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Quality Assurance Engineer Resume Sample, Experience : 7 years

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Name of the Candidate:[Private]
Name of the Post Applied:Quality Assurance Engineer
Job related skills / software:AutoCAD, Pro-E
Category:Site / Construction
Sub Category:QA QC Engineer / Executive / Manager
Years of Experience:7 years
State:Tamil Nadu
Salary Expected per Month(Rs):Negotiable
Highest Qualification attained:B.E. / BE : Bachelor of Engineering
Major / Specialization:Mechanical
Email Id:[Private]
Are you looking for job now?:No
Can the recruiter contact you?:No
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Resume Format / CV Sample Template / Example / Model :


Objective  :
To work in a globally competitive environment on challenging assignments that shall yield the twin benefits of the job satisfaction and steady paced professional growth firm.

Summary of Experience  : (5.9 years)
** Having Sound knowledge in Third Party Inspection, Raw Material Inspection, Forging Components, Tower Inspection and Service Station Tank Inspections as per IS Standards and Approved QAP.
** Having excellent drawing skills through Auto CAD, Pro E
** Expertise in Mechanical-Quality having a prime focus on Quality Assurance and Quality Inspection

Professional Work Experience  :
Company  : INSPECTORATE GRIFFITH INDIA PVT LIMITED, New Delhi Feb2012 to Till date
Role  : Inspection Engineer
Project #1  : Third Party Inspection of structural painting Projects, Chittorgarh, Chittorgarh District, Rajasthan, India
Client  : HINDUSTAN ZINC LIMITED, Chanderia.(Rajasthan)
Responsibilities  :
** To continuously inspect the structural painting work at chanderiya smelting complex, which has been performed by the contractor (i.e.,) from surface preparation to the applying of finished coats.
** To check the surface preparation of cleaned structures as per ISO 8501-1 :1988
** To suggest the colour code of pipe lines as per IS 2379 :1990
** To check initial, intermediate and final reading for thickness of coats such as DFT, WFT and to submit weekly, monthly reports to the client.
** Rechecking of works/rectification suggested and completed by the contractor and re-recording the paint thickness.
** Certification of contractor bills for quantity and quality for the payment purpose.

Company : S.G.S. India Pvt Limited, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh Jan 2009 to Feb2012
Role  : Quality Assurance Engineer
Key Projects  :
Project #2  : Third Party Quality Assurance for GandiKota C B R Lift Irrigation Projects, Pulivendula, Kadappa District, Andhra Pradesh, India
Client  : Andhra Pradesh Irrigation CAD Department
Role  : Quality Testing Inspector
Technology IS standards and Client Requirement standards
Description  : Third party Quality Control/Quality Assurance for Civil Works, Pipe line and allied Works, Hydro- Mechanical, Electro- Mechanical Works of 6 stages pumping of water from Gandikota reservoir to Chitravathi Balancing Reservoir.
Responsibilities  :
** Preparation of ITP's, field inspection procedures, inspection check list.
** Conducting welder qualification as per approved WPS.
** Control and ensure that calibration certificate for machineries/gauges are available for Inspection checking alignment of pipes
** Checking of weld defects like extra penetration, Lack of fusion, porosity e.t.c.
** Checking DFT
** Checking

Cleaning Procedures (Sand Blasting)
** Checking Ovality of the pipe.
** Preparation of material identification and dimensional reports before start of piping/tank work.
** Preparation of fit-up and welding inspection report.
** Preparing stage wise inspection as per approved ITP's.
** Guiding, controlling, monitoring, supporting a team of various discipline QC Inspectors.
** Welding inspection requirement and NDT plan.
** Verification of personal qualification of NDT personnel and welders.
** Issue of non –conformance report and ensure that corrective action taken.
** Attending weekly progress meeting with client representing QC team.
** Prepare internal audit and conduct auditing as part of ISO 9001 requirement.
** Witnessing of hydraulic test.
** Preparation of quality certificate for execution work.
** Uploading project monitoring system.

Scope of Work  :
** Providing Quality assurance as per IS, ASME, EPAL and ISO standards for Domestic and International Customers
** Inspection For fire fiting,Internal Safety Audits
** Government Institutional Services(GIS) for Exports.
** Doing industrial Inspection for Engineering Goods.
** Preparing Quality and Clearance Notes, Report of Findings and Release Notes.

Company  : Lucas Tvs (Chennai) AUG 2003 to MAY 2005
Role played  : Production engineer
Company profile  :
An ISO 9000-2000 Company Engaged In the Fabrication Of Auto-mobile Components like All type of Startor, Wipper, Distributor, Lights, Alternator Having World Class Fabrication Unit Etc.)
Responsibilities  :
** Supervise the production planning.
** Monitoring the daily production activities.
** Monitoring the Foreman and labour activities.
** Prepare the weekly & monthly production rates.
** Conduct the preventive maintenance activities for all machine
** Award for clamping the trays along with the table.
** Award for modification in top punch in bush assembly.
** Award for modification in 7M14 cover marking.
** Award for provide air hogged in SPM machine.

Bachelor of Engineering Mechanical Engineering (May 2008)
** Completed a degree in Bachelor of Engineering 76% of First Class with distinction from Maamallan institute of technology, Chennai, TamilNadu, affiliated to Anna University Chennai, Tamil Nadu.
Diploma in Mechanical Engineering (April 2002)
Completed Diploma in Mechanical Engineering 82% of First Class with honesty from Morning Star Polytechnic, Chunkankadi, TamilNadu, affiliated by State Government of India, Tamil Nadu.

Certifications  :
** Pro-E
** AutoCAD
** MS-Word and Excel

Personal Information  :
Date of Birth  : 01June1981
Sex  : Male
Languages Known  : English, Tamil, Telugu,hindi
Hobbies  : Playing Volleyball, Swimming


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