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List of Teacher Resumes( 68 )

»Hindi Teacher : Created lesson plans and evaluation content for Audio Visual Classes for better comprehension, Organized various educational activities for the kids. (5900 views )
»Computer Teacher : Student Assessment, Individualized Education Plans, Creative Lesson Planning, Multicultural Awareness, Parent-Teacher Communication, Classroom Management, Guided Reading (1345 views )
»Primary School Teacher : Attuned to self, Care to connect, Mindful learning, Group power, Making it happen, Learning spectrum, Tools for schools, Assessment and Evaluation, Deconstructing classroom learning, Partnering for success (1757 views )
»Computer Teacher : Instruct students on basic computer skills including Microsoft Office, computer Languages such as C, C++, Java , Provide in-depth training sessions on HTML Guide to Internet use and etiquette; proper email distribution, usage, and sending. (1379 views )
»Commerce Teacher : Subject handling for Commerce, Accountancy , Economics And computer science, One of the members in Management Committee, To monitoring the Audit Team and Team Coordinators. (6368 views )
»Fresher Computer Teacher : JAVA, C, Object Oriented Programming with C++, Web development and designs, Database management (Oracle, Access), Data Structures, visual basic ,VB.NET, ASP, Operating system, computer network, computer graphics, E-Commerce. (5812 views )
»Computer Science Teacher : Teaching Experience in C++, Visual Basic, Operating System ,C. Core Java, Linux, SAP-ABAP, SQL, HTML, .NET. (1531 views )
»Fresher Pre Primary Teacher : Child Development, Educational Technology (8942 views )
»Computer Science Teacher : C,C++, Java, Java,Shell Programming (3159 views )
»Spoken English Teacher : English Lecturer / Faculty (4181 views )
»English Foreign Language Teacher : Cross Cultural Pragmatics, E-Learning (1746 views )
»Online Hindi Teacher : Lecturer, Soft Skills faculty (2107 views )
»Maths Teacher : Statistics, Marketing Research (10147 views )
»Computer Science Teacher : Tally, Handled hands-on teaching and curriculum development (1985 views )
»English Teacher : Provide ample opportunities for innovation (12823 views )
»B.Ed. Computer Teacher : Tally, PPT Presentations, LOGO, GW-Basic (11210 views )
»Yoga Teacher : Hydrotherapy, Provided Fitness Counselling (2719 views )
»PGT/ Hindi Teacher : I-Leap Hindi Software, Advanced Accounting (6969 views )
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