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Chief Security Officer Resume Sample, Experience : >20 years

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Name of the Candidate:[Private]
Name of the Post Applied:Chief Security Officer
Job related skills / software:Industrial Aviation Security
Category:Security / Surveillance
Sub Category:Security Officer/ Manager
Years of Experience:>20 years
Salary Expected per Month(Rs):Negotiable
Highest Qualification attained:M.S.W. / MSW : Master of Social Work
Major / Specialization:HR Human Resources
Email Id:[Private]
Are you looking for job now?:No
Can the recruiter contact you?:No
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Resume Format / CV Sample Template / Example / Model :


I have an experience of 22 yrs as a security officer in CISF  & worked in association with many fields such as Industrial/ Aviation Security,    Security Planning    ,Access Control  Administration ,Investigations,    Record Keeping
Training & Development, Team Leadership    Emergency /Crisis Handling
Use of Modern security gadgets,Fire prevention etc. I presently searching  for a suitable position as Cheif security officer/ security manager.
**    Graduation in Commerce from University of Kerala.
**    Additional Degree in Co-operation.
**    MBA (General) from Annamalai University.
**    MSW[Master of Social Works] in HR from Annamalai University
**    Certificate course in MS Office
**    1 year Diploma in Telegraphy and Wireless.
Company    Designation    Sector    From    To
Bangaluru International Airport (BIAL)    Inspector    Aviation sector [Passenger & Cargo]    July 2008    Till date
Bharat Heavy Electrical Ltd, Ramachandrapuram, Hyderabad,    Inspector    Heavy Electrical engineering Sector    June 2005    June 2008
Thiruvananthapuram International Airport    Sub-Inspector    Aviation sector    July 2002    May 2005
Chennai International Airport    Sub-Inspector    Aviation sector    December 2001    June 2001
Hyderabad International Airport    Sub-Inspector    Aviation sector    For a period of three months
( June to August 2001)
Bharat Dynamics Ltd, Kanchanbagh, Hyderabad.     Sub-Inspector    Defense production sector    September 1999    November 2001
Hindustan Newsprint Ltd, Kottayam, Kerala    Sub-Inspector    Newsprint Manufacturing sector    June 1997    August 1999
Indianoil Refinery, Noonmati, Guwahati, Assam    Sub-Inspector    Oil Refinery Sector    August 1995    May 1997
Uranium Corporation of India, Thuramudi Project, Jamshadpur    Sub-Inspector    Uranium Mining sector    For a period of three months
( June 1992 to September 1992)
Heavy Engineering Corporation Ltd, Ranchi    Sub-Inspector    Heavy Foundry Engineering sector    March 1990    May 1995
In Aviation sector  (from 2001 to 2005 &  2008 to till date)
**    09 years experience in all Southern International Airports – Hyderabad, Chennai, Thiruvananthapuram, and Bangaluru.
**    Work as a part of selected team of officers in security take over procedure in Chennai and Thiruvananthapuram International Airports
**    Work twice in security drill of anti hijacking exercise of NSG commandos in Bangalore from table top to final exercise.
**    Work as technical supporting team member during Force induction in all these Airports (Hyderabad Chennai Thiruvananthapuram and Bangaluru.
**    Closely work with technical team in installing CCTV in Chennai International Airport.
**    Performed the duties of Company Commander in BIAL and Second-in-Company Commander controlling over 410 personnel and discharging overall responsibilities of their effective deployment and administrative matters in all Airports.
**    Well trained and acquainted with the access control Procedures, pass system, men/material/Vehicle/VIP movement regulation and liaising with Bureau of Civil Aviation Security and other Government agencies.
**    Through knowledge about designing security conscious structure in Airports.
**    Worked as key personnel in formulating standard operating procedure of various crises management situation in Airport.
**    Haj pilgrims movement from Bangaluru Airport has been successfully carried out from planning, designing stage to coordination from other government agencies, Haj Committee, state Government official airport operator, airline and ground handlers etc and executed through specially made passenger terminal for four years (2008 to 2012)
**    Inducted CISF in Bangaluru Cargo complex as per the direction of head of unit.
**    Through knowledge in dealing disciplinary matters, theft, court cases, pilferage and anti sabotage situation.
**    Conducted 34 section of soft skill training in Chennai in between 2002 to 2005 to south zone airport working CISF personnel to improve their behavior aspects.
**    Provide on-the-job training to subordinates to ensure full understanding and compliance with procedures and compliance with procedures and service requirements
**    Presently looking after security supervision function of Cargo terminals
In Heavy Electrical engineering Sector -BHEL, Ramachandrapuram, Hyderabad
(From June 2005 to June 2008)
**    03 years experience in BHEL Ramachandrapuram, Hyderabad, most profitable plant of BHEL family.
**    Implement finger print based employees attendance system against the wishes of employees union
**    Closely work with their IT people and formulate policies in including security requirement of material movement recording system in SAP networking.
**    Updated total material movement procedure in Hyderabad plant
**    Recovered large quantity of equipments and tools which almost lost by way of returnable material pass movement system.
**    Detect few theft cases and booked in police station.
**    Detect and lead has given to management to find out employees who manipulated costly imported raw materials worth cores of rupees
**    Assist management to find way to decongest truck traffic movement near material gate.
**    Opened another avenue for construction material movement.
**    Assist management to operationalise new shop for Gas turbine production and testing.
**    Assist management to chalk out expansion planning and its security wise issues.
**    Assist Township Administration in conducting their programs and celebration, recruitments of new staffs etc.
**    Intelligence collection and preparing counter measures to control trade union activities and agitation with close liaison with state police.
**    Assist state police by sharing intelligence information
**    Reviewed, prepare and got approval from State Authorities for new standard operating procedure on various crises management situation in BHEL and its township.
**    Protect BHEL Township at the time of riot and terrorist bombing in Hyderabad with close coordination of state police.
**    Assist management in successfully conducting union election twice. The significance is that, Ramachandrapuram plant is the biggest & most profitable among five other production facilities of BHEL and only one where union election had conducted during this tenure.
**    Lead Republic Day parade in BHEL ground and live telecast the same to all over Andra Pradesh in 2007.
**    Attend fire fighting in and around factory, township and surrounding area.
In Defense Production Sector – Bharat Dynamics Ltd, Kanchanbagh, Hyderabad
(From September 1999 to November 2001)
**    2 1/2 years experience in Bharat Dynamics Ltd, Kanchanbagh Hyderabad, and highly sensitive defense production unit of Government of India.
In a major accident, anti-tank missile had exploded during demonstration in front of defense secretary in its Lab, which is near to stock pick of ammunition storage in fortified magazine. Two technicians died on spot and injured many. Ammunition of various stock piles are more than enough to wipe out city like Hyderabad if one such ammunition explode.
**    Carried out rescue, evacuation of employees & visiting dignitaries from the site.
**    Provide First aid and shift the injured to Hospitals,
**    Control media and public at the entrance of BDL itself.
**    Fire fighting carried out immediately
**    Build temporary trauma care centre immediately nearby premises
**    Inform Hospitals for ambulance and medical assistance
**    Within 10-15 minutes everything secured and brought under control.
**    Prepare Standard operating procedure and standing orders for each work to be executed during exigencies and got approval from various ministries and state government
**    Assist management in establishing full pledged fire fighting unit of CISF in BDL.
**    Conduct CISF south zone Athletics sports tournament.
**    Carried out survey for CISF housing complex and submitted detail report about complex of Geological Survey of India’s township.
**    Intelligence and Surveillance
In Newsprint Manufacturing Sector – Hindustan Newsprint Ltd, Kotayam, Kerala
(From June 1997 to August 1999)
**    Biggest newsprint manufacturing plant in India and most profit making unit in the stable of Hindustan Paper Corporation Ltd.
**    Assist Management in implementing digitalized employees attendance system.
**    Control labour agitation and agitation of local people relating to environment issues and employment.
**    Revamp total material movement recording system in security gate.
**    Assist Management to implement soft woods purchasing scheme from private people to answer raw material issues.
**    Assist management to erect old newspaper recycling plant and purchasing of same from open vendors without pre procuring agreement.
**    Conduct sports and cultural activates to improve morel and efficiency of subordinates
**    Establish unit level canteen for unit members.
**    Presented suggestion of bank account based salary disbursement system among CISF members to higher officials in way back 1997.

But efficiency and cost effectiveness of this system has been recognized and implemented 3-4 year later in CISF.
In Oil refinery Sector – Indianoil Refinery, Noonmati, Guwahati, Assam.
(From August 1995 to May 1997)
**    First refinery established by IOC in way back 1962 and refining crude oil from Oil India pipeline. Managing director of this plant had been kidnapped and released after six months during the peak insurgency period (before 1995)
**    Work as Personnel security officer of Managing Director and his spouse.
**    Work along with Bomb detection squad during bomb threat on its Marketing division office near material exit gate. Evacuated all employees and search drill had conducted for next 2-3 hours due to its proximity to Oil storage facility and cleared the area.
**    Conducted zonal athletic meet and volley ball tournament under my supervision.
**    Regulated petroleum products movement through material gate.
In Uranium Mining Sector – Uranium corporation of India Ltd., Turmadih Mines, Jharkhand
(For three months i.e from June 1992 to September 1992)
**    This Uranium mines has commissioned in 2003. But developing of mine was started before 1993 and their activity was suspended in 19  due to Jharkhand agitation and hostile atmosphere.
**    CISF took over charge at midnight and secured the area by evicting local people.
**    Mining mouth had been sealed on later stage.
**    Ensured Dist Administration’s support for area’s security
**    Look after administration as well as security supervision during this period.
In Heavy Foundry sector – Heavy Engineering Corporation Ltd, Ranchi, Jharkhand
(From September 1990 to July 1995)
**    India’s largest engineering complex established in 1958 (first five year plan).
**    Biggest and foremost security issue is access control where all class of workers is employed.
**    Encountered all issues like theft, pilferage, sabotage
**    Detect and exposed white collar crime relating to stores material.
**    Countered industrial unrest and agitation against management.
**    Loss of foreign experts during USSR’s disintegration and related issues
**    Face production lost and problem of golden shake hand scheme of employees
**    Loss of skilled labour in foundry business
**    Migration of public sector experts to Private sector
**    Countered armed attack for committing theft and injuries of security personnel.
**    Work out the storage issues of costly imported raw materials in large industrial storage houses.
Specialized Training :
**    13 months basic training  of Sub Inspectors at National Industrial Security Academy, CISF, Hyderabad which includes Industrial Security, Fire fighting and safety, Regulation governing Industrial Security related matters, CrPC (Criminal Procedure Code), IPC (Indian Penal Code), Evidence Act, Factories Act, Industrial Dispute Act, Weapon Training, Drills, Area domination skills, unarmed Combat etc. (April 1990 - May 91)
**    One month plant Familiarization and Police Practical training in Bokaro (July 91 – Aug 91)
**    2 weeks course on Intelligence training in Force HQrs, New Delhi (Nov 91 – Dec 92)
**    Seven weeks training on Indoor Instructor in RTC Barwaha (MP) (Nov ’92 – Jan ’93)
**    Two week training on Anti Terrorist tactics in Mezenga Camp in ONGC Nazira, Sibsagar Dist, Upper Assam (Dec 1995)
**    One month duration zonal level refresher course in Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre, Thiruvananthapuram (Aug 1997 – Sep 1997)
**    Two week duration zonal level Drill and Weapon training in RSTPP Ramagundam (AP) (Feb ’99 – Mar ’99)
**    Two week duration Musketry capsule course in RTC Barwaha (April 2k)
**    One week duration Basic AVSAC training in Chennai International Airport by Bureau of Civil Aviation Security (Nov 2001)
**    One week duration Basic AVSAC training in Thiruvananthapuram International Airport by Bureau of Civil Aviation Security (Jul 2002)
**    Course on Courtesy & Behavioral Aspects in Central Training Establishment, Simulator Complex of Indian airlines, Hyderabad. (Dec 2002)
**    Qualified screener test in Civil Aviation Security by BCAS in Chennai (March 2005)
**    Two week duration Indoor instructor refresher course in National Industrial Security Academy (NISA), Hyderabad (Mar 2008)
Achievements :
**    Participated in the Republic Day Parade of India at Rajpath, New Delhi representing the CISF contingent in 1994 and was honored with cash awards by the Director General.
**    Participated four year continuously (1992 – 1995) in Force Raising Day parade, which is the most attractive and ceremonial parade of an Armed Force of Union.
**    Received more than 39 cash rewards for the good work done in the field of Security from various officials in addition to numerous commendations.
**    Lead the ceremonial parade in Hyderabad(once) and Patna (2 times)
**    Given Guard of Honor to visiting VVIPs, Central Ministers and various organization heads.
**    Single handily mange 34 section on soft skill management training to Airport deployed security personnel in Chennai Airport
**    Represent Kerala state team in junior level water polo in All India Aquatic and water polo competition held in Bangalore.
**    Secured various positions in swimming competition in District and state level.
**    Secured various position in swimming events and water polo competition in All India CISF Aquatic and Water Polo competition.
Date: 12.08.2012                            Date: 12.08.2012                                Signature
Place: Bangalore                              ( Riaz K.I )


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