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Telecom Field Engineer Resume Sample, Experience : 2 years

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Name of the Candidate:[Private]
Name of the Post Applied:Telecom Field Engineer
Job related skills / software:Nokia BTS Manager
Category:IT / Computer2
Sub Category:Telecom/ RF/ BMS/ BTS/ BSS Engineer
Years of Experience:2 years
Salary Expected per Month(Rs):Negotiable
Highest Qualification attained:B.E. / BE : Bachelor of Engineering
Major / Specialization:Electronics and Communications
Email Id:[Private]
Are you looking for job now?:No
Can the recruiter contact you?:No
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Resume Format / CV Sample Template / Example / Model :


Seeking an opportunity to develop and further improve my skill by working with an organization of repute that offers a conductive and synergetic environment for mutual growth and development.

Total Experience  : Two years.

** Working for Shree Technocrat Systems as a Field Engineer from 1st June, 2009 to till date.

SHREE TECHNOCRAFT SYSTEMS, New Delhi is a premier vendor of NEC, CERAGON and ALCATEL LUCENT other service providers. By translating a deep understanding of our customers' needs into innovative, technologically excellent solutions, we enable our customers to increase the value of their networks and reduce operating expenses.

Matriculation B.S.E, Orissa All Mahatab High School 1999 82
Diploma SCTE & VT E & TC UCPES 2005 75.5
B.E. BPUT AE & I SIT 2009 72

Project  : Microwave
Platform  : NEC pasolink, Pasolink+Neoi
Operator  : Tata Tele Service, Idea, Uninor
** Installation and commissioning of both SDH and PDH
** Involved in commissioning of both SDH and PDH (1+0),(1+1) links of NEC radios of 7GHz ,15GHz and 18GHz.
** Commissioning and alignment of Space diversity, Ring Protection of microwave links to provide protection through BTS sites.
** E1 patching of PDH links.
** Responsible for integration and commissioning and visibility of all sites in NMS Networks.
** Planning of equipments installation like BTS, microwave racks, Battery banks, Deltas etc.
** Responsible for Acceptance Tests (AT) of all sites of microwave links.
** Making all software up gradation of microwave equipments of NEC Pasolinks software.
** Solving issues related with microwave links.

Project  : Microwave
Platform  : Ceragon Fibeair, Nokia Siemens networks
Operator  : Airtel, Vodafone, STel.
** Installation and commissioning of both SDH and PDH (1+0,1+1) links of 7 GHz ,15GHz and 18GHz etc.
** Involved in installation and commissioning of both R1 in PDH links.
** Putting license key and software up gradation in R2 IDUs of PDH links.
** Setting IPs in the link sites and responsible for visibility in the NMS network of all sites.
** Responsible for Acceptance test of microwave links.
** E1 patching of BTS sites to provides transmission of BTS sites.
** Involved in sites RF audits and antenna system audits.
** Measurement of RF power & VSWR, E1 loop test and Software up gradation of Microwave equipments.
** Solving issues related with SDH and PDH links.

Project  : Mux
Platform  : Alcatel luscent, Huawei.
Operator  : Tata telaservice, Unitech, Idea
** Installation and commissioning of Alcatel mux (EMC 1642, 1660, 1662) and Huawei mux (metro 1000,OSN 3500) models for various BTS, BSE and MSE sites.
** Installation of mux in the rack and powering up from DC distribution box.
** Installation the NVM(non volatile memory) cards in the mux.
** Installation of DCDB in the rack.
** Power tapping from rectifier to DCDB.
** Installation of the tributary cables from MUX to digital distribution frame.
** Kroning the E1s in their respective krone modules(Tx, Rx).
** Labeling the krone modules like TXs and RXs, and tributary cables.
** Earthing the rack, mux, from the earthing bar(less than 1 ohm) in the shelter.
** Giving IP address for DCC and Ethernet for management purpose.
** Checking all kroned E1 switch giving local loops from PC by using BER(bit error rate) meter.
** Checking mux Tx powers of all out ports.
** Checking the transmitting power of both the optical ports using power meter.
** Checking mux receiving sensitivity of optical ports by using variable mechanical attenuator.

** Handling the installation of BTS sites, SMPS, Battery banks etc.
** Commissioning of BTS of NOKIA etc.
** Provisioning power to BTS machines.
** Proper grounding of the machines for safety handlings.
** Fixing horizontal cable trays and RF antennas.
** Proper clamping and routing the feeder cables

  Languages known  : C, C++
  Operating systems  : MS-DOS, Windows 97/2000/XP.Unix

** BER meter
** Power meter
** Compass
** Binocular
** Antenna installation tools(spanners,elenki sets , ties etc)

** Pnmtj software for NEC Pasolink
** LCT for CPV
** Ceraview element manager
** Nokia BTS manager
** Nokia hub manager
** Alcatel software for mux

Appointed as SUPERVISOR TRAINEE (instrumentation) in JK PAPER MILLS after diploma from 27th March, 2006 and resigned for higher study on 1st September.

** Under gone training on for NEC Pasolink for microwave I & C;
** Gone training for Ceragon fibeAir for I & C procedure for microwave links.
** Participated in a two days training programme in CERAGON from 7th June to 8th June in New Delhi.

Training module includes  :R2 (FibeAir IP-10 G-series). This is an upcoming instrument in which mux is inbuilt.

A person having faith in god and myself, as well as flair for challenging tasks and a motto to achieve organizational goal within the set timeframe.

** Reading and collection of oriya novels.
** Playing cricket.


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