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List of Textile / Fashion Designer Resumes( 31 )

»Fresher Fashion Designer : Fashion Designing, Strong knowledge of designing techniques and tools, Understanding of all phases in fashion designing (34 views )
»Fresher Fashion Designer : Corel Draw, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Design Development (197 views )
»Fresher Textile Designer : Knowledge About Different Type Of Fabric, Well Versed Designing, Art Work, Rotary And Basic Computer Knowledge (408 views )
»Textile Lab Technician : Setting Maintaining Lab to Bulk Co-relation, LABDIP Coordination, Recipe prediction for LABDIP by independently handling spectrophotometer . (711 views )
»Fresher Fashion Designing : illustrator, Related to fashion desinging (519 views )
»Fresher Fashion Designer : Illustrator/ Related To Fashion Designing (596 views )
»Fresher Fashion Designer : Fashion illustration, Pattern making,tailoring, range development (598 views )
»Fresher Fashion Designer : Coral Draw, Prints, Patterns, Sketching, Update With Recent Fashion Trends. (1217 views )
»Fresher Textile Designer : Knowledge About Different Type Of Fabric, Well Versed Designing, Art Work, Rotary And Basic Computer Knowledge. (827 views )
»Production Designer : Merchandising, Product Developing Cum Designing, Product Costing, Accounting Software Tally, Computer Typing, Cad. (716 views )
»Embroider Production Incharge/ Wilcom Design Puncher : Embroidery Design Devlopment Working Knowledge, Automatic Seit Laser Cutting Machine Working Knowledge (Applique system), Take care of daily embroidery production and quality, Present daily production report and status, Production planning & Design Punching. (1712 views )
»Fresher Textile Designer : Surface Techniques Hand Embroidery ( including all types stitches), Heat Setting, Patch Work, Applique work, Surface Deisgn Technique (Texture creation through different techniques), Pattern Making and Garment Construction, Dyeing and Printing (Block, Screen, Batik, TieDye, etc.), Table top Weaving (All types of weaves). (4202 views )
»Fresher Production Coordinator : Central Excise & Service Tax & Export Related Works, Designing, Stitching, Draping, Patternmaking, Fashion merchandising, Surface Ornamentation (906 views )
»Textile Designer : Home furnishing & floor furnishing, Training in Art & Craft Hartron, Computer Edit Design (959 views )
»Creative Footwear/ Shoe Designer : Last Grading, Shape Forecasting, Upper Designing, Pattern Making (2174 views )
»Fashion Jewelry Designer : Corel Draw, Made designs from existing stock yarns to create designs keeping in mind the buyer�s taste and requirements of the market. (930 views )
»Fresher Home Furnighing/ Textile Accesories Designer : Ned Graphics, Autotex, Corel Draw, Adobe (822 views )
»Home Furnishing Woven Embroidery Designer : Dobby, Jacquard Design, Printing (830 views )
»Traditional Textile Designer : Fashion Model Drawing, Art Portfolio (970 views )
»Casual Dress Designer : Tuka Design, Corel Draw, Tuka Mark (944 views )
»Fashion Embroidered Sarees Designer : Coral Draw, Adobe PhotoShop, Adobe Illustrator (1115 views )
»Fresher Fashion Designer : Coral Draw, Photoshop, Illustrator (8668 views )
»Fresher Fashion Designer : Corel Draw, Adobe Photoshop (1271 views )
»Fashion Accessories Designer : Coral Draw, Photo Shop (1269 views )
»Fashion Designer : Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel Draw (1123 views )
»Fresher Fashion Designer : Adobe Photoshop, Coral Draw, (6651 views )
»Textile Designer : Adobe Page Maker, CorelDraw, AutoTex (1577 views )
»Fashion Designer : Fashion Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Coral Draw (1301 views )
»Fashion Stylist : Coordinating with Models and Makeup Artists (1659 views )
»Textile Designer : Manufacturer and Retailer, Dealing in Export (1326 views )
»Fashion Designer : 3D Designer, 3D Map, Corel Draw, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator (1415 views )