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BPO Team Leader Resume Sample, Experience : 7 years

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Name of the Candidate:Swaroop Anand
Name of the Post Applied:BPO Team Leader
Job related skills / software:Lead and coordinate the day-to-day activities of the team, Sending MIS reports to the Leadership team on an Adhoc and Weekly/Monthly basis.
Category:BPO Call Center, Back Office
Sub Category:Team Leader / Subject Matter Expert
Years of Experience:7 years
Salary Expected per Month(Rs):40,000 to 50,000
Highest Qualification attained:B.Com. : Bachelor of Commerce
Major / Specialization:Commerce
Email Id:swaroopanand.k AT gmail.com
Are you looking for job now?:Yes
Can the recruiter contact you?:Yes
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K Swaroop Anand :
Flat No. 305,
Om Sai Kachams Residency,
Godavari Homes, Suchitra,
Hyderabad – 55.

Phone  : +91-9989744932/9700121914.
E-Mail  : swaroopanand.k AT gmail.com

To work for the organization, live with its Values, Principles and utilize the Knowledge and Operations experience to maximize profit and productivity.

Professional EXPERIENCE  :
Working as a Customer Service Analyst in an Individual Contributor role.

Job Summary  :
Joined ADP in 2010 and worked for two different products of AVS – Wage Garnishments and iPay (was part of the pilot team, played a critical role in transitioning the process and moving into a steady state).

Roles in these processes involved in assisting employees regarding their Payroll deductions and helping them login to the Payroll Portals.

Additional Responsibilities  :
Sending MIS reports to the Leadership team on an Adhoc and Weekly/Monthly basis.
Provided inputs to the Leadership team on schedules based on Call Volume trending.
Work closely with the IT team to ensure that there are minimal issues and productivity loss.

In 2013 I got an opportunity to travel to the U.S and transitioned the Paycard process. The role involves sending reports to clients about the transaction done on their accounts.

The process involves the below tasks :
Sending weekly report for about 450+ Client with 100% accuracy.
Setting up additional locations for different client, creation of their funding accounts etc..,
Clearing of more than 150 – 200 checks with 100% accuracy.

Achievements  :
Played a significant role in transitioning iPay and Paycard tasks. Helped in moving it to a steady state. Worked closely with the BU counterparts on various issues and have been proactive in providing ideas/suggestions in improving the efficiency and quality.
Received appreciation from the BU leaders on Speed of Execution, Quality of work.
Reduced the error percentage of the team from 9% to 3.25% through root cause analysis.
In Paycard, was able to automate a task which saved about $7000.

Worked with Genpact as a Process Associate (2008-2010) :
Job Summary  :
Handling Inbound calls for a Credit Card process.

Promoted as a Quality Analyst to a different process dealing with folio requests from guests of Hyatt hotels.

Responsibilities  :
Coaching and mentoring new hires on the floor, ensuring that the time taken from training and production is bridged with maximum support.
Monitoring e-mails processed thereby reporting out audit details.
Conducting feedback sessions in order to minimize the error percentage while processing the E-mails.

Achievements  :
Top performer in the process and ensured that I met all the process requirements in terms of call quality, AHT and TOS (Time On System).

Top performer in the cross sell team in terms of the number of sales made to the customers.

Worked with Pioneer Events and Promotions (2003-2008) :
Job Summary  :
Conducted events for companies like Toyota, Microsoft, Adithya Birla Group, Westside Fashion Show and ICICI etc.

Trainings  :
Trainings Voice and Accent Neutralization
CBTL (Certified BPO Team Lead)

Education  :
Commerce Graduate from Osmania University.

Personal traits  :
Good and Effective communication skills, Competitive, Energetic, Organized and Hardworking.

Personal details  :
Date of Birth  : 14/08/1986
Marital Status  : Single.
Father’s Name  : Mr. Samma Rao

Date :
Place :


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