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Dot Net Software Developer Resume Sample, Experience : 5 years

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Name of the Candidate:[Private]
Name of the Post Applied:Dot Net Software Developer
Job related skills / software:Designing, Coding, Testing, Implementation
Category:IT / Computer
Sub Category:DotNet / Dot Net Developer
Years of Experience:5 years
State:Tamil Nadu
Salary Expected per Month(Rs):Negotiable
Highest Qualification attained:M.E. / ME : Master of Engineering
Major / Specialization:Software
Email Id:[Private]
Are you looking for job now?:No
Can the recruiter contact you?:No
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Resume Format / CV Sample Template / Example / Model :


To be associated with an organization that gives me scope to update my knowledge and in accordance with the latest trends in IT industry and be a part of a team that dynamically works towards the growth of organization.

** Over 5.4 years of experience in developing software.
** Experience in designing,developing and project implementation, support functions and software requirements study.
** Good understanding of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).
** Has strong communication and team building skills and has the exposure to customer IT environments in various projects.

Advanced Information Services Pvt Ltd., Chennai 9 Months
(Jan 2008-Sep 2008) Software Engineer .Net
Qspec Technologies Pvt Ltd., Chennai. 1.3 years
(May 2006-Aug 2007) Software Programmer Visual Basic,.Net,
WBC Software Lab., Karaikudi. 3.4 years
(Aug 2001–Dec 2004) Software Programmer Visual Basic, HTML

Educational Qualification :
B.E., Computer Science and Engineering, Mononmanian SundaranarUniversity,
National Engineering College, Kovilpatti.
M.E., Software Engineering ,Anna University of Technology, Coimbatore.
CGPA-7.8 up to 3rd sem

Professional Training and Certification  :
** 6 Months Software Testing Program at STC Technologies (Dec/2005)
** 3 Months HMSP(High Maturity Software Professional ) Program at SQI (Feb/2008)

Technical Profile :
Operating Systems Windows 2000 / NT / XP / 98 / 95
Languages .Net, Visual Basic 6.0
Databases SqlServer 2000 & 2005, MS Access’2000
Software Testing Manual Testing
Exposure to  : Silk Test, Rational Robot, Win Runner, Load Runner, Test Director

Projects Profile :
Project#1  :
Project Title Data Managing System
Client AIS
Role Designing / Testing / Documentation / Code Maintenance
Language ASP.Net,C#.Net
Database My SQL
Responsibility Gathering requirements according to the given module, involved in analysis and design with implementation plans, prepared detailed documentation and involved in unit testing
Period Apr 08-Aug 08
Project Overview  :
This Data Managing System is mainly used to maintain Quality Assurance Activities data. A Quality Team tasks being very dynamic, the requirements changes from day to day and hence is difficult for quality team and Administrator to find mutually acceptable time for donation.

This system would be useful to Quality Team to make report before going to Administrator to Actions. We found the need for this out of our personal experience when we wasted hours and our actions were rejected as the Administrator had insufficient data about Quality Team.

This would be a good start to a system that can useful to quality team and utilization of Quality Team and become a quality team resistry,offering authenticated and up-to-date data on developers; state of each project on daily or developers on daily basis; information for the Administrator who follow regular actions; and possibility for projects .

Project#2 :
Project Title Sales System
Client Qspec Product
Role Designing /Coding/ Testing
Language VB.Net
Database SQL 2000
Responsibility Involved in analysis , design and coding, prepared detailed documentation and involved in unit testing
Period Apr 07-Jun 07
Project Overview  :
Sales System is used for maintaining transaction of the product and customer details.

It has full fledged New Transaction, Edit Transaction, Delete Transaction, Billing, Sales and distribution, order processing modules for Sales oriented industry.

The Main aim of this project is to fulfill need of having an efficient application to maintain particulars of sold products. Managing Records of Products and transaction details that are maintained for each transaction

Project#3 :
Project Title Ideas Office Management
Client WBC Product / Good customer base viz., Industry verticals Rice / Flour Mills, Retailers, Whole Sales agencies, Jewelleries, Process Oriented Manufacturing Companies
Role Designing / Testing / Documentation / Code Maintenance
Language VB
Database MS-Access / SQL Server
Responsibility DB design, come out with implementation plans, and Trained several people on this product, Prepared detailed user Manual for this entire product.
Period Feb 2004 – Mar 2006
Project Overview  :
This is an off-the-shelf product of WBC, which is the improvised version of Office management. It has full fledged Finance, Billing, Sales and distribution, order processing and basic production modules for process oriented industry. Taken this project from ideas accountant, and improved this to a Micro ERP, which has AR / AP, Inventory management & control, Process Production, Retail banking module etc.

This application along is supplied with retail banking modules i.e. Deposit modules and automatic interest posting by capturing data from excel spreadsheets. This is supplied to ICICI Thrift CO-OP society – Madurai.

Project #4 :
Academic Project** Master of engineering
Project Title Data Hiding Scheme using LSB Matching Technique
Operating Systems Microsoft Windows XP
Role Designing /Coding/Testing/Implementation
Language Java 1.6
Project Overview  :
The least-significant-bit (LSB)-Based approach is a popular type of Steganographic algorithms in the spatial domain. However, we find that in most existing approaches, the choice of embedding positions within a cover image mainly depends on a pseudorandom number generator without considering the relation-ships between the image content itself and the size of the secret message.

Thus the smooth/flat regions in the cover images will inevitably be contaminated after data hiding even at a low embedding rate, and this will lead to poor visual quality and low security based on our analysis and extensive experiments, especially for those images with many smooth regions.

Expand the LSB matching revisited image Steganography and propose an edge adaptive scheme which can select the embedding regions according to the size of secret message and the difference between two consecutive pixels in the cover image. For low embedding rates, only sharper edge regions are used while keeping the other smoother regions as they are. When the embedding rate in-creases, more edge regions can be released adaptively for data hiding by adjusting just new scheme can enhance the security significantly compared with typical LSB-based approaches as well as their edge adaptive ones such as pixel-value-differencing-based approaches while preserving higher visual quality of stego images at the same time.


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