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Power Plant/ Site Engineer Resume Sample, Experience : 4 years

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Name of the Candidate:[Private]
Name of the Post Applied:Power Plant/ Site Engineer
Job related skills / software:3D MAX, AUTOCAD
Category:Site / Construction
Sub Category:Site Engineer / Manager / Incharge / Supervisor
Years of Experience:4 years
State:Tamil Nadu
Salary Expected per Month(Rs):Negotiable
Highest Qualification attained:M.Sc. / MSC : Master of Science
Major / Specialization:Material Science
Email Id:[Private]
Are you looking for job now?:No
Can the recruiter contact you?:No
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Resume Format / CV Sample Template / Example / Model :


To be instrumental in the progressive growth of a company by utilizing the knowledge acquired during my studies and project works.
** Masters in Material Science – University of Rennes1, France & University of Torino, Italy. (2008-2009).
** B.Tech in Chemical Engineering – St.Joseph College of Engineering, Chennai, Anna University, Chennai (2003-2007). 1st class
** University of Torino, Italy
Topic  : Dehydrogenation Reactions in Reactive Hydride Composites studied by Synchrotron Radiation:
** Did primary study of Reactive metal hydride sample Sodium Borohydride and Magnesium Hydride under Scanning Electron Microscopy.
** Performed flow rate measure of Reactive hydride sample using Sievert's Apparatus.
** Performed analysis of Reactive hydride sample using Differential Scanning Calorimeter.
** Performed x-ray diffraction on the Reactive hydride sample using X-Ray Diffractometer.
** Performed temperature and pressure reactions on the sample of Reactive hydride using Thermo gravimetric Analysis.
** Submitted careful flowchart analysis of Reactive hydride sample for Isothermal Experiment.
** Submitted full report on the thesis topic with positive results and detailed systemic reactions of the Reactive hydride sample.
** Performed additional experiment on the Reactive hydride sample for Heating Experiment.
** Submitted full report with positive results and detailed systemic reactions of the reactive hydride sample for Heating Experiment.
** Malladi Pharmaceutical Pvt. Ltd, Chennai, India
Topic  : Synthesis of Tramadol and its uses as a Pain killer
** Submitted full report about the uses of Tramadol in the commercial scale.
** Submitted full flowchart analysis about the detailed processing used in Malladi Pharmaceutical with regard to Tramadol production.
** Did careful analysis of Tramadol Chemical composition and structural formulae in efforts to find the basic functions of the pain killer.
** 3D MAX ( BASIC )
** English
** Tamil
P.S.S.Ganesan and Sons (September 2009 to till Date)
The firm is one of the leading exporters of Herbal Raw Materials from South India and is keen on promoting Sea Weeds Business and Senna Leaves.
** Conducted the field survey on the identification of coastal area suitable for cultivation of Sea Weeds.
** Conducted a trip to Seaweed Research facility of University Sabah Malaysia(UMS) to study new seaweed culturing techniques and their uses.
** Performed Lab analysis of Calcium Sennosides.
** Organizing the systematic shipping of sea weeds from production through cleaning to the ports.
** Overseeing the production of aflatoxin free Senna Pods.
** Overseeing the packaging and raw material processing of Senna Leaves, Sesame seeds and Senna Pods.
** Currently performing training in Chillies Export House Ltd, Virudunagar (www.chilexouse.in)
 Training covered
** Extraction of Chillies on large scale
** Pure Capsium Plant
** Concentrators
** Evaporators ( Thin film, Falling film )
** Distillation
** Driers ( Vaccum, spray and tray )
** Lab Analysis of chillies extract.
** High Pressure Liquid Chromatography (HPLC)
** UV - Spectroscopy
** Gas Chromatography ( GS )
** Thin Layer Chromatography ( TLC )
** Lab extraction of Chillies, Turmeric and Calcium Sennoside
** Fractionalization
** Soxhlet and Cold Extraction
** P.S.S Ganesan and Sons, Tuticorin, India (2007-2008) Duration : 6 months
** Did detailed study and submitted report on the working of Senna Pods Purification unit.
** Analyzed the different samples of Senna Leaves and Stem to check for Calcium Sennoside content.
** Did study on how to improvise plant production output.
** Southern Petrochemicals Industries Corporation, Tuticorin, India (2004-2005) Duration  : 2 months
Topic  : Study on the structure and outlined report on the Sulphuric Acid, Phosphoric Acid, and Urea Plant
** Did detailed report and submitted flowcharts on the working of Sulphuric Acid Plant including full plant operation.
** Analyzed the Sulphuric Acid Plant and did flowchart on the plant functions.
** Analyzed the Urea Plant and did flowchart on the plant functions.
** Poonashree Chemicals, Bangalore, India (2005-2006) Duration  : 2months
Topic  : Method of solvent extraction of herbs
** Did detailed study on the method of extraction of the herbal sample.
** Did careful flowchart analysis about the plant mechanics.
** Submitted a full report on improving extraction procedure in the plant.
** Got a detailed understanding about the employed water extraction method and also learnt about solvent extraction.
** Developed understanding about Herbal extraction in the laboratory scale.
** Presented thesis titled "Dehydrogenation reaction of Reactive hydride composites using Synchrotron Radiation" in the 2nd Annual Mamaself Status Meeting, Rigi Kulm, Switzerland.
** Presented a Poster on Hydrogen Fuel Cells in Nirma Institute of Technology.
** Presented a Poster on Waste Water Management in Rajalakshmi College of Engineering.
** Presented a poster on Transgenic Fish Culture in St.Peter’s College of Engineering.
** Presented a paper on Waste Water Treatment in Sairam College of Engineering.
** Presented a paper on New Fuel Cell Storage Design in National Engineeging College, Kozhikode.
** Best Tennis Player of the Year 1997- 98 for the Junior Level (Montfort Higher Secondary School, Yearcaud ).
** Winner of Under 16 State Level Tennis Tournament held at Gymkana Club, Tuticorin.
** Runner-up of Under 18 State Level Tennis Tournament held at Gymkana Club, Tuticorin.
** Semi – finalist at State Level Tennis Tournament held at Perk’s Higher Secondary School, Coimbatore
** Quarter – finalist at State Level Tennis Tournament held at Union Club, Madurai.
** Winner of a Bronze Medal in Tennis representing St.Joseph’s College Of Engineering at the Zonals.
** Winner in Table Tennis representing St.Xavier’s Higher Secondary School at the Inter-zone.
** Lead the football team of Monfort Higher Secondary School, Yercaud in State level Football Tournament.
I hereby declare that all the above information regarding myself is correct.

More details can be provided upon request.
Date : February 23 , 2011
Place : Tuticorin


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