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List of QA QC Engineer / Executive / Manager Resumes( 195 )

»QA/QC/NDT Mechanical Engineer : ASNT Level-II in DPT,MPT,UT,RT, Perform and Inspection of QA/QC Testing likes Ultrasonic Testing, Magnetic Particle Testing, Dye Penetrant Testing, Radiographic Testing and Hydrostatic Testing. (2768 views )
»Quality Control/Quality Assurance Engineer : Periodical inspection of Pressure Vessels& Pipe lines working at refiners and bottling plants rest of India. (Just like degassing, NDT, Hydro testing Etc.), Repair and Modification of Horton sphere, Heavy structures & light structures Fabrication and erections. (1142 views )
»Quality Control Engineer : Diploma in Software Testing (Grade A+), Certification course in C-language, Software MATLAB, XILINX, PROTEL99SE (913 views )
»Quality Assurance Engineer : CAPA, PPAP, Profile Projector, Digital Vernier Caliper, Height Gauge, Slip Gauge, Radius Gauge, Hardness Testing (1253 views )
»SmartPlant P&ID Administrator : Creating Intelligent P & ID’s, Reports Generating, Generating Line lists, Generating Instrument lists, Onscreen Quality Check (Soft QC using EDE) of the P&ID., Final QA/QC of the project files. (1406 views )
»Quality Assurance Engineer : Gauge Calibration,Conducting MSA,CMM,Contracer,Roundness Testar,Autocad 2010 (1132 views )
»Mechanical QA/QC Engineer : Construction, Oil Refinery & Thermal Power Plant, Steel, Aluminum, Cement Plant & Hydraulic Field. (2193 views )
»Mechanical QC Manager : Welding Inspection. Vendor Material Inspection. QA Document Compilation & Auditing. Mechanical Equipment�s Inspection. Piping/Equipment Line Checking. Test Package Review. Flange Joint Integrity and Tightness Inspection. Pneumatic & Hydro Testing. Field Piping Inspection. NDT Inspection ,Interpretation. Destructive Testing Witness. Post Weld Heat Treatment & Witness/Report Review. (1260 views )
»Quality Control Engineer : Responsibility of incoming material inspection, in process inspection & final inspection, To co-ordinate the meeting with vendors regarding quality problems (1560 views )
»QA/ QC Engineer : Ensured all quality parameters are followed by all supervisors, Quality checks of all products in each department, Maintain proper records of quality with respects to work orders, To minimize rejection by ensuring proper quality checks. (1261 views )
»QA/QC Engineer : Prepare ITP/QAP, Review SWP/WPS/PQR & WPQ, Stage wise Inspection, Final Inspection, Successfully handle PED & Non PED jobs as per EN & ASME. (1351 views )
»Fresher Farm Agriculture Quality Assurance Manager : Performed a survey on that rural area and recorded the Living status of the farmers, cropping pattern, Indigenous Technologies and collected problematic Soil samples from the farmer’s fields. (954 views )
»Quality Assurance Engineer : Responsible of Receiving & in process Inspection, Pre Delivery inspection, Instruments & Machining fixture Calibration & controlling. (1509 views )
»QA/QC Engineer : Monitoring the piping materials as per available drawing and documents, WPS and PQR of various project materials, Conducting Welder Qualification Test and selection, Controlling of various piping materials through PMI test, Coordinating with NDT, PWHT agency. (1367 views )
»QC Civil Inspector : Review and verification of project execution plan, Review of client- s quality control procedure, Review of all drawings issued for constriction to make sure all drawings comply with standard specification and project procedure. (1227 views )
»QA/QC Executive Engineer : Welder Qualification test and to training the welders for quality of welding, Inspection of incoming materials ,Equipment, consumable, Ensuring Calibration of Measuring instruments & Welding M/c’s, Ground Inspection for the erection material and conducting stage inspection (1431 views )
»Quality Control Officer : Testing and analysis of Solvent Base Paint, Water Base Paint, Industrial paints, Shade Matching of Finished Products & Intermediates by Colour computer & visually, Handling the color computer and there calibrations, Daily monitoring of the Shades, QRI (Quality Rate Index) of All Batches. (1008 views )
»Quantity Surveyor : Execution Of Civil Works Such As, Rolling-mill, Sms, Chimney Foundation, Pump House, Cabletrunch, Culvert, Stockyard And Other Misc, Foundations Different Control Room Including Sub-contractor Billing And Client Billing, Execution, Monitoring Of Civil Work & Billing, Quality Control. (1348 views )
»QC Engineer : Online Inspection, Resource Planning, On Time Delivery of as per customer Requirement, Daily in process inspection. (1148 views )
»QA/QC Painting Inspector : Expertise In Qa/qc Inspection, Supervising, Selection Of Blasting, Paint Systems For New Painting, Maintenance Painting, Monitoring And Maintaining Records Of Calibration Of Measuring & Monitoring Devices Pertaining To Painting Works, Surface Preparation Of Blasting And Painting. (3276 views )
»Quality Control Engineer : Maintaining the quality of the product in machining stage itself, Inspection of the component in stages, Preparation of the report as per customer requirement, Marking of the component as per drawing. (1206 views )
»Fresher QC/ QA Engineer : Organize, implement, conduct and manage the QA/QC Programs as per the Company's Quality Policy, Coordinate the document controls of technical submittals, drawings, etc with the Project Team and to ensure that the QA/QC validation has been done, to ensure their issue, amendments and recall of controlled documents. (1702 views )
»Quality Development Engineer : Manufacturing, Logistics, Industrial Engineering, Quality, Responsible for Quality Assurance & Control, Process Control, Receiving Quality, Continual improvements, Poka-Yoke and Kaizen implementation for Process improvement, Responsibility of Customer Quality Assurance and Customer Problem Analysis. (1115 views )
»QA Engineer : Metallurgical Testing of components for Incoming material, Audit Checking, Line Complaint, Warranty Failure, Development Sample & Layout Inspection, Metal Testing of components for Incoming material, Audit Checking, Line Complaint, Warranty Failure, Development Sample & Layout Inspection. (1103 views )
»Quality Incharge : Responsible for quality check auditing of various pumps & motors, Responsible for invoice processing of products like pumps & motors, Invold in maintenance of ledger for stock of products. (1269 views )
»QA/QC Engineer : AutoCAD, Application development, Database, Net working, Tools Operating System & Technical writing, Site and Plant Safety Induction, Mandatory Oil and Gas Trainings, Excavation Safety H2S, Confined space, PTW, Incident reporting and Fire Fighting. (1206 views )
»InProcess Quality Engineer : Checking the components, Prepare reports, Working on software AUTO CAD, Editing & making drawing, Working on structure & isometrics. Attend meetings, Provide information about company & products, Maintaining a good intrapersonal relation with clients. (1742 views )
»Quality Control Engineer : Installation and Maintenance of Transformer, Cables, Over head lines, Colony wiring etc., Inspection of Distribution Transformer Shifting Work, Inspection of 11 KV Lines, Conductor Augmentation, Inspection of 33 KV Lines, Inspection of 33/11 KV Sub-Station, Inspection of 1200/600 KVAR Capacitor Installation Work, Installation of Power Transformer, Additional Bay at Sub-Station. (1247 views )
»Quality Assurance Engineer : Internal Quality Inspecting the Tractors at final Audit and PDI and Coordinate the PDI team, Tractor Audit Process set up Updating of check sheets, Average demerit point trend analysis parrot Analysis, corrective actions for assembly errors Data updating. (1168 views )
»Quality Assurance Engineer : Participate in QA process, developed include Flow Charts and Control Plans, Develop the required documentation for each specific customer requirements, Established Inprocess Production and Final QA Inspections plans. (989 views )
»Fresher Quality Engineer : Development And Operation Of Quality Control Systems. Application And Analysis Of Testing And Inspection Procedures, Ability To Use Metrology And Statistical Methods To Diagnose And Correct Improper Quality Control Practices. (1361 views )
»Quality Asurance Engineer : PL/SQL and Java, PLC,SCADA & AC Drives, Robotics using AVR ATMEGA Microcontrollers & Basic Programming in Embedded C. (983 views )
»Quality Control Manager : Responsible for maintaining the quality of raw material & finished product, Maintaining daily sanitation & hygiene of workers & production unit, Maintaining all the documents related to quality like incoming & outgoing material quality check, online quality check. (1144 views )
»Quality Engineer : Creating document and implement inspection criteria and procedures, Inspecting and oversee inspection of parts to ensure quality parts and compliance with customer specification or standards, Rejecting defective parts if there is any variations in dimensions. (1104 views )
»QA/ QC Engineer : Carry Out Inspection As Indicated In Quality Assurance Plan Like Setup, Welding, Heat Treatment And Dimension, Follows All Steps Of QAP. (1275 views )
»Quality Assurance Engineer : Responsibility For Improvement Of In Process & Finish Goods Quality, Doing Daily 5s Audit & Esd Audit At Shop Floor, Root Cause Analysis Of In Process & Warranty Rejection. (1199 views )
»Quality Control Officer : Field Inspection of various crops for Quality seed production, Maintain Q.C. Dept. Records, Lab Germination, Moisture test, Physical Purity etc. (1271 views )
»QA/QC Engineer : Preparing and reviewing of ITP,QAP and work procedures and specifications, Preparing daily inspection & progress reports and non-destructive test (NDT) reports including various QC related documents. (1843 views )
»Quality Control Executive : Responsible for calibration of Analytical Instruments, Initiate & closing of Lab incidents, Change controls, CRF, Deviation, OOS and OOT, Responsible for Analysis of Exhibit, Commercial batches Innovator Samples. (1338 views )
»Quality Assurance Engineer : Carrying out the Process, Products & System Audits, and responsible for the IQA (Internal Quality Audits system), And verification of action taken against Internal concern & customer concern. (1843 views )
»QA/ QC Manager : Co-ordinate and communicate with Client on Project Quality issues, Ensure implementation of the Quality Management System. (1371 views )
»Quality Control Executive : Preparing Daily Excel Stock List Report, Preparing Daily Despatch Planning, Using ERP Entering Slab Inspection Report. (965 views )
»QA/ QC Engineer : QC Coordination, Welding Inspection, Non Destructive Testing, Documentation, Third Party Inspection, Surface Preparation & Painting (1373 views )
»Quality Control Engineer : Manufacturing The Plastic Mould Machine, Manufacturing Round Dies And Profile Dies Like Automobile Components (945 views )
»QA/QC Engineer : Knowledge of Basic and Advanced Modeling software like Auto Cad, Design development of Ceramic machines. (2066 views )
»Fresher Quality Control Engineer : Autocad, ProE, Radiographic Test, Ultrasonic Test, Liquid Penetrant Test, Magnetic Particle Testing, Construction Drawing such as P & ID, Piping isometric, Equipment, Structural, GAD. (1093 views )
»Quality Assurance Engineer : Tool Designing, Vendor Audits, Conducting Internal audit training, AUTO CAD drawing, Periodically visiting the Supplier and maintaining the Quality check, and Quality Audits. (1197 views )
»Quality Control Engineer : Entirely responsible for achieving Welding & Fabrication Shop Production targets, Handling Material Generator Rotor /Supporting Structure/Bolt Guide Plate/Brake Disc (1330 views )
»Electronics Quality Control Engineer : C,C++, VLSI, Matlab, Traffic Control System, Real Time Implementation of MEMS Based Ship Monitoring System (1063 views )
»Quality Assurance Engineer : MS Base, Locator base, Locator, Oil spinning box, 3 phase induction motor, Solar reflecting plate, two cylinder engine, stand, Kaizen Participation, Total Productive Maintenance (955 views )
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