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Piping Installation Engineer Resume Sample, Experience : >20 years

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Name of the Candidate:[Private]
Name of the Post Applied:Piping Installation Engineer
Job related skills / software:Cathodic protection (design and installation), Industrial acid cleaning (chemical cleaning). Acid selection would be in relation to the type of material such as carbon steel aluminum or stainless steel.
Category:Piping / PDS / PDMS
Sub Category:Installation Engineer / Manager
Years of Experience:>20 years
Salary Expected per Month(Rs):Negotiable
Highest Qualification attained:B.S. / BS : Bachelor of Science
Major / Specialization:Petroleum
Email Id:[Private]
Are you looking for job now?:No
Can the recruiter contact you?:No
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Objective  :
To be associated with an organization, that provides career development opportunities so that I may contribute in its progress through the best of my knowledge and skills.

Education  :
1 B. S. in petroleum Engineering from LSU ( Louisiana state university) in USA .
2 B. A. In English from Tabriz university (a course of 4 years)

Working History  :
Workover and Completion of oil wells in Kharg island for 2 years.
Reservoir Engineering in the Falate ghareh oil company for 8 years.
Process Engineering department in Tabriz Refinery for 13 years.
Technical Inspection department in Tabriz Refinery for 8 years.

Responsibilities :
I have worked as a corrosion consultant with "TuvNord" a German company here in IRAN for SPGC(South pars Gas complex) mainly in "cathodic protection"here in IRAN.I also have a very good knowledge and experience in "industrial painting".some Recent painting items that I have been supervising are as follow 
Inside 4 condensate floating tanks in gas refinery No.

1 .
Instrument Air pipe 8" (galvanized pipes) between refinery NO. 1,3 ,4 and 2.
Concrete storage tanks.
Fire water storage tanks (4).
Drinking water in refinery NO. 1 .
Inside Rich Meg storage tanks .
Inside caustic storage tank.
piping ( carbon steel and stainless steel )insulated and uninsulated with high and low temperatures.

Skills  :
1 Cathodic protection (design and installation).
2 Industrial acid cleaning (chemical cleaning). Acid selection would be in relation to the type of material such as carbon steel aluminum or stainless steel.
3 Corrosion control at the column overheads at REFINERIES AND PETROCHEMICAL COMPLEXES.
4 Earthing systems (design and installation).
5Industrial painting .

Current Profile :
At the present I am working with B.V.(Bureau Veritas) a French company here in IRAN in Bandar Abbas as a painting inspector and we paint structures to be installed at sea.

Declaration :
I hereby confirm that the information furnished above is correct to the best of my knowledge.

Date  : ___________
Place  : ___________


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