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Process Associate Resume Sample, Experience : 5 years



Name of the Candidate:[Private]
Name of the Post Applied:Process Associate
Job related skills / software:Customer service, Credit Cards, Banking, US bankruptcy and UAE Loans operations
Category:BPO Call Center, Back Office
Sub Category:BPO / Back Office / Call Center Executive
Years of Experience:5 years
State:Tamil Nadu
Salary Expected per Month(Rs):30,000 to 40,000
Highest Qualification attained:B.B.M. / BBM : Bachelor of Business Management
Major / Specialization:Finance
Email Id:[Private]
Are you looking for job now?:Yes
Can the recruiter contact you?:Yes
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Priya S.M.
E-mail :- smpriya.smp AT gmail.com

Summary :
** Good exposure towards US Mortgage/Bankruptcy industry.
** Worked in PCN pilot batch in Chennai (sub process of bankruptcy) and was specialized in creating documents that is filled in US bankruptcy court.
** Part of UAT testing and successfully migrated PCN process.
** Received client appreciation during internal and external audit.
** Specialized in Monitoring debtor payee account in bankruptcy.
** Gathered strong exposure in the areas of loans operations.
** Exposure towards Banking operations and Loans GL.
** Have good rapport with clients and often received appreciation from clients for timely deliverables and BAU work.
** Handling the loans, Transaction process and investment credit process.
** Specialized in Handling Email queries related clarification received from various departments.
** Gained knowledge in different currencies.
** Trained new hires with respect to process and procedures.
** Have handled high pressures and achieved targets consecutively.

** To explore possibilities of opportunities for learning and growth in my chosen field.
** To utilize my knowledge base to the best possible extent in promoting organizational growth.
** To obtain a position that will enable me to use my strong organizational skills, educational background, and ability to work well with people.

** Academic Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration
** Specialization in Operations from Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning (SCDL)
** Bachelor of Business Management
** Specialization in Finance from Bangalore University.
(Year 2004 – 05’)

** During Audit received appreciation from Client for portraying the PCN Process.
** One of the organizer of Women Network Called DAWN(Diversity and Women Network) which was initiated in TCS .Organized many events for women and the Women Network was great Success.
** One of the Member of Fun Committee.
** Certificate of excellence for outstanding performance in quality from Convergys.


Diploma in Office Automation
Programming in C

Currently working :
YEAR : Oct 31st 2012 – 3RD Nov 2015
Organization: Tata Consultancy Services(TCS) Chennai
Role:Sr.Process Associate
Environment: Mortgage/Bankruptcy/UAE Loans operations

Roles and Responsibility in UAE Loans Operations :
** A strong knowledge regarding loan products and their processing.
** Reconciling and proofing all the sundry accounts of loan department.
** Circulate the sundry report and highlighting the ageing to concern dept.
** Processing Overdraft facility to Customer against their mutual fund.
** Resolve the customer query and request through ECCMS.
** Passing rectification entry for suspense drop for the department.

Loan maintenance in system (E.g. :
** Due date, tenor extension and account linkage)
** Monitoring and reviewing the status change of the cm accounts done by various departments’s to identify the fraud and inappropriate processing of cm accounts.
** Doing the monthly activity of Rate Maintenance for mutual fund products for different currency
** Issuing manager cheque for customer excess funds
** Doing the UAT testing for various activity same has been successfully moved to production
** Preparing the Daily MIS and circulate to client with in TAT.
** Raising 300 Request for Direct Debit on daily basis
** Raising compliance query to Respective Bank for Direct Debit issues
** Direct Debit issues highlighted to vendor and get the solution on within a day
** Maintain the Direct Debit cancellation for closed loan and Matured Loan on a daily basis
** Daily onwards do the Direct debit recon Daily report with central bank Report.

Role & Responsibilities in Loss Mitigation Process(LMC) :
** Initially Worked in a process called LMC (Loss Mitigation Chronology), wherein we use to prepare chronology from the day debtor took loan and till the current status of the loan.
** In Chronology Loan Modification and Loss mitigation option will be analyzed.
** Debtors Payment pattern and property details will be determined.
** Chronology Prepared will be sent to OCC an AUDIT FIRM.
** Also Worked in a Process called PWC.
In PWC job Profile was to save documents when the loan was initiated till the documents produced by the Debtor to CITI.
** PWC Documents were Loan Agreement, Note, Mortgage, salary slips , Balance sheet, Loan modification letters, Bankruptcy (if filed),POC (Proof of Claim) Etc.

Role & Responsibilities in Bankruptcy :
** Worked in Process Called PCN (Payment Change Notification), one of the sub processes in Bankruptcy.
** PCN is a Pilot batch in Chennai and I’m part of Pilot Batch.
** Major Responsibility is to Create Documents regarding payment change.
** Three documents are created and filed in US Bankruptcy Court. Documents are Escrow and ARM statements, COS-Certificate of Service and B10 form.
** Escrow or ARM(Adjustable rate Mortgage) changes will be notified, In COS document Debtors name and address, Debtor attorney name and address, Trustee name and address and US bankruptcy Address will be mentioned and in B10 form document amount of Escrow /ARM change will be notified to debtor. These Documents will be filed in US Bankruptcy Court.
** Also prepared Delinquency Letter, based on the delinquent days of debtor and inform the debtor’s Principal interest and escrow amount. The Delinquency letter will be sent to the Debtor attorney.

YEAR : 2005
Organization:ICICI BANK – Bangalore, Karnataka
Role;Phone Banking Officer
Environment:Finance / Banking

Role & Responsibilities :
**  Handling various customer quires.
**  Resolving customer issues as per the standard procedures.
**  Improving skills based on the feedback from team meetings and workshops.
**  Working within a team to achieve important goals and to meet deadlines.

YEAR : 2005 - 2007
Organization:Convergys India Services Pvt. Ltd. Bangalore. (A Fortune 500 Company )
Role:Agent Specialist
Duration:Nov '05 – Mar ‘07
Environment:Finance / Banking / Microsoft

Role & Responsibilities :
** Direct point of contact for Customers.
** Ensure that Customers receive adequate level of service or assist them in solving their questions and problems.
** Coordinate with customers to provide information in the form of responses to the inquiries about products or services and to resolve complaints.
** Handling multiple queries during peak customer requests.
** Communicate effectively with individuals/teams in the program to ensure high quality and timely expedition of customer requests.
** Contribute ideas on ways to resolve problems to better serve the customer and improve productivity.
** Participate in activities designed to improve customer satisfaction and business performance.
** Maintain broad knowledge of client products and services.

** Good Communication & Interpersonal Skills, Dedication & Willingness to Learn, Confident & Good Motivator, Punctual & Flexible, Effective team member, Positive Attitude.
** Strong leadership and motivational skills; proven ability to quickly build rapport, establish trust, train and motivate people of all levels to achieve their maximum potential while attaining corporate objectives.
** Recognized for professionalism, positive mental attitude, commitment to excellence, and demonstrated ability to communicate and interact effectively with senior management, associates, and customers

** Husband  : Mr. S. Hariharan
** Date of Birth  : 13th November 1984
** Marital Status  : Married
** Language Known : : English, Kannada, Telegu and Tamil
** Interest  : Reading books, cooking

Will be provided upon demand.

I, Priya S.M, hereby declare that the above information provided by me is true, and to the best of my knowledge.

Dated :
Place : Chennai
Signed : Priya S.M.

Note :
Certificates of Graduation, Courses undergone and other achievement awards received shall be submitted personally, on demand.


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