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Production manager Resume Sample, Experience : 13 years

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Name of the Candidate:[Private]
Name of the Post Applied:Production manager
Job related skills / software:3D Animation, VFX production, 3D Projection Mapping
Category:Media / TV / Cinema / NewsPaper / Writing
Sub Category:Production Manager
Years of Experience:13 years
Salary Expected per Month(Rs):Negotiable
Highest Qualification attained:B.Sc. / BSC : Bachelor of Science
Major / Specialization:Chemistry
Email Id:[Private]
Are you looking for job now?:No
Can the recruiter contact you?:No
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Resume Format / CV Sample Template / Example / Model :


Roles & Responsibilities  :
** Manage the company’s 3D animation ,VFX productions ,3D Projection Mapping, and Augumented Reality.
Departmental budget  :
** Overall accountability for all production timesheets.
Staffing Strategy  :
** In consultation with the Producer and Director to develop a long term staffing strategy to build core production capability over time.
Member of the Executive Team  :
** Work’s as a member of the Executive team to set, communicate and execute the company strategic plan.
Reporting directly to the Director and will provide strategic advice and support to the Producers and other members of the executive team and key to understanding, implementing and maintaining those things that affect the culture of the company.
Responsible for how production runs, and ongoing refinement of studio production pipeline, leading the project management teams and measuring results for these areas. Extremely strong in the areas of project finance and management, technical knowledge, communication and diplomacy and to drive the whole company forward.
Project Planning  :
** In conjunction with the Executive Producer, take awarded bids into production by deciding which senior staff members are attached and what the objectives of the project are.
Project Management  :
** Present project plans to the Producer for approval. Track, manage and report on projects to ensure that the project goals are being met. Taking responsibility for ensuring that issues [support, infrastructure, hiring or technical] affecting projects are resolved.
Project Financials  :
** Responsible for all financial aspects of the project financials including direct project labour costs, change orders and other associated project hard costs. Work closely with finance department in actualizing project reports and maintaining or growing bid margins.
Producer Management and Performance  :
** Provide mentoring and drive annual performance reviews of senior project management roles and core production roles.
Project Debriefs  :
** Manage the documentation and organization of debriefs at the end of each project.

Skills in the areas of  :
** People Management
** Financial Management
** Delegation
** Problem Solving
** Team Leadership
** Communication & Diplomacy [both individual and group]
** Technical knowledge and confidence in the area of a VFX, animation and stereo pipeline.
** Passion for story telling through the medium of film.
** Positive attitude and the ability to inspire those around to strive for excellence

Goals  :
Drive to build one of the best visual effects companies in the industry and represent the Company at the highest level in a commercial sense.
DG Supervisor  :
Expertise in Stereoscopic Compositing & Stereoscopic Pipeline Setup,Multipass 3d & Live Action, CG & Visual fx Compositing, Color Correction, Rotoscoping, Digital paint/ wire removals, Motion graphics, 3d Particles and Dynamic effects and text animations
** Highly creative design professional with over 12+ years of experience, poised to contribute experience, innovative graphic artistry, evolving new style and methodology to produce highest caliber designs, utilizing most current technologies & collaborative brainstorming strategies.
** Currently working as Head of Production in Earthlink Pictures from july 2012
** Worked as a DG supervisor with TECHNICOLOR, Bangalore, from Feb 2011 to Dec 2011
** Worked as a Team Leader with Reliance Media Works, Navi Mumbai, from april 2010 to Jan 2011
** Worked as a Senior 3D Lead & Compositor with Mahindra Satyam Pub Ltd., Chennai.
** Experience of having worked as Onsite Supervisor for Tamil & Telugu Films.
** Strong computer background, programming skills, experience with graphics software, special effects experience, creative ability, the ability to work as part of a team and adequate communication skills.
** Possess a good eye for aesthetic design, a flair for color & a solid understanding of the needs of the corporate world.
** Handle pressure created by project schedules, and to meet schedule deadlines. Comprehensive planning and project management skills with the skills to design from concept to finished product.
** Effectively communicate with co-workers about design and animation information.

Apt in age appropriate design specifications.
** Possess patience and demonstrate flexibility with varying schedules and editing pressures.

Technical Skills/ Softwares Known  :
** Nuke
** Adobe Photoshop
** Flash & Dreamweaver
** Eyeon Fusion
** Mocha Roto/Tracking
** Edit From Autodesk (NLE)
** Combustion
** Silloutte
** Adobe Premiere
** 3ds Max (Spl. Effects, Particles, Animations)

Career Glimpse  :
As a 3D Depth Supervisor in Technicolor, Bangalore.
** Worked in International Film Kunfu Panda as a Roto Supervisor and Stereocomp Supervisor for more than 3000 shots
** Handled Test Projects like Ring, IDJ, 10000 BC,Predator and Hog,
** Having experience of Con Call with International clients and Supervisors LA., USA
** Having experience of handling 110 artists and Leads with good relationship and team spirit.

As a Team Leader in Reliance Media Works, Mumbai.,
** Undergone 3 months Advanced intensiveTraining in Nuke,mocha and properitary software called intrique which is from In-three, USA.,
** Well experienced in 2d to 3d conversion process (Stereoscopic compositing Pipline)
  As a Team Leader undergone full process which consists of  : Roto/Depth Compositing, Matte extraction,2d Paint (Clean Plate)Stereo Paint
** Time to time guidance to the production team for setting up the Input/Output requirements and scheduling of the projects along with establishing effective communication with the clients.
** Prepared and documented modules for training and sharpening the skill sets of the artist, required for the process.
** Logically and effectively executing the project on the production floor by defining the scope of work for each and every department in the sequence or shot breakdown sessions.
** Supervising and leading the entire team strength throughout the project by setting up challenging, but comfortable milestones within the project deadline.

Roles and Responsibilities  :
As a supervisor it is a creative role, strong technical background and are capable of making informed decisions about the most efficient and effective technique to employ to solve the problem at hand.
** Handle a project from conception through to completion
** Manage and direct the technical, artistic, and production personnel
** Accurately predict timing and associated costs of project
** Collaborate on the bidding and negotiation processes

As a Production Head for Larus animation – (2008 – 2009 ):
3D animation movie ( Tusker The Prince )

As A Senior 3D & Vfx Lead Compositor (2006-2008):
** Have been worked with Mahendra Satyam, Chennai (Since 2006 to 2009) as Senior Effects Artist/Compositor
** Experience of having worked with various Films in Tamil &Telugu movies like, Dasavatharam - Sainukudu - Something Something - Student - Desamudru - Stalin - Pokkiri - Sivaji as a Senior Effects Artist.
** Follow planned scenes in the pre-production to production stages..
** Associated in doing the following things such as live action CG blend with the BG, animation, CG matte, Matte painting, Physical effects, Blue/Green matte extraction, front and rear projection effects and composting.
** Work as part of a team, and often collaborate with production staff,camera operators, and software programmers.

Land Marvel, Chennai (2003 – 2006):
Worked as a Compositor with Land Marvel, Chennai in various Tamil & Telugu Movies : Athudu - Pokkiri - Ahaha - Chandra Mughi - Etc
** Worked on Wire removal, Rotospline, compositing multi layers, color correction and matching cg elements with live Bg, etc.
** Composed 3D CG with live action, Tracking, Color Correction, Wire/Scratch Removal & Roto Artist in various shots for the movie.

Suntv (Sun Network), Chennai (1999 ** 2003):
Senior Graphics Designer, Satellite TV Broadcasting Network
** Creating 3d Channel Id, Animated Backgrounds, Effects in Promos, Title Animations, News Online Graphics and News lead animations
** Discussing Story boards and leading team members.
** Done Channel leads for Surya TV, Gemini TV, Sun News, Teja TV, Sun Music, Ushe TV and Sun Network

Educational Credentials :


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