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Store Officer Resume Sample, Experience : 3 years



Name of the Candidate:[Private]
Name of the Post Applied:Store Officer
Job related skills / software:Receipt of document and material, To get incoming material inspected by QC department, Unloading of material in good location.All material lying outside the store like drum, bags, etc should be stacked on pallets & kept in such a way that they are not removable without a forklift.
Category:Stores / Purchase
Sub Category:Stores Executive / Manager / Keeper /Store Officer
Years of Experience:3 years
Salary Expected per Month(Rs):15,000 to 20,000
Highest Qualification attained:P.G.D.M. / PGDM : Post Graduate Diploma in Management
Major / Specialization:Materials Management
Email Id:[Private]
Are you looking for job now?:Yes
Can the recruiter contact you?:Yes
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Curriculum vitae :
Brijeshkumar Patel
Ambikanagar,-D/45, Near shaktinath
Trimurti Hall, bharuch-392001 (Gujarat)

E mail : patelbrijesh0007 AT gmail.com
Mobile  : +91 8460260419

Objective  :
To Work in a challenging environment that provided opportunity to learn key knowledge areas, be an effective team player in developing organization and to be asset for the organization by delivering to the best of my capabilities

Education Qualification :
** P.G.D.M.M (Matirial management) 2012-13 Bhartiyavidhyabhavans (Rajendra Prasad institute) mumbai Second class
** B.com 2011-12 V.N.S.G.U PASS
** CLASS 12th 2008-09 G.S.H.E.B FIRST
** CLASS 10th 2006-07 G.S.E.B SECOND CLASS

Field of interest :

Computerliteracy :
** Knowledge of SAP–ECC 7.0, Tally 9.0 ,Computer knowledge in Microsoft office-2007, INTERNET
** Good Typing Speed In English
** Web design , D.T.P

Special skills :
** Determinism
** Time management
** Ability To adopt New knowledge soon, and
** Capacity To work in Team or Individually and take up responsibilities
** Good communication skill,
** Punctuality , Hard working , energetic

Personal Detail :
** Birth date : 05/08/1991
** Gender : Male
** Marital status : single
** Languages : English , Gujarati , Hindi
** Hobbies : Reading , Travelling , Music
** Weight : 60
** Height : 5.8”
** Preferred Location : Dahej , Ankleshwar, Bharuch, Jhagadiya
** Age : 22 - Year

Work Experience :
** Presently working with Miranda tools pvt ltd (Ashok Piramal Group)as a STORE OFFICER. Joined APR-2015 To Till Date. At Ankleswar.
** I have Working In SAP MM Module. My Job Responsibility is Material Planning, FNS Report, Material Dash board, Daily Scrap Register, maintain RGP-NGRP register, Perpetual inventory stock (ABC Analysis), Making GRN, Day to day Issue (FIFO –LIFO Method) and unloading of receiving materials
** GUJARAT FLURO CHEMICAL PVT LTD(ISO 9001 :2008, BS OHSAS18001:2007, ISO 14001:2004, 5s (QCFI) Certify Company)as a STORE ASSITANCE. Joined NOV-2013 to APR-2015 in our under contract PASWA ENGINEEARING at DAHEJ.
** I have working in complete SAP WM module. My job responsibility is Making GRN, Day to day Issue and unloading of receiving materials, Physical Stock checking in every end of the month
** M/S S.G.S India P.V.t ltd as a field inspector.
Joined feb-2013 to oct-2013 in our under contract. Cairn india pvt ltd at ankles war project Detailed responsibilities are as mentioned below.
** To maintain the Store Inventory Level in view of monthly consumption., for Raw Material, Packing Material. Labels Leaflet, etc.
** Allow for gate entry
** Checking of document (Challan, L.R Copy, DFT Copy) against P.O.
** Allow the weight of inward material (If required).
** Receipt of document and material.
** To get incoming material inspected by QC department
** Unloading of material in good location.All material lying outside the store like drum, bags, etc should be stacked on pallets & kept in such a way that they are not removable without a forklift.
** Checking of material against challon / bill.
** Preparation of DMR Report.
** Inward tag on all incoming material at the time of receipt. (Include G.E.NO, Party’s name , Item description , & Received Qty.).
** Shortage / excess intimation to supplier.
** Preparation of GRN.
** Approval of GRN.
** Under inspection material stored in inspection location till it is not approved.
** Rejection intimation to supplier in case of material rejection.
** Storage of rejected material in separate location.
** Arrangement of rejection material returned back to supplier.
** G R N sent to accounts Department.
** Maintaining of Report
** DMR report.
** RGP-NRGP Report
** Daily scrap Register
** MIS Report (Daily)
** Pending GRN Report (WEEKLY).
** Pending GRN for inspection/Approval. (WEEKLY).
** Pending L.R for material collection from transporter.( WEEKLY )
** Rejection material report.

** Pending challan file.
** Shortage / Excess intimation records.
** Rejection File.
** G R N File.
** G R N Forwarding Register.
** L. R. Register.

** Shifting of approved material from under inspection area.
** Shifting of approved material to allotted location.
** Identification tag on all material (Include G.E.NO, Party’s Name, Item description & Received Qty.)
** Receipt of issue voucher (M I V).
** Issue of material after checking of M I V duly authorized.
** Maintain Ledger in excel data for all material on daily basis.
** Perpetual Physical stock verification.

** Daily consumption report for Stores & Spares materials.
** Monthly consumption report.
** Physical queries list for Shortage / Excess.
** Making report of Slow Moving, Non moving, Surplus and Scrap materials in every Month.

The above statement are true and to the best of my knowledge

Place :
Date :


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