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Printing/ Production Engineer Resume Sample, Experience : 3 years

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Name of the Candidate:[Private]
Name of the Post Applied:Printing/ Production Engineer
Job related skills / software:Quality inspection, Aware about international standards, knowledge in handling various qulaity checking equipments/ Minitab(software)
Sub Category:Printing Engineer
Years of Experience:3 years
Salary Expected per Month(Rs):40,000 to 50,000
Highest Qualification attained:B.Tech. : Bachelor of Technology
Major / Specialization:Printing
Email Id:[Private]
Are you looking for job now?:Yes
Can the recruiter contact you?:Yes
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Adarsh J :
“Aarooddum”, Palayad(PO), Thalasserry, Kannur, Kerala
Phone :+91 04902345421
Mobile : +917299790485 / +919847567933
Email : aj2165 AT gmail.com
Passport No.  : M0881688

Seeking an engineer level position in Production/Operations with an organization of repute in the Printing Industry that provides me ample opportunity to explore & excel while carving out the niche for personal, professional as well as organizational goals in the field of Printing.

A professional with almost 2.5 years of experience in Print Production Operations & packaging operations in Leading Newspaper Publishing Organisation and food manufacturing organisation respectively. Possess excellent knowledge of Printing Technology on over all functions of Newspaper Print Production, Print/Book production, Quality Assurance & MIS reporting. Well versed with resolving problems related to Print Production and Print Management. Expertise in planning & controlling the production operations (Prepress, Press, and Post press) as per the capacity available. Exposure in Quality Management tools such as SPC, 5S. Adroit at developing Quality Plan, SOP’s, Quality Systems at Express Group of Publications. Played a pivotal role in coordinating participating & qualifying INCQC WAN–IFRA, Achieving PWI certification for being shortlisted in the category of Newspaper Printer of the year-2013 & 2014. An excellent team player, communicator with good analyzing and problem solving skills.

Planning & Management / Project Management :
** Formulating long term/short term strategic plans to enhance operations and achieve targets.
** Projects planned, implemented and completed for new facilities related to printing operations.

Pre-Press, Printing & Post-Press Operations :
** Overseeing the print production Operations which includes Pre-press, Press and Post Press/Finishing
** Setting up production targets and achieving the same within a time Frame.
** Optimising man & machine utilization to achieve pre set production targets.

Maintenance/ Quality Assurance/ Process Enhancement :
** Planning and effecting preventive maintenance schedules of various printing machineries to increase machine up time and equipment reliability.
** Proactively identifying areas of obstruction/breakdowns and take steps to rectify the equipments through application of trouble shooting tools and spare parts planning.
** Knowledge about ISO standards of various printing & related areas.

Operational capabilities Quality Equipments :
** Tensile strength Tester, Ash Tester, Moisture meter, Fluff Content tester, Abrasion Tester, Smoothness-Porosity Tester, pH meter, Gloss-Opacity-Brightness meter, GSM Tester.
** Lab values of ink.
** Spectrodensitometer X-Rite 530, X-Rite 518.
** Knowledge about various printing – Flexo & Gravure printing.

The New Indian Express group Quality Engineer (Production) Since Mar’13 Chennai

Managing Quality Operations over 26 centers across this group :
** Process improvement | Production Management | Quality Management | Lean Production | New Technologies
** Training the Production In charges to meet the desired KRA’s.
** Implementation of SPC and 5S for improved Operational Efficiency
** Established R&D lab for Newsprint, Participated in INCQC 2014-2016 and QES 2013, 2014
** Enhanced Print Quality from 50% to 95% (Chennai) to 60% (Average – Centres other than Chennai)
** Proactively plan to avoid production issues.
** Resource Utilization / Review resourcerequirements thro’ Maximizing quality of product, efficiency of production and maximize production rates.

To ensure compliance of corporate policy norms. Maximize plant efficiency through teamwork and innovation.
** Implementation of best manufacturing practices/ quality control programs, newer management techniques such as SPC etc. Application and acceptance of new technology. Shop floor improvements.
** Customer Satisfaction.
** Good working conditions/ Housekeeping / Safety. Health environment.
** Product developmentthro’ innovative ad reproduction
** Increased print quality by effective monitoring and control.
** Functioned as Shift In charge – Supervising the production activities (Sheet Fed, Web Fed).
** Observe and assuring the print reproduction.
** Analyzing the print production & Comparing the product with approved art work.
** Check & control the print ink density during production & make sure that there is no deviation from the approved artwork.
** Check and make sure other printing parameters are kept according to the standards for quality production.
** Generate Ink Yield Report as a part of MIS to understand & analyze the ink consumption of various centres
** Improve the ink mileage at various centres through monitoring & control.
** Generate Quality Grading, Quality Improvement as a part of MIS to understand & analyze the quality of production of various centres.

The New Indian Express Mar’13-Present
Quality Engineer

Elite Group Feb’12-Feb’13
Packaging Executive

Fast Offset July’11-Feb’12
Production Coordinator

Notable Contributions

Reduced :
Packing material rejections from 10% to 5%.(In Elite Group)

Initiated : 5’s

Qualified :
INCQC 2014-16

Shortlisted in PWI Awards in Best Newspaper Printer of the Year 2013 & 2014.

B.Tech. Calicut University Institute of Engineering & Technology 2011
PrintingTechnology Calicut University, Thenjipalam

Office  : MS word, Excell, Powerpoint
Programming Languages : Basic, C++
Project Management  : MiniTab

INCQC Tutorial IFRA 2 Days
SPC Training IFRA, Chennai 2 Days

1. J.P Mandal :
Head of Printing Management
Manipal Technologies Ltd.
E-mail  : mandaljac AT yahoo.com

2. Manoj Mathew :
Express Publications (Madurai) Ltd.
Express Gardens, 2nd Main Road,
Ambattur I.E, Chennai – 600 058
Tel : 044 23457601 – 07 Ext : 311
Mob : +91 98402 48843
E-mail  : mavelil_manoj AT hotmail.com

Date of Birth  : 18th April 1990
Place of Birth  : Calicut
Languages Known  : English, Malayalam, Hindi & Tamil
Nationality  : Indian

Date :
Place :


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