters going on in different Courts. (641 views )
»Advocate / Legal Manager : Legal Assistant, Corporate Legal, Arbitration proceeding (9972 views )
»Legal Finance Manager : Handling DRT/ RTO Tax Matter (1348 views )
»Legal Manager : Drafting, Core Litigation, Handling Matters (3353 views )
»Legal Executive : Income-tax, Labour law, Company Law (2060 views )