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GSM/ BSS Drive Test Engineer Resume Sample, Experience : 2 years

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Name of the Candidate:[Private]
Name of the Post Applied:GSM/ BSS Drive Test Engineer
Job related skills / software:HUAWEI BTS/BSC Maintenance
Category:IT / Computer2
Sub Category:Telecom/ RF/ BMS/ BTS/ BSS Engineer
Years of Experience:2 years
Salary Expected per Month(Rs):Negotiable
Highest Qualification attained:B.E. / BE : Bachelor of Engineering
Major / Specialization:Electronics and Telecommunication
Email Id:[Private]
Are you looking for job now?:No
Can the recruiter contact you?:No
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Seeking assignments in GSM/CDMA 2G,2.5G,3G RF Planning , Maintenance & Operations / Erection & Commissioning / Technical Support/ Troubleshooting in the GSM/CDMA BSS and RF management/Telecom sector.

Over 2 years of experience in CDMA and GSM BSS and drive testing .Erection & Commissioning of CDMA and GSM BTS Maintenance & Operations,Technical Support,Troubleshooting in the Telecommunication Sector, fault finding and defect rectification of CDMA and GSM system and Currently designated as a CDMA/GSM BSS Engineer with Alcatel-Lucent managed solution and Reliance communications in Nagpur cluster since 1.5 +yrs.Also well known knowledge of WCDMA,3GPP,HSDPA,LTE.

** Experience of working on various operating systems such as Microsoft Windows 2003 , 2007 , XP professional , Vista ,Linux/Unix also.
** Proficiency in handling SAP operations
** Proefficient handling with Unix/Linux.
** Familier with C language,SCCP,SS7 ,TCP/IP ,etc Protocols

Red Hat Certifications
Red Hat Certified System Administrator – C.N.120-017-975
Red Hat Certified Engineer -C.N. 120-017-975

Company  : ** Alcatel-Lucent Managed Solution (I) PVT Ltd.
Designation  : ** BSS Engg. (CDMA and GSM)
Location  : ** Nagpur,Bhandara and Gondia districts
Nagpur Cluster(Maharashtra)
Duration  : ** Jun 10** to till date.

** Installation and commission, operation and maintenance of HUAWEI (BTS/BSC) like 3012-II, dbs 3900, bts3900, bts3900A, 3006C (BTS) and BSC6000&6900.
** Responsibility of BSS and BSC activities and Operation and maintenance of more than 100 GSM BTS sites and indoor and outdoor repeaters in the area of responsibility.
** Fault management of bsc hardware like GOMU, G0IUB, GOIUT, GTNU, GCSU, GXPUM, GXPUT, GFGUG etc..,
** Add/Replace/Swap of HUAWEI gsm bts hardware like DDPU, DTMU, DATU, DCSU, DCCU, DTRU,GTMU,GRFU,DRFU,UPEU etc..,
** To monitor and maintenance of M2000 server.
** Get all kind of gsm report from M2000 sever.
** Set counter value of gsm report in M2000 server like path imbalance, diversity, outage report.
** Using M2000 server, to able maintenance of gsm networks (bts/bsc).
** To monitor/rectified of bts related hardware alarm.
** To co-ordinate and support BTS(O&M) engineers on systems, processes, procedures, Preventive & Corrective Maintenance.
** To co-ordinate and support BTS ENGINEER during site creation
** Monitoring and routine health-checks for BSS NEs within SLA.
** Auditing and execute PM and FM jobs performed by BTS O&M Engineers.
** Facilitate coordination and follow-up with OSP and transport team for restoration of BTS if fault occurs due to transport/utility.
** Supporting with TAC on critical outages.
** Analysis for any outages & take corrective actions within SLA.
** To able create site data base, via LMT and MML window.
** To check E1connectivity during the site on air time.
** To add/delete TRU/CELL in our cluster
** Coordination of Vendor ATPs & acceptance.
** Able to make script any kind RF parameter changing like AMR,CHANNEL PARAMETER,POWER CONTROL ,etc…
** Able to analysis and generate report of trx performance report, path imbalance report, network availability, etc...
** Analysis and resolution of repeat failures.
** TT creation for FDR / partial E1 outage and against hardware faulty.
** Assisting in management of Tools, Spare of bts and bsc hardware.
** RMA requisition, packing of faulty gsm hardware & dispatch to warehouse.
** Maintaining all critical redundant packs in working condition for all NEs.
** Provide and manage support on special projects as and when assigned by seniors and superiors.
** Convenes regular meetings and provides professional and technical expertise and inspiration to engineering and planning teams to create synergies.
** Preparation of various weekly/ monthly reports relating to staff and achievement.
** Be on standby 24/7 for remote support as required.

** Installation ,commissioning ,operation & Maintenance of (Reliance CDMA) Alcatel-lucent ** Modcell 3.0, Modcell 4.0,Modcell 4B,CN4400 BTS.
** Outage report generation for BTS.
** BTS Alarm Monitoring & Rectification.
** Providing technical help for the rectification of faults.
** Timely fault restoration under corrective maintenance and verification of reported faults based on severity along with O&M.
** Daily analysis of BTS, Transmission and BSC KPIs and corrective measures if required.
** Ensuring smoothly completion of planned outages, relevant information to Business team related to Outages.
** O &M reports analysis and timely corrective action in consultation with NNOC staff related to Critical and Major Faults.
** Customer complaints handling and resolution.
** Routine monitoring and Health check up and preventive Maintenance (PM) activity of the BTS sites.
** Responsibility of BSS and BSC activities and Operation and maintenance of more than 100 CDMA BTS sites and indoor and outdoor repeaters in the area of responsibility
** Checking, analyzing and resolving day to day problems in BSS, Continual alarms monitoring and analysis & testing of internal & external alarms of BTS, routine monitoring and Health check up and preventive maintenance(PM) activity of the OSS system.
** Handling and monitoring of network performance statistics (KPIs) e.g.

drop statistics, hand off statistics, congestion, blocking etc and their reasons on day to-day basis and resolving the problem by taking necessary actions on it.
** Defining output power, VSWR and fine tuning of parameters in network for improving the KPI performance.
** Timely revert pertaining to required relevant field reports related to project progress along with Target dates of completion keeping all quality norms intact.
** Ensuring smoothly completion of planned outages during migrations.

** MapInfo Professional 7.0
Lucent RMT 28.0 & 34.0(remote maintenance tool)  :** Local login in to the BTS for Maintenance & fault rectification.
Nemo Outdoor  : ** Drive test tool for CDMA & GSM.
Anritsu  : ** Site master, Power meter.
Agilent  :** Power meter.
** Spectrum Analyzer tool for the measurement of radiation by Aronia AG.

Worked on Reliance GSM project,CDMA 1X EVDO project,EMF survey by spectrum analyzer tool ,GSM acceptance testing (ATP) and GSM single cell site verification (SSV) project. Successfully handled projects responsibilities such as planning & Co-odinating for Installation, Commissioning and Integration of various BTS/IBS , EVDO implementation and testing, generic up gradation, carrier up gradation and memory up gradation, planning and successfully completion of Acceptance Testing (ATP) & final verification of BTS, Single site verifications for
new installed and integrated sites to improve the performance of the site desired level.

Training/Development Programs / IT Skills acquired Institute / Orgs. Days Trainer
CDMA Overview & CDMA BSS & BTS O &M Alcatel-Lucent 3 Alcatel-Lucent
GSM overview and Huawei GSM BSS & BTS O&M Alcatel-Lucent 5 Alcatel-Lucent.

1. B.E. in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering from Radhikatai Pandav college of Engg. affiliated to R.T.M.Nagpur University (61.05%) in 2010
2. Passed Higher Secondary School Certificate from V.B.Junier college Nagpur(57%) 2006.

I hereby declare that the above-mentioned information is correct up to my knowledge and I Bear the responsibility for the correctness of the above-mentioned particulars


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