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Telecom Optical Network Development Manager Resume Sample, Experience : 5 years

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Name of the Candidate:[Private]
Name of the Post Applied:Telecom Optical Network Development Manager
Job related skills / software:2G/ 3G Implementation
Category:IT / Computer2
Sub Category:Telecom/ RF/ BMS/ BTS/ BSS Engineer
Years of Experience:5 years
State:Tamil Nadu
Salary Expected per Month(Rs):Negotiable
Highest Qualification attained:Diploma
Major / Specialization:Electronics and Communications
Email Id:[Private]
Are you looking for job now?:No
Can the recruiter contact you?:No
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Resume Format / CV Sample Template / Example / Model :


Career Objective
To be associated with a progressive organization that gives me an opportunity to seek to a challenging career in various developments in communications of latest technology and be a part of the team that dynamically works towards the growth of the organization.

Strengths :
Self Confidence, Intelligence with diligence, Team sprit and Leader ship quality. I trust HARDWORK and would prove as worthy asset of your concern and believe that your firm would provide me better a career.

Academic Chronicle :
** Completed my D.E.C.E at I.R.T Polytechnic college the year 2002-2005

Computer Skills :
** Completed C, C++ in NIIT
** Completed Auto CAD AT Diagonal CAD

Summary :
** 5 + Years of experience in Telecom and Optical Network Development.

Working Experience  :
Current  : Presently Working in Nokia Siemens Networks Pvt Ltd as a Implementation Manager ** Projects from June 2008 to till date.

Job responsibility -3G :
** O&M of 3G & 2G Network – BSS.
** Experience in Commissioning & Integration Flexi Node B.
** Experience in Commissioning & Integration of RNC
** Experience in Flexi Packet Radio Installation & Commissioning (FH1200).
** Experience in Flexi packet trouble shooting.
** Experience in Cisco Router Configuration and trouble shooting (76o6 & 7609 2400).
** Experience RNC integration with Cisco Routers .
** Experience in trouble shooting for Flexi Nodeb.
** Experience in handling trouble shooting for Cisco routers.
** Experience in handling the GSM antenna Swap from 2G to 3G.
** Experience in making the Cisco router configuration.
** Experience in making Cesopsn ring by using Cisco routers.

Job responsibility - 2G :
** Flexi BTS installation & Commissioning & Trouble shooting
** Ultra BTS Installation & Commissioning & Trouble shooting
** Experience in trouble shooting of Ultra & Flexi BTS
** Experience in Hop Capacity up gradation.
** Experience in handling O & M Operation for Ultra ,Flexi & Node B
** Experience in handling the BSC trouble shooting
** Experience of handling Preventive maintenance for PDH sites.
** Experience in clearing Active Alarms of Clearance for Ultra & Flexi.
** Experience in doing fault diagnosis in BSC

Job responsibility - TXN STM :
** Experience in handling STM hop Installation & commissioning for NEC.
** Experience of creating & loading the NEC configuration file.
** Experience in trouble shooting in STM hops.
** Experience in Operation and Maintenance of SDH sites.
** Experience in handling the Preventive maintenance for Hub sites
** Experience in Log taking on SDH sites.

Job responsibility - TXN Mux :
** Experience in handling the Transmission Mux like BG20.BG30,BG40,& XDM’s.
** Experience in commissioning & Integration of Muxes
** Experience in trouble shooting for the Muxes.
** Experience in handling Mux configuration issues.
** Experience in making the all the Mux nodes to get integrate AT NMS .
** Experience in making the Fiber patching for the Mux sites.


Project Co-ordiantor
Worked as a Project Co-ordiantor & TI Engg in Kelly Services Pvt Ltd from Nov2006 –June 2008

Job Responsibility  :
( TI Implementation & CAD Operations)
** Making a CAD Drawing for Given GBT ,RTT & Pole Sites
** Vendor Allocation for Rollout sites & STM sites.
** Vendor Co-ordination for Roll out sites
** Inspect the Quality of the sites
** Closing the AT punch points
** Co-ordination with the customer and closing their requirements.
** Making the Sharing Site survey and preparing the Cad drawing for the sites
** Site survey with the RF people and clearing the LOS for the sites for Roll out sites
** Making the Site Log in EPM which is created by Nokia
** Delivering the sites in requirement of time

III. Filed Co-ordinator :
Worked as a Project (Filed Co-ordinator ) in Unico systems from April 2005 to Nov 2006.

Job Responsibility  :
Unico Systems (Field Co-ordinator)
** Installation of Nokia Ultra Indoor & Outdoor BTS.
** Doing dilt (Mechanical and Electrical) for GSM Antennas during the coverage problem.
** Optimizing MW antennas alignment from 0.3mts,0.6mts,1.2mts & 1.8mts.
** Commissioning of Nokia Ultra BTS.
** Able to do the site expansion of BTS.
** Coordinate with team members for do the best installation of BTS.
** Coordinate with field engineers to complete our work for their needs.
** Performing the test for Return loss and VSWR of the feeder cables.
** Handling Power Meter to check the power range of GSM antennas.
** Handling Frequency Meter for check the frequency range for BTS.
** Monitoring of Alarms, faults/ abnormal conditions from OMC.
** Coordinating with clients and carried out Acceptance Test.
** Coordinating for Drive Test after BTS Commissioning.

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